fanis apt. polichrono

fanis apt. polichrono

Posted by LIZ 
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
June 02, 2006 06:56PM

Hello to any one going to the Fanis this year. My Husband and I enjoyed ourselves so much last year that we can't get enough of the place.

We will be going in the middle of June when the world cup is on.

I'm quite sure we will be welcomed again as we were the three previous times we went last year.

The rep is fantastic, if we have the same one. Could anyone let us know before we go. His name is "don't laugh" Steve Dearlove. He really is a scream.

The apartments are everything people have been saying.

Counting down the days before we go again. Can't wait!!!!!!!
Donna Sales
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
June 05, 2006 12:30PM
Hi all,

I'm thinking of booking at the Fanis apts for next May or June (2007). Which company do you reckon I would get the best deal from? Also, I'm not sure whether to go for 1 week or 2. I'll be going with my husband and 4 year old, so I'm not yet sure whats best????

Is the beach any good for the traditional sandcastle building, or is there another one close by?

Thanks for your help.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
June 06, 2006 10:58AM
I am now writing for the second time and i really would like to know what the night life is like or where is the nearest nightlife for teenagers to have a good time?...i am goin at the end of august for 2 weeks and would also like to know what the place is like ? if u anyone could plz write back i would be very pleased thank you x
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
June 16, 2006 09:06AM
hey, me and a friend went to the hotel next door to the fanis spartments,, were both 18 and enjoyed outselves in hte fains bar, the guy who works there is really friendly and makes ya feel welcome, there is also hanioti which is bout a nhous walk, thats were all the night life is. make sure u find out how to book a tazi tho! lol
hopw you enjoy it! xxx
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
June 24, 2006 12:05PM
Can anyone tell me how far it is from polichrono to hanioti

Just wondering if we find polichrono too quiet can we walk or taxi to honioti.

Re: fanis apt. polichrono
July 13, 2006 08:51PM
hello everyone !
i only just got back from staying at the fanis appartments literly about an hour ago, i strongly recomend that you go there !!! its an amazing place to stay, right on the beach front and a lovely cool pool there to refresh yourself. grinning smiley the food and drink there is lovley and even if you fancy going for a night/meal out there are plenty of places near by. All the staff there are really friendly and very fit. (deanos) one of the bar staff made me feel more than welcome. it was an amazing holiday all in all so please go there and enjoy !!!

speak to you soon x x x

hannah xxx

p.s.....if anyone working there gets this please get in touch with me i'd love to talk to you all again.
Mr Tickle
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
July 23, 2006 04:21PM
Hanioti is about five minutes in a taxi! costs no more than 6 euros
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
July 23, 2006 10:44PM
Do all the rooms have sea views. Do any have pool views or both.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
July 23, 2006 10:47PM
Not looking forward to the transfer from the airport to Polichrono, been told it is very long and bumpy.
Can anyone comment on this please.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
July 25, 2006 12:22AM
The transfer down from the airport is not a problem. The main road has improved over the past few years and the bumps have gone!!! and it only takes about 1hr 15mins.


Re: fanis apt. polichrono
July 31, 2006 07:23PM
Transfer isn't bumpy at all ! Took us about 2 hours including drop offs at 3 other hotels en route.

Coming back (when we weren't stopping at other hotels) it took about 1 hr 40.

Not a problem at all !

Enjoy! We came back last week and we certainly did!
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
July 31, 2006 07:29PM
Sorry - forgot to metion.

Not all the rooms have sea views, some face inwards towards the pool itself but you can still see the sea if you look to your right hand side!

Fanis Apartments are sent out in a U Shape with the front of the 'U' facing towards the sea. Inside the U Shape is the pool so nearly all apartments overlook the pool to some degree.

As you walk into the apartments, the pool is directly in front of you. To the right hand side, there is the bar and the reception. Directly in front of you (behind the pool) are some more apartments, and to the left hand side are more apartments two stories high. The bottom storey apartments (one bed apartments) have a front raised terrace overlooking the pool, with table and 2 chairs and the back of the apartments have another terraced area where you can sit. The others all have balconies!

Hope this helps!
Julie McKellar
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
September 16, 2008 10:24AM
Does anybpody have a telephone number or a direct email address to the Fanis Hotel. I prefer to go direct, and I have already booked and paid for my flights to Thessaloniki. Thanks, Julie
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
September 16, 2008 12:20PM
tel : +302374051675
fax: +302374053903
Hope that helps.

Sakis from the:
'AKROPOLIS' Restaurant and
'KRIOPIGI CARS' Rent a car,in Kriopigi.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
September 16, 2008 05:26PM
Hiya julie,i dont think you can book direct you have to go thru first choice or thomsons i believe they have exclusive rights to the hotel.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
September 26, 2008 02:58PM
Just come back from Fanis I think you May be able to book .Sakis who owns the apartments is very nice. So is his sister and family. Their english is very good! Good luck!
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
September 30, 2008 02:21PM

Can you hire a speedboat from the beach at Fanis?
Hope you can help.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
October 01, 2008 06:05PM
Not directly from outside the aprts but if you walk down towards the viva steak house that's were you can hire them.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
October 01, 2008 09:09PM
I think George near the Viva steak house only rented out pedaloes but if you turn left out of Fanis and go along the beach right passed the Tropical and Nemos, you can hire jetskis, and do banana rides and hire out boats from the guys there. Can't remember all the prices but it was 30 euros for 15 minutes on the jet ski.
Re: fanis apt. polichrono
October 01, 2008 09:12PM
Sorry, I should have said go past the GOLDEN BAR not the Tropical! As long as you turn left out of Fanis, you'll find it!

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