Just back 3-7-08

Just back 3-7-08

Posted by Steve 
Just back 3-7-08
July 04, 2008 08:52PM
Hi - just got backfrom Hanioti on 3-7-08 for our silver wedding - as usual GREAT TIME !!! weather red hot !!!
Spent time with our friends Thanasis & Menia @ Central Cafe - Great place to people watch with a drink or special ice cream - Menia's mother is also great cook !!! - met up with a couple of new Halkidiki.com users who were on holiday there for first time & loving it.
Tried out Captains Restaurant in Pefkahori & has Set meals for two at 20 euro - with wine - great service and value - Indian in Hanioti excellent - What was Lesse Restaurant is very good - Beer House also has great value special meals.
Prices are noticeably higher in supermarkets & obviously in cafes etc so shopping around is needed.
Steve & Sherrilyn.
Re: Just back 3-7-08
July 04, 2008 08:58PM
hi-everything sounds good as usual...the Indian restaurant you praise was it the one close to Stones restaurant??
Re: Just back 3-7-08
July 04, 2008 09:53PM
hi Steve and Sherrilyn

First congrats on your silver wedding!

You mention that prices are noticeably higher, can you give me some examples?

Am heading back to hanioti at the end of September and cannot wait! Absolutely have fallen in love with the place, its magical, and am booked for next year as well!
Re: Just back 3-7-08
July 05, 2008 08:58PM
Hi - some answers to 2 questions - No not indian near Stones, the one in village up past what was Lesse Restaurant and turn left. Good deal on special meal for 2 - poppadoms and pickles, then vegetable samosas - two curries (can choose) with rice and the tastiest naan bread ever - 25 euro for 2.
Another venue we tried once was on a corner opposite the park looking seafront - it was a fish place but now has meal deals that are good value - we had a plate between two of us for 9 Euro & beer is 1 e wine 50cents a glass.
Some prices we recall
Large beer generally 2.50 euro to 3.50 Euro ( 1 euro in giros places) - Shorts (Gin Etc) 4-6 Euro.
Milk in supermarket 2.30 euro (2pints). Frappe 3 Euro - English Breakfasts 5 to 5.50 Euro -
Cherries 3-4 Euro kilo - tomatoes 2.5 to 3 Euro kilo - Toaster sliced loaf (small) 2.20 euro.
Fresh uncut loaf 90 cents from bakery.
Money seems to disappear much faster than in previous years. Steve
Re: Just back 3-7-08
July 05, 2008 09:00PM
Thanks Steve

Suspected the prices would have risen, due to the credit crunch and bad exchange rate.

Guess will have to take a bit more cash with me!

Re: Just back 3-7-08
July 05, 2008 11:52PM
Kassandria market, tomatoes 2 euro kilo, fruit such as nectarines and peaches 80 cents a kilo, cucumbers 4 for a euro. Prices for fruit and veg coming down daily. Meat and fish same as UK prices, although fish from ports less.

Frappe 1.80 euro in Greek bougatsa places, up to three euros tourist places.

Beers generally 2.5 euros although bars and cafes seem to be more. Stick to tavernas and the prices remain pretty good
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