Posted by steve and maureen 
steve and maureen
August 09, 2011 06:48PM
hi could any 1 tell me if the bars are doing any good as i was their in june and billys bar was empty and they said they felt like closing up the horse shoe was doing a little better so has it picked up steve.
Re: hanioti
August 09, 2011 08:16PM
hi , im there next monday so if you get no replies i will let you know when i get back. michelle smiling smiley
Re: hanioti
August 10, 2011 04:17PM
hi michelle
will be watching for your replies hope they are positive
talking to yannis at billys bar last year and he was saying buisness would have to pick up alot this year for them to keep going same at nicks bar and stones let me know if stones and the rest have picked up hope so
cannot get this year but hope to get back next year
only problem is tompsons have stopped the flight from newcastle (muppets)!!!
enjoy your holiday
cheers richie
Re: hanioti
August 10, 2011 06:57PM
hi, ooh i didnt realise that, as im going with thomsons on monday from newcastle, i wonder if thomas cook will take over. i do hope so as will be a shame if you cant go from newcastle anymore. if i find out anything on that will update you too. speak soon. michelle
stephen and maureen
Re: hanioti
August 14, 2011 05:01PM
hi all i know that no 1 will be flying from newcastle to halkdiki next year so it will have to be manchester if any 1 wants to go i think i will suffer even more with no north east flights lets hope it dose pick up
Re: hanioti
August 24, 2011 08:48PM
hi, got back on monday & it was quite busy when i was there. think it may of been the main time for the greek people to go on holiday though.it has a great atmoshphere though. billys bar was still empty though. i must admit i didnt go into it either wasnt appealing with it beong empty. all the ones in the square were very busy though & sunshine bar was too.
where is nicks bar & stones as they dont ring a bell? we went to one called beyond & really liked that one
we did enjoy ourselves & went to pefkhori a couple of times too & liked it there too. its the euro that i think is killing the place though as spirits were 7 euros in most bars & mythos 3 to 4 euros. glass of wine about 3 euros. you could get mythos for 1 euro 30 in kostas fast food place which we thought was fab (and so was his pitta gyros) yum
i have the feeling the hotels etc are wanting to have it more a greek resort though as we def found it less friendly in a lot of the bars & restaurants & there was only 2 or 3 where they would chat to us.
i loved georges in pefkhori though he was fab & so was his food.
we spent £700 in a week & were bed & breakfast. that was being careful too which i hate doing on holiday. i do still love greece though

also def no flights from newcastle next year as the airport e mailed me back to confirm. so thats santorini & halkidiki not available fo us now sad smiley
Re: hanioti
September 16, 2011 10:21PM
Hi Steve & Maureen

Got back on Monday 5th after our 14th time in Hanioti. Sad to report (I think) that the restaurants and bars seem to be struggling! Not too bad at week-ends when the locals are in town but otherwise not as busy as previous years. Not many in Stones or Nicks and rumour has it that the Pella Beach is going to become all inclusive for Russians after closing next year for a total refurb, but our Thomsons rep said they have bookings there for next year, so who knows what to believe? I do think though that the AI hotels are killing off Hanioti. Pity.
Having said that, we still had a fabulous time as ever and even got invited to a Greek Christening - what an experience that was. We met up again with previous repeat guests and will keep going back as long as we can.
steve and maureen
Re: hanioti
September 20, 2011 07:46PM
hi shirls/baz i thinking you 2 are like us we have been invited to a greek christening we did not get but they sent us our gift it was kostas daughter and her husband we keep in touch ever week with illias via email i love halkdiki aand will go again next year we drink iin nicks billys and kostas love street <maxs.> and love to sit in the suare during the day just watching life go byhope it picks up next year but cant see it no flights from newcastle so manchester if we go wwill u 2 begoing next year.
Re: hanioti
September 25, 2011 01:50PM
Hi Steve and Maureen

Very much hope to go back next year - have already been looking at prices. We're lucky, we go from Gatwick. I can't understand why they are not flying from Newcastle. Can't book anything yet though because the time I normally book off from work (end of August) has already been taken and I will have to work around that so I will leave it for a bit but yes, we love Halkidiki too - it's like a drug! Do you live in Newcastle itself? We were up there the week-end we came back from Halkidiki to see my sister.


Shirls and Baz
steve and maureen
Re: hanioti
September 27, 2011 08:57PM
no we live in sunderland and we will go from manchester next year you never know 1 day we might get our dream of living in halkdiki and you never know we might get to have a drink with you 2 i day in halkdidki
Re: hanioti
August 18, 2012 08:13AM
Stones,Hanioti hall,Billys & the beer house all closed. Sad
Re: hanioti
August 23, 2012 09:27PM
The closure of these bars and restaurants can be blamed on several factors, high rents, all inclusive deals, in more and more hotels, failure to pay taxes and/or suppliers in a few cases, leading to a "moonlight flit". Failure to adapt to changing customer demographic. plus the fact that Greece should never, in my opinion(for what that`s worth) have joined the €urozone..a country who`s GDP is reliant on tourism (80%) tied to the €uro and thus the German economy !!!( and now the politicians have the audacity to blame the people for the state of the economy )..When they converted to the €uro there were 341 Dx to 1€ ..prices escalated, making Greece an expensive place to visit, for most Western Europeans...but not Eastern Europeans..the relaxation of travel restrictions following "Perestroika" the fall of the USSR etc made Greece a perfect holiday place (latest surveys say that one million Russians will have taken their annual holiday in Greece !)..Halkidiki is about 5 hours or so, drive from Sophia and Belgrade, hence the influx of Bulgarians and Serbs,Georgians and Russians. 20-30 years ago, all the signs were in English..even the village signs have Greek and English..now you`ll find restaurants advertising in Serb/Russian etc..Diversity is the way to go.
Adrian Foad
Re: hanioti
April 20, 2013 11:09AM
It does not help that the likes of thomas cook and thompson stopped a lot of package holidays and flights are always dear - and what you save on cheap ones you end up paying on ttransfers from airport. My personal opion of pricing is that all meals wherever you eat always have been cheap and although prices have gone up are still cheap value for money, just compare it to going out to eat in uk.

Sprits are dear beer still ok if you are not fussed on brands, nightime bars kill it with their prices but you know which ones these are they are always nearly empty. Halkadiki is not a place you can sit in hotel 24/7 and if you do are mad, i have seen people stay in pefkohri and stay secluded in their hotels and drink. They do not even venture to the beach or the town during their holiday, just to the nearest supermarket to get their essentials - NUTTERS!!!!!!!
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