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Re: Prices
May 28, 2009 12:02PM
Thanks everyone who has posted info about prices on this thread, though its been hijacked a little with other questions! lol

Be interesting to hear of supermarket prices for things like wine, ouzo, pop and other essentials! lol

Prices in bars/restaurants in Hanioti would be a great help also.

Thanks again everyone!
janet wallace
Re: Prices
May 28, 2009 04:58PM
Hi Figaro sorry thats my fault the site got hijacked a bit lol, promise I wont do it again lol. I think its a very good subject as I have no idea the price of things in Halkidiki. If anyone can tell me some of the prices in Polichrono that would be great, and things like the places where are best value for money and the places to avoid and the supermarket prices asoing self catering. Thanks

Janet x x
Re: Prices
May 28, 2009 05:03PM
Hi Janet

If I were you I would start another thread asking all your wedding questions as I know there have been quite a lot of wedding items on here (you can probably search the forum as well) and other people who may not open this thread will be able to help you...

Have a great wedding!
Re: Prices
May 28, 2009 07:26PM
Hi Janet

Once again a Call to Sakis at Kriopigi cars/Akropolis Restaurant might be worth a call, he seems to be able to sort most things out around there.

Re: Prices
June 08, 2009 09:48PM
any chance someone can find out what the exchange rate is in pefkohori to changw sterling to euro.
Re: Prices
June 09, 2009 11:50PM

We have been drawing out cash from ATM in Kalithea and currently 300 euros is approx £260 hope that helps a bit. Also the prices bit....WOW.. we got abit of a shock, we were expecting to cook in most times with the occassional eat out but so far we have found the back street Tavernas are alot cheaper and the food stunning!

So the important things first!

Large bottle beer from supermaket/lidl/Masoutis approx 80p

Cigerettes B&H + known brands approx £2.70 per packet or 3 euros for 30 pall mall

Bottled water same as home or dearer

Just in case you are interested petrol approx 80-90p per Litre cheaper further you go out of Halkidiki ie Nea Moundania- Thessaloniki

Haven't been to bakers or butchers yet but meat in supermarkets dearer than home (pre packed) also bread expensive, on the whole with weather being hot as it is we are finding having brekkie ie cereal in morning, late afternoon eat out at taverna and snack in evening is plenty!

We went to a sea front taverna today which was a little up market and bought the following: 2 bottles (large) Heineken, bottle water, bread, tzaziki, large greek salad, cod fillets with plate chips, souvlaki and rice (all decent portions ) cost 33 euros.

Any requests post and will try and find out specific costs etc.

Have a great time! p.s the weather is baking hot!!!! Ooo...dont forget Citronella is best for Mozzies! damn critters!

smileys with beer
Re: Prices
June 10, 2009 11:45AM
When planning to eat in it is best to stick to Greek salads, fried cheese (if you have a small frying pan!), grilled or fried sardines, cheese xtipiti dip, taramasalata, olives, fruit, bread and, of course those gorgeous pitta breads you get with your giros - these are 2 euros for a pack of about 10 at the local Kassandrea market. All the salad stuff is cheap at the market, or even local supermarkets are not too bad on the fruit and veg side.

Meat is very expensive, but then again if you are self catering and don't want too much bother, we found a whole cooked chicken at about 6-7 euros wasn't that expensive when it did for two meals with salad and pitta or bread, and a bit left over to nibble on (for two of us).

Otherwise, like Jane said, there are many back street tavernas with filling cheaper meals.

Depending on where you stay of course, there are local Kafeneion where all the old Greek men sit drinking coffee. These are usually extremely cheap to eat at - see previous posting near top for our snack & drinks that cost us all of 7 euros !

Another good fill up is to have a coffee or frappe (not in an expensive near the sea place) with a piece of spinach pie, cheese pie or sausage pie. For two frappe and two pieces of pie it usually comes in around 8 euros depending where you go.

Unfortunately it has got very expensive in Halkidiki, but then again most of Europe is expensive to us now because of the euro exchange rate.
Re: Prices
June 10, 2009 12:33PM
Jane and Jane,

This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for - thanks so much!

This will be my third year in Hanioti I love the place!

Re: Prices
June 10, 2009 03:46PM
Hello Everyone,

Seeing as Halkidiki seems to be more expensive. How much do you think is needed for a 2 week break for a couple. We were hoping to eat out most nights and have a few drinks. During the day we can buy snacks from local supermarkets. We will also be looking to go on a couple of excurisons to keep us busy.

How much do you feel we will need for 2 weeks to manage this?

Thanks smileys with beer
Re: Prices
June 10, 2009 07:37PM
Hi Fred

I was out there last year for a week and that was on B and B, took £500 and didnt come back with much, that was eating out at night as well, going out there again this monday coming for 2 weeks half board this time although we do plan to eat out a few times as well some evenings and Im taking £1000 just to be on the safe side.

Re: Prices
June 10, 2009 11:57PM
Myself and my girlfriend will be doing the same as fred and we are taking about 600 euros each,im scared nnow lol that its going to be well expensive *( we are going SC for 2 weeks lol eating out only at night with drinks etc,oh well see how we cope lol
Re: Prices
June 11, 2009 12:01AM
Chrisdaguru, don't worry too much. We took 400 euros, and drew out another 500 for ten days. BUT, we ate out all the time, and not always the cheaper places as we were only there for a short time. You can get good cheap food, see earlier postings of mine.

We ate and drank well, but on odd days went to the Greek Kafenion for cheap meals (and great company, they are really friendly the old Greek men). Also a gyros or souvlaki and pitta are quite filling at around 2.20 euros. I am sure you will be fine on 1200 euros for two weeks. And, we were buying fuel for the car as well.

Have a great time.
Re: Prices
June 11, 2009 12:22AM
thanks jane,loving the forum,everyone is so helpful thumbs up
Re: Prices
June 11, 2009 11:17AM
ThankYou Steven for your reply.

Like chrisdaguru, me and my girlfriend will also be self catering for 2 weeks.

We are going to give ourselves a daily allowance and see how that works. Maybe take the first week easy, then if funds permit we can go all out the second week!

Thanks for the helpful replies smiling smiley

Not long now!
Re: Prices
June 11, 2009 11:30AM
I wouldn't worry too much, yes Greece is not as cheap as it used to be, but it is still not as expensive as the UK (particularly London). I have been going every year for the past 5 years and have now bought a place out there, and to be honest I don't think it is any more expensive now than it was 5 years ago, apart from the exchange rate.

We eat out for every meal (although breakfast is only usually a cheese pie or croissant) and spend no more than 100 Euros per day between 2 of us. This includes a fair amount of drinking in the bars every night as well...! We tend to take money out of the cash machine once out there and put it into a kitty between us and we never put in more that 50 Euros each per day, and often it is less than that.

We tend to have a meze lunch in a taverna by the beach (with soft drink / water) which comes to around 20-30 Euros, and dinner out for about 30-40 Euros with wine, then drinks in the bars at about 6 Euros each (vodka etc). You can do it cheaper having 'fast food' type lunches or buying snacks from the supermarket, and if you drink wine or beer it is a lot cheaper than spirits.

Have a great time everybody - I have 23 sleeps to go...!
Re: Prices
June 11, 2009 12:02PM
I wouldn't worry either.

However I have to disagree with Carolinus as to prices going up over last five years. We have been every year last five (and previous 15!) years, and 2007 and 2008 we were there for 8-9 months each year. We personally feel the prices have gone up the most during the latter part of last year and this year, and certainly fuel has ! It is almost the same as the UK now.

As I said before, fruit and veg remains very cheap in Greece, much cheaper than the UK. But items like milk, butter, meat in particular and eating out has definitely gone up. Last year we used to spend about 30 euros for a meal of about six plates with beers (I am talking about a Greek place here, not tourist) and even there this year it is now 35 euros for the same meal. Giros used to be 1.50 now it is 2 - 2.20. Not huge rises, but combined with the exchange rate it adds up. Tomato and Cucumber salad for example, used to be 1 - 2 euros. Now it can be anything from 2 (where we go !) to 4 (where we don't go!). Even bread from the bakery has risen (forgive the pun) in price, although still cheap enough to buy and enjoy!

You can eat cheaply if you are there long term and have good cooking facilities, but on holiday with limited cooking facilities and eating out every day you will find it more expensive. However, you can eat cheaply at giros places etc.

We are going back next year for 8 months again, and we are already planning our budget and won't be eating out as much as we have done in the past.

It won't stop us going of course, but people need to know that it is so much more expensive now, especially for the Brits with the euro exchange. I had an email from a German couple who have just been over there for a month and they found it so expensive compared to two years ago when they visited, and they have the euro.

Anyway, to summarise, having also been to Spain this year, it is not just Greece. Prices have risen everywhere.
janet wallace
Re: Prices
June 11, 2009 01:56PM
Thanks Jane I appreciate your honesty about it all. I am trying to work out how much we will need to take, a fair amount I expect as there will be 5 of us 2 of which are my teenage daughters. We are going for 2 weeks self catering plus we are getting married whist we are there. I guess we wont be eating out as much as I would have liked but not to worry im sure we will stil have a fantastic time.

Janet x x
Re: Prices
July 03, 2009 07:11PM
Cheaper is on studio apartment. Last year i and my wife spent for 8 nights about 600 euro ,incl. hotel taxses smileys with beer
Re: Prices
July 04, 2009 12:31AM
Just came back from Kriopigi, took a £1000 for 2 weeks like i said i would do earlier and hate to say it i didnt come back with much, we were half board as well but must admit we ate out about 5 times, look for the cheaper back street restaurants they are about and are good if not better than some of the main street ones.
Re: Prices
July 04, 2009 04:03AM
To be fair though, if you take into account what you would spend here, foodwise etc. eating out, entertainment, and even maybe, a weekend away, against what you get over there, plus (fingers crossed, sunshine - fab beaches, lovely people etc) then I don't believe that it's too bad a deal.

Going at the end of August for the 12th time and can't wait...................
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