Hanioti resort info...

Hanioti resort info...

Posted by skyblueblaze 
Hanioti resort info...
May 05, 2009 07:31PM
Hi all,
I’m going on my hol’s this year to Hanioti (its my first time in halkidiki), I’m staying at the Lesse Studios which sounds excellent from the reviews I’ve read. When booking Hanioti, I was looking for a nice family/couple orientated resort which can get quite lively at night, but without young, drunken 18-30 groups and Hanioti fit the bill for me as I’m going with my fiancee. The neighbouring villages (Pefkochori and Polychrono) also look really nice so a fews trips to those will be in order. We are doing Bed and Breakfast at the Lesse Studios, so we get to try local restaurants which I’m aware there is plenty of choice. Are there any recommendations for restaurants, bars and places to visit?
Re: Hanioti resort info...
May 05, 2009 08:18PM
Hi stayed at the Lesse three times , love it smiling smiley. There is lots of restaurants in the area , we still haven't done them all!
Depends on what you want to eat. Everyone who comes on here has there own favourites really. Im a veggie so we like the Gusto Italian in the square so that my other half and kids can have pizza etc and I can have pasta etc. Also I like the Tropicana as I loved there stuffed peppers and my other half said they did the best steaks. We still haven't tried quite a few with good reputations ie Garden , Lesse (yes they have a restaurant in town too) , Kassandra Roof top , Erodios. Sometimes some are not open until June. Places like stones and the amethystos are good for english brekfast too if you want a change one day. There is also a Jacket Potato place too in the square which do huge spuds with all sorts of fillings, they also do good english breakfast.(This place is good for when you dont want to go out for an evening meal if you tired / sunburnt or whatever.When are you going?
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May 05, 2009 10:54PM
We're going on june 22nd for a week, but can't wait! Sounds like we're spoilt for choice with the selection of places to eat out. How long is the transfer from the airport to Hanioti? The First choice spec says 2 hours but i'm sure i've read somewhere that it isn't that long?
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May 06, 2009 12:29PM
The transfer time will be between 1.5 and 2 hours, it really depends on how many drop-offs there are. So I would recommend having a bottle of water or pop with you to drink.

Although sometimes it can be quicker and it never really seems as long as once you are on the coast you are looking out at the beautiful sea and wishing you were swimming in it!

Hanioti is the perfect place for you and your fiancee, you will love it, its very chilled and as Bunny says there are so many restaurants you could eat in a different one each night and still never visit them all!

Have a fantastic time, I am sure you will. I'm not going until September this year and I am counting down the weeks!
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May 07, 2009 02:55PM
hi hope you have a nice time in hanioti we go to the other village which is pefkohori been going now for the last 8 times now love it dont for get to try pefkohori you can walk along the old road there is lots of bars and places to eat in pefkohori dont forget the old town in pefkohori also mamos internet bar it used to be a long trip from the airport but now the new motorway cuts alot of time out just depends on your drop offs hope you have a nice time and love the area like we do
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May 10, 2009 02:24PM

I can endorse Erodios (Jimmy (everything special) and Angela will look after you there) and also the Garden.

Also as Ian has said try the walk into Pefkorhori along the beach road (which the Lesse is right on) there's a nice little beach bar about half way along and it has lovely gardens right down to the beach.

You might also want to try BBQ night at the Hanioti Village Hotel which is the closest one to the Lesse. They hold it on a Thursday evening around the pool - last year it was 7.50 euros (but probably more this year) and normally open to all. We have been going there for 12 years and this year they have opened a spa/well being centre.

As others have said you will be spoilt for choice - and not just Greek food. I believe that the Lesse restaurant has changed hands though because the girl who used to own or run it (Leah) was working in the Hanioti Village Hotel last year, and Amethyestos is now Haniotis Halls (or was last year - everything changes) but we still love going there.

There's also the main beach bar just off the square - it's open 24/7 and they used to have torches out in the water but now I think it's floodlit, can't quite remember but quite nice to just sit and chill (depending on what music is on).

Anyway hope you enjoy Hanioti and Halkidiki - maybe you will fall under its' spell like so many of us.
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May 20, 2009 05:52PM
i have been to hanioti 12 times now and absolutely love it.The Kassandra roof top garden is the best restaurant (am i biased because i know the family?) it is absolutley fabulous.Nicos the owner and his family are wonderful.i have known them for 20 years. its near the Lesse restaurant in the square. Nicos's nephew (Sakis) has a fish taverna next door which is definitley worth a go.
we havent been for a couple of years and really enjoyed the Amethystos which was near to where we stayed. there is also a really good chinese.
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May 23, 2009 09:26PM
Hi Elli...

i am a big fan of Hanioti to, started to go there in 88`.... long time hmmm :-)
the Nikos you are talking about is it the Nikos That use to own Plaza that was way back then.

I am just thinking of how he is doing???

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May 31, 2009 09:29PM
Thanks everyone for all your advice, I can't wait to go! 3 weeks away....seems years away! lol.
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June 11, 2009 05:58PM
If I am correct in remembering where the Lesse is you will probably walk down a beach road into hanioti town square and will pass Stones Restaurant. Go there. Kim and Roulis and Pavlos will give you a superb welcome. They recently catered our wedding and it was excellent.

Lynette xx
mike walker
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August 09, 2009 02:59PM
Im going to Hanoiti this month and after reading these reviews i cant wait. Does anyone have any idea of great places to visit while here??
Re: Hanioti resort info...
August 21, 2009 01:20PM
Stones is amazing they make you so welcome i would recommend them to anyone!!
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