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Halkidiki is a place where...

... long sandy beaches stretch alongside secluded coves, sunsets are as beautiful as sunrises, pine trees "dive" into the crystal clear seawater, landscapes are breathtaking, scents are distinctive and sounds are colorful.
You don't have to dream of it anymore, Halkidiki is just a drive away!


No, Halkidiki is a peninsula attached to the Greek mainland, in Central Macedonia region.
You can travel by airplain, train or car to the city of Thessaloniki and from there you can visit Halkidiki by car or by bus.
The nearest aiport to Halkidiki is Thessaloniki's airport (SKG). It is located 80 to 150 km from Halkidiki (depending the area you are visiting).

Where to stay in Halkidiki

Halkidiki offers a variety of hotels, studios and apartments to choose from for your stay during your holidays.
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