Nea Potidea, Halkidiki



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Nea Potidea
Location (Area Map)

Nea Potidea canal, which connects Toroneos Bay with the Gulf of Thermaikos, offers a view over the bridge so transfixing that compels visitors to stop and enjoy it even briefly. Visitors are frequently overcome by the feeling that the Kassandra peninsula is essentially an island whose "gates" are guarded by the picturesque town of Nea Potidea. It is no coincidence that this city, which has played a sovereign role in the area since ancient years due to its location, is known as the ‘Doors of Kassandra’.
The Justinian wall is located at the inner side of the road that separates the city from the canal. Most of its remaining sections are part of the fortifications of the entrance to the peninsula. The wall ends west, towards the port, where waves crash onto its westernmost tower. Within walking distance, approximately one kilometre southeast of the town, is the chapel of the Archangels, built in 1872 with materials from Ancient Potidea. In present days, Nea Potidea paints a very different picture. It is pedestrianised with bicycle lanes, kiosks, bridges and a beach located two kilometres east, ideal for taking walks and swimming. On the westward steep shore of the beach, there is a fish-wharf and the marina is filled with professional and amateur fishing boats. The sine qua non of a visit to the area is fresh fish, which visitors can enjoy in one of the many local taverns offering magnificent views overlooking the isthmus. The most romantic ones can enjoy the sunset under the Nea Potidea lighthouse located near the beach and then cool down with a drink at one of the area’s bars seemingly embraced by the sea, watching the stars while listening to tranquil music.