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Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki, GreeceOuranoupolis, a truly remarkable city that is located on the borders of the human with the divine, as it unites the Holy Mountain (Again Oros) with the remaining part of Greece, is 120 km from Thessaloniki and amply rewards each visitor with its natural beauty, as it harmoniously combines the mountain with the sea. 
It is a seaside region at the feet of Athos with a historic and architectural grandeur that also provides many opportunities for rest and peace. 
The characteristic of Ouranoupolis is the peace that prevails generating exaltation of the soul even to the visitor who has been worn down by daily life.
Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki, GreeceSIGHTSEEING
Entrance to the Holy Mountain (Agion Oros) is permitted only to men (after obtaining a special permit) but the visitor may go on a sea tour around the Holy Mountain (Again Oros) peninsula and observe from a distance, with the naked eye or with binoculars, its natural beauty and the exceptional architecture of the Byzantine monasteries. 
The boats depart for cruises around the Holy Mountain (Again Oros) every day, while there is frequent transportation from Ouranoupolis to Thessaloniki and all the other small villages of Halkidiki. 
It is worth visiting the Tower of Prosforio, located next to the harbor. The tower is the largest and best preserved one in Halkidiki. It was built by the Vatopediou monastery before 1344. In 1928, the Loch couple moved into the tower (the Loch's supported the refugees of the time and created a tradition in hand made carpets that lasts until today). 
Start your day with a good traditional breakfast by the beach in one of the cafes or restaurants of the seaside village. Then, buy traditional pastries and folk art objects in the village alleys and find all the small stores where self taught artists, who create decorative objects with dried flowers, finished glass and other materials, sell their works of art. 
At lunchtime, enjoy a meal of fresh fish and drink the wine of the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos), while the sea breeze lulls you. Walk in the village and reciprocate the hospitable smiles of the inhabitants so that you may feel immediately at home. 
In the evening, you will find nice restaurants and ouzo bars with appetizers, and if you are lucky, you may hear old Greek songs performed by local singers. 
Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki, Greece

Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki, Greece

Depending on his mood, the visitor may choose either the clear nearby beaches of Ouranoupolis or its small picturesque coves to enjoy a cool swim. However, the visitor may take one of the small boats from the city's small harbor and swim in the aquamarine waters of the five uninhabited islands that are located across the seaside village.

In Ouranoupolis, the visitor may find banks, with machines for immediate transactions (ATM), and interurban buses to Salonica, as well as to the other neighboring towns in Sithonia. 
The city also has drug stores, a police department, stores to buy and print films, PPC (OTE) and public card phones, stores selling fishing equipment for all those who love fishing, gas station and garage. 


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