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But all these would be worthless unless there were not combined to the elements that each visitor wishes to see and this way determine the area's cultural and historical identity, tradition, manners and customs. By walking on paved and neat roads, one has the chance to encounter history and tradition, trace the manners and customs and meet the town's friendly residents. The main pedestrian zone forms the walk's outset and predisposes someone to take the first step and discover something really beautiful. The interchange of green and blue (water) at the pedestrian zones, a requisite decor for the shop-windows, lead someone to the town's main square for a little break in front of cascade's waters in order to be freshened under the town's perennial planetree.

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The old gurgling spring quenches ones thirst and gives him strength to continue his
walk, in the heatwave of a summer's day. The paved rising back alleys drive the visitor in front of the old buildings, Like the one owned by Aristidis Ikonomou or by Papastavros, characteristic samples of the architectural tendencies at that time, and finally the visitor is driven to the Town HaIl. the Town Hall, built in 1926, dominates in the area and presents the architectural type in which schools were built at those days, as it functioned as primary and secondary school for many years.

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Today this very building lodges the Municipality's services and the architectural details of the building are clearly presented. The doctor's house, owned by Ath. Ikonomou, also reveals the architecture of those times. The church of Agios Athanasios, built in 1850, manifests the building mode of small churches but also the subsequent interventions. Through the paved alleys one is led to the main church of "Gennisi tis Theotokou" (Virgin Mary's Birth), that was built in 1850. The old church-tower, the sculpted infrared arch (Old-Christian with embossed depictions), situated at the west entrance and originating from the icon screen of Agios Dimitrios Church - Thessaloniki, the abundant decoration and both historical and religious value of this church have a strong religious impact on the guest.

A few steps away, through a back street, one is led to the residence of Alexandris that also reveals a modified architecture of the old times. The progression of time is revealed when someone passes through the relatively recent houses, that are also built in accordance to the old architecture of the town. The building modus plus the position of the houses reveals the fact that they did not observe what we today call urban design, namely economic planning etc.

Finally our visitor gets for a quenching of his thirst to the spring of "Dara". This source together with a few others, all situated on the line leading to the center, show the way in which the inhabitants used to get water. By returning to our staring point our tour in the city is concluded. If there is more time, one could also take a walk to Lekani, or Agios Rafail (church), Ai - Giorgis (church), Ai-Dimitrios where one can meet the forests' beauty, crystal-clear waters and beautiful country churches in special landscaped areas. Both when coming in and going out of the city one has the feeling that the traditional windmill salutes him. And if satisfied one comes back in the evening to attend a cultural event with dancing groups, theatre, Greek nights etc., or to enjoy the town's night-life in a local tavern or bar. For all these and many other reasons that are still in preparation stage, Kassandria is by right Kassandra's Capital.

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