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Kassandria a town with 3,500 inhabitants that during the summer period together with its settlements becomes a big city with 25,000 inhabitants and forms the center of reference for the Kassandra peninsula. One of the oldest municipalities of Halkidiki's prefecture. Since the l6th century. it appears as a settlement, while its name originates from King Kassandros of Macedonia, but also from the homonymous ancient town that is built in Kassandra's isthmus. Kassandria's leading role comes early on into view, as for years it constitutes the See of Metropolis but furthermore the Seat of the Vice-Consulates of France and Holland; after Kassandras holocaust (mass murder); in 1821, many residents gathered here and the development of a high-powered center began. Kassandria's boundaries extend from Fourka to Sani.

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A town with many and beautiful beaches and a strong combination between green and blue. The abundant vegetation of the forests predispose people in sightseeing or taking a nice walk that could lead to beautiful beaches, as those of Ai - Nikolaos, Siveris, Stefani or Kypsa. Exploited settlements as the ones of Siveris, Elani and Sani offer good hospitality, comfortable sojourn and top services responding to the touristic requirements of the contemporary perception. Good and fresh fishes in Siveris, the aqua habitat of Kypsa, the building structure that respects the environment and the substructure for modern installations form the hallmark of this area. Kassandria Capital of the Peninsula.

Kassandria forms the spiritual, commercial and administrative center of the area, and possesses the requisite leading role of this region.The proper organizing of all educational levels, always in the possible frameworks of a provincial town, the exploited activities, the existence of all supportive capabilities and methods with the contemporary and substantial organization of Tuition Centers, Town Conservatory, Town Band, dancing groups, and the highlight constitutes the Festival of Siviris that is annually organized by the Region's Committee and takes place in the Open Air Theatre of Siviris, all these form what's best for the city and characterize it as a Cultural Center.

A contemporary perception, and a modified organizing of the market in combination to the stores' abidance that cover all purchasing needs of the public, can undoubtedly characterize the city as a Shopping Center. The market's definition with a pedestrian zone construction, beautiful shop-windows, picturesque taverns, good prices and mood of service inspire the visitor in having good time and taking walks in the market area. Administration is necessary at a region where around it 15 settlements have been developed, not only to cover the needs of the local people but also those of the guests. The existence of a11 public services and organizations, such as Organization for Telecommunication, Post - Office, Health Center ready to render first-aid services, the alternative between many bank branches, Police that co-ordinates public security and order in the whole Peninsula, and the rest public and private services all prepared to confront any arising problem and give solutions.

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