Halkidiki 2017 Which resort

Halkidiki 2017 Which resort
November 20, 2017 09:26AM
Finally getting round to looking at this years holiday and quite fancy Halkidiki although I know very little about it.

Can anyone recommend which would be the best resort for to young (ish) at heart 52-55 year olds. We love greece and have previously stayed in Lindos Kefalos and Kos Town
We like nice restaurants and bars with stuff going on and things to do during the day

Any recommendations would be much appreciated

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Re: Halkidiki 2017 Which resort
November 21, 2017 07:40AM

I'm 61 and been going tp Polichrono for 16/17 years now.

Its got a variety of bars and restaurants from traditional to fast food, something for everyone.

Beach can get quite crowded, most restaurants have beds on the beach.

Lots of people on this forum love Polichrono and keep going back so it must be doing something right.
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