Food Costs

Food Costs

Posted by cazzanne 
Food Costs
July 11, 2012 10:07PM

This will be my first visit to Halkidiki staying at Aegean Aparthotel. Can anyone give me a guide to food prices in the area please.

Also is this hotel the same as Aegean Blue Studios?

Help appreciated.
Re: Food Costs
July 12, 2012 12:24PM
Re food prices, generally eating out is pretty cheap, it is alcohol (particularly spirits) that can be expensive. Main courses range between about 5-10 Euros depending on what & where you eat. Most Greek food like moussaka, stuffed peppers, calamari etc is cheaper and fish & steaks are more. We budget 50 Euros per person per day, but that covers EVERYTHING. Eating lunch & dinner out, drinking a fair whack of alcohol, bits & bobs of souvenir shopping & petrol for the hire car. It can be done cheaper if you are on a budget.

Re the hotel - I have just googled them and they are different - Aegean Aparthotel is in Kriopigi and Aegean Blue Studios are in Afitos, so 2 very different places in different resorts...

Have a great holiday - we are off tomorrow!
Re: Food Costs
July 12, 2012 08:37PM
Hi Carolinus

Thank you so much for this information, we are used to going to India which is very cheap and want to go to Greece knowing sure we are going to have a great time can't wait. We not there for another 4 weeks and to be honest always make the most of the hotels we stay in at the end of the day its a different country with different cultures.

Thanks again, have a great time.
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