Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS

Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS

Posted by Jane 
Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
September 17, 2011 08:39PM
This is the first of my reports on our recent visit a few weeks ago. As many of you know we have lived in Halkidiki on and off for the last twelve years, returning to the UK for good last October. Before that we visited for many years. So we have seen Halkidiki from the very beginning of its tourism.

Places change, and that is to be expected. Some things get better, a lot get worse.

One of the things I was really disgusted at this year was the prolific number of FUR shops. The rest of Europe and the world is working hard to ban the evil fur trade, many countries and their citizens are well aware of the horrors of fur farms, of fur from China from skinned live animals etc. But it seems Greece does not care. I believe a lot of shops are owned or financed by Eastern European or Russian people (whom I will mention in another post) but the pure number of these shops which seem to multiply year on year, is very distressing and shows Greece in a bad light.

We all know the lack of respect and the abuse that Greek animals have to endure, from being ignored, starved and abused, to being poisoned and hung. So to see fur shops taking such a prominent stance just degrades Greece even further and puts the animal welfare situation back years.

I walked around Kallithea and was quite honestly amazed and disgusted at the number of these shops. None ever seemed to be busy, thank goodness, but then again what a waste of animals lives to end up hanging in a fur shop.

I realise Halkidiki is now even more of a tourist draw than ever before, but do tourists only want to see fur shops and dead animals, or would they prefer a choice of items like in the past, a mixture of the obvious tourist stuff and local crafts and goods. I know what I would prefer.

I just hope that the movement to more tourism from Eastern Europe, who we have to say have abysmal animal welfare situations, does not result in a total change to Greece. Those of us who have worked hard over the years for the animals of Greece, especially people like Halkidiki Animal Rescue must be so worried for the future which at one time we thought would get better, and now we fear will only get worse.
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
June 03, 2015 12:32PM
I am really sorry for you Jane...but fur is really nice to wear and keeps the body really warm in the winter.
There is no match for a fur coat in -20C, which we have here in Eastern Europe , during winter time...

Some of the animals used for fur are killed anyway on a regular basis, in order to keep population at a certain number. They are not skinned alive (not anywhere in Europe!) , they are shot and killed instantly.
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
June 03, 2015 01:31PM
The fur sold in the shops are not to keep people warm but to try and make them look good.
Synthetic fur looks just as good as the real thing.
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
June 06, 2015 10:39PM
Hmm, rubbish. Synthetic materials can be just as warm, if not warmer. As for not skinned alive? really? I am not sure where you are from, but having adopted a dog from Romania, which is absolute hell for animals which are knifed, shot, beaten, clubbed to death, why on earth would Eastern Europeans then shoot to be kind and obtain fur coats? What about the fur farms up in Northern Greece visited weekly by the Russians etc. where they electrocute anally? There is no excuse in this day and age to wear real fur.

Fur is designed for its user, the animal born with it. We are not living in medieval times, you have houses, fires and heating? Synthetic fur, wool, other materials? You don't live in isolation having to go out and club a bear to eat and keep warm. No excuse. As Pedro said, sold to TRY to make them look good, it doesn't work, it is not glamorous, it is a money making cruel industry.

As for the prolific number of these shops in Kallithea, why on earth people on holiday in the sun need (and at a wild guess) 50+ fur shops, when Kallithea was essentially a tourist town and once a small friendly place full of Greeks, and authentic tavernas, a few tourist shops and some jewellery, I will never know. I think it is driven by the influx of Eastern Europeans who now inhabit Kallithea, a place we once loved but very rarely visit, even when we lived over there.
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
July 21, 2015 01:30AM
O, Holy hypocrisy! Jane, I'm sure of wooden furniture and leather shoes! I recommend strongly a winter 'synthetic' in Moscow and then I want your opinion. It's easy to talk when your winters are mild and do not have -25 degrees and siberian wind! In other news, Romania dogs are still on streets, making victims because of you. Great defender did not want their accommodation to shelters, because they were not well treated! they have adopted ... theoretically. When a dog left in the street, officially "adopted" , you will carve child in the park, as happened in Romania, it is normal to be radical solutions. Since a dog's life is more important than a child's life? Let's see each of our problems. no I did not like hordes of drunken English tourists. Locals in Cavos - Corfu even now fail to rebound after the financial disaster of young Englishmen "educated".
j lynch
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
July 22, 2015 03:07PM
its thev eastern europeans that have ruined halkidiki a fact most taverna owners will tell you, they want the english back to kassandra, english spend money
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
July 29, 2015 01:44PM
I live 8 years in Halkidiki, know well what tavern owners say: "Every penny counts his British, studying ten restaurants menus to find cheap food. Thus, they remain more money for drinking. As a tip, most often it is almost invisible. East Europeans are more committed, they like the look of the restaurant, the surroundings, eats and then, if satisfied, leave a generous tip. It's about their culture: they go on vacation will feel better and are willing to pay. English want to sleep, to eat and drink more, but less money - another approach. In conclusion, the problem is the English tourists as this willingness to pay the tourist Eastern Europe lead to higher prices. Greek taverna owner has nothing to regret, for it means more profit smiling smiley
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
July 29, 2015 08:50PM
ive been visiting hanioti for 15 years , i know exactly where the problem has risen
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
July 29, 2015 08:56PM
all the eastern europeans go to lidl and cook in their accomendation thats why the place is dying, and in the whole time ive been going ive only seen one bit of trouble involving drink and that wasnt involving any english!!!
Re: Animal Welfare or FUR SHOPS
July 30, 2015 02:17AM
I understand that you were on vacation, but have been watching Lidl. You questioned those who were out shopping and you found that are " all the East Europeans." Joelinch, consider the subject closed. Do not talk to people who make statements like " all the ... " . As for involving a drunken English, I saw the Cavos-Corfu (condoms, bikini, empty beer cans on the beach ), in Bulgaria- Golden Sands ( a young couple having sex where collapsed, across from the restaurant), at Brussel - New Year 2015 ambulances gathered in the streets semi-conscious young Englishmen . It was very cold and risked frosty. And I can not generalize " all the English " because it would not be fair to others who are very ok. Have a wonderful holiday where you only meet whoever you want! I understood : "Greece English ground!" smiling smiley
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