What can I expect May 16 - 30?

What can I expect May 16 - 30?

Posted by Badger 
What can I expect May 16 - 30?
April 07, 2011 02:52PM
Hi Folks

We are visiting Halkidiki May 16th - May 30th for the first time, staying at the Halkidiki Palace between Polychrono and Hanioti (sorry if spellings incorrect)..

What can we expect at this time of year - are the resorts open, is the weather usually pleasant?

We've been to Zante (Tsilivi) - which we loved - and Corfu (Sidari) - less impressed but still okay - over the last couple of years as the children are growing up and we can have some "independant" holidays.

Anyone been to Tsilivi who can give us a comparison?
John K
Re: What can I expect May 16 - 30?
April 08, 2011 01:01AM
Weather can be changable you may need a jumper in the evenings the resorts are only just opening many will be prepareing for first week in June which is the the first full week. Your hotel is about equal distance between Hanioti and Polycrono Hanioti is bigger with more bars i prefer Polycrono. Your hotel is located close to the beach there is a beach bar, they serve fresh fish which is great. If you hire a car you can travel around the panisular in about one and a half hours were you can find many small towns and villages the oldest being Athitos. I have been going for over 10 years I like it that much I own an apartment in Polycrono now.
Re: What can I expect May 16 - 30?
April 11, 2011 02:42PM
Thanks John

Hopefully there will be enough tavernas and bars open to keep us occupied in the evenings! As a general rule we always like to eat at a different restaurant every night (spreads the Euros around) even though we have some superb meals!

Even though we're both old enough to know better - and we're not party animals - we also like to stay out fairly late, so hopefully there will be a few bars happy to stay open with us!

A couple of quick questions - can you walk along the beach from the hotel to the resorts or do you need to follow the road, and will the repsorts be open enough to be offering trips and days out?

Re: What can I expect May 16 - 30?
April 12, 2011 12:57AM
hello neil
stayed at both policrono and hanioti both nice places if your hotel is between both they are both in walking distance along the beach or you can walk along the old bottom road that runs between the two took us about 45 mins to get from one to the other bit longer after a few drinks ha ha
plenty of places to eat and drink but as we have only been in august not sure what will be open in may try stones in hanioti billys bar
and plenty of places in the village square
in policrono cockney cafe or the tulip both down side streets but easy to find also try the greek night at the akropolis in kiropigi sakis and his family give you a great night entertainment on a saturday
hope this helps enjoy your holiday and ice cold mythos

Re: What can I expect May 16 - 30?
April 12, 2011 04:01PM
Hello! I am looking at visiting the Hanioti or Kallithea area June 10-12 for a short weekend trip. I would like to find a place to stay that is popular with people in their mid 20's to early 30's, does anyone have any suggestions? I also like bars/pubs over clubs, but a good mix of options is always good. any help would be great, thanks!
Re: What can I expect May 16 - 30?
April 12, 2011 04:52PM
Hi Neil

Most places will be opening over the Easter weekend and then they are open for the rest of the season, although some may only open on weekends for the first few weeks.

I was in Pefkohori last year over the first weekend in May and the weather was lovely in the day (hot enough to swim and sunbathe) but quite chilly at night. My friend was there late May and said the same thing.

Hanioti will probably be busier & livelier than Polichrono, but you can try them both. I think your hotel is on the other side of the main road to the beach, so it is a 5 minute walk to the beach / beach road. I wouldn't recommend walking along the main road as a) there are no pavements and b) people drive very fast! The beach road or a taxi / bus are your best options.

There are some quite lively bars in Hanioti that will stay open late on the square - try Sunshine, Kelfos & Long Island.

Andrew John - if you prefer bars to clubs then you may be better off in Hanioti rather than Kallithea. Kallithea is where the main outdoor clubs are and is quite towny, Hanioti is a bit more chilled out but still lively. You could try Hanioti Village Hotel for somewhere to stay - they have their own website... If you want to look at other villages I would recommend Pefkohori, just to confuse you even more!
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