Posted by olive wood 
March 10, 2010 07:40PM
I am a regular visitor to Greece, around six weeks of the year, and have been for a number of years now.

However, and I assure you I do not 'tar' all greek people with the same brush, as I know there are many greeks who are disgusted with the animal cruelty that surrounds them from the small populous of ignorant greeks.

But, I feel that the Mayors of the towns, and the greek government, must take a serious stance towards the poisoning of abandoned animals, and the barbaric treatment and cruelty imposed.

I have stayed in various towns both on the mainland of Greece, and the islands, and sadly it seems to be the same.
Dogs and cats are abandoned, poisoned, battered and tortured, just because they were born into a world unwanted by uneducated ignorant humans, young and old alike.

Greece at the moment has a serious financial problem, will this be helped if tourism becomes more effected and there is a decline in euros being spent through tourism?

I, for one, am now putting a halt to my visits to Greece full stop, and will be taking my euros elsewhere. I know my one little stand won't be affective, but I do know of others who are now thinking and doing the same.

Yes, I know this will not help the local tourism businesses who thrive on euros, but lets remember whos pockets these euros will eventually line...The Greek Government who is breaking every rule and regulation on animal cruelty as set out by the E.U.

And, if some of you are still wondering what I am ranting on about, then visit the following sites...Greek Animal Rescue...Greek Animal Trust...Walk With Donkeys, Crete and many more sites these are to name but a few. Also you will find these sites on FACEBOOK.

I am also signing the petitions online, aimed at the greek government. And I am constantly being updated with local town Mayors email addresses to voice my concern.

Hopefully, the small businesses who thrive on tourism will join the fight if they truly are disgusted at Greece, slowly being classed as a land of animal cruelty.
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
March 11, 2010 02:00PM
Hello. I am a Greek citizen and have to face the fact that many people in my country are indifferent to animals while some are intolerant and exhibit acts of cruelty. Greece, very often is put to blame (not without reason) for animal cruelty issues by the foreign media.

However, I must stress that there are a number of small groups and individuals who are determined to make up for the states indifference on animal welfare issues. I fact I do not think there are many people in other EU countries, that spend much of their valuable time and money on feeding, nutering and helping to heal stray animals. We, on the other hand, have people in this country who are actively helping and not simply donating money. One thing that make all the difference in Greece is that (probably not out of humanity but simply due to indifference) a stray animal will not be arrested and if not wanted by anybody within a month for example, it will not be put to sleep[/b] or take involuntary part in medical experiments. At least here there is a chance for the aminal to live. It may not be a long or a happy life one might argue, but it will be given the oportunity to live. Having said that, all 5 of my dogs are ex stray, and they would'nt be around in countries that practice this clean street tactic. They do not address the problem humanely, but simply irradicate it by ''vanishing'' stray animals.
I am not saying that the problems are solved, on the contrary. Sometimes I feel that this country is not belonging to the developed world when it comes to such issues. However money and most certainly the '' I will take my buissness or my euros elsewhere'' is not probably the answer. Take Britain for example, a country with a long history of groups and foundations dedicated in animal welfare domestic and overseas. At the same time, a number of morally unacceptable and incredibly cruel acts take place, such as bager, hare, fox and deer hunting, not to mention the notorious dog fights. As it is mostly a meat eating nation, will we conclude that Britain as a entity is a cruel society when it come to animals? I do not think so. Please let not put tags on nations. Besides, I have not encountered anyone saying ''I will not set my foot again on British ground because of animal cruely''. Still,I am intrigued to know what sort of cruely were you faced with. Regards, Antonis.
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
March 13, 2010 07:17PM
Antonis, while I agree there are many cruel people in every country of the world, the fact remains that in Greece there is the highest per capita cases of animal abuse of anywhere in Europe. I am of Greek descent so I am not anti Greek by any means, but in my thirty years of visiting after a slow move forwards I feel the situation is now moving backwards again. You only have to look at the Greek Animal Welfare site, and the many others in Greece, to see that abnormal cruelty takes place almost every day. The problem in Greece as I see it is that the laws against animal abuse are not upheld. Nobody in authority is vaguely interested. There are many cases you can find, one of a recent horse dragging to death in Olympia by an ex policeman who is getting away with this extreme act of cruelty (dragged the horse 2km and it was almost skinned alive, then left it in a ditch screaming in pain). He claims is was an accident, his ex colleagues in the police believe him, enough said.

Now you mention badger baiting, dog fights etc in the UK. Well apart from the fact that we are in fact discussing companion animals, nevertheless these are illegal and whilst they do happen when these people get caught they do get punished. Where in Greece do you see people being punished for the cruelty they inflict on companion animals. Also, what about the legal hunting in Greece of animals, why is this less cruel than hunting in the UK. Also, I believe from a good source that the way dogs are trained to bring back hunters kills over in Greece is by putting barbed wire intheir mouths, so even when serving their human owners they are punished and cruelly treated.

I in no way want to blame all Greeks, we have many good Greek friends who adore animals, but the fact remains that the law is not upheld. I and many friends have written on the Greek PM website about recent acts of cruelty, and he doesnt even bother to respond. Emails and letters and petitions to Greek authorities, Mayors etc, are again treated with disdain, it seems that the Greek attitude is that eventually it will be forgotten about so why bother doing anything.

I do not believe people not visiting will necessarily help, it is only by people from other countries visiting that these acts of barbarity get reported. I live in the VAIN hope that something will change in the future for the animals of the world, and in particular of Greece. I love greece, I love my Greek friends, but I want to see the authorities doing something about the anti cruelty laws that exist in Greece but are rarely adhered to.
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
March 14, 2010 12:59PM
Dear Jane. Thank you for responding. You are entirely right to say that the authorities act in a numb way in many ways. I know about the dragged horse incident in Olympia and 've petitioned against it like many others.
People like me and animal welfare groups are trying to change that attitude of the authorities and the general public. Thankfully, things are not like this all the time though. In my city for example, a woman was caught poisoning cats and a trial is due in order to condem her. My local mayor in Panrama, together with neighbour city majors is implementing a nutering and release and a adoption program.
I do not know why, but things get a bit perculiar some times regarding Greeks and what they say about them. Let me give you an example: I remember back in the mid 90's, when pigeons were starting to appear less and less frequently in Trafalgar square and other central squares in London, there was this notion that the pigeons were cought by Greeks and were served to Greek restaurants in UK!!!
I have people who are involved in reiffle hunting with dogs in Greece and I have never herd about the barbed wire technique. Ithink it is probably one of these things that spread as a rummor and become the accepted fact. Do not get me wrong, I do not like hunting and 3 of my 5 dogs are hound dogs that were probably abandoned by their (hunter) owners as they were not performing well enough. What an irrisponsible thing to do!
And when I mentioned about hunting in UK in my reply, I meant that hunting with reiffle guns is one thing, and getting hound dogs to rip apart a fox or a hare or whatever, is another. Believe me, I 've studied in UK for a good number of years and I took part in hunt subbing campains with other university students and witnessed these. And to think that most of the times, these people are educated, upper class or rich land owners type of citizens. Do not get me wrong again, I love UK and its people for being genuinely nice and friendly and generous but I do not think it is all roses there as well. Truely there are a great many things to be done over here, but I feel that things are getting better. Regards, Antonis.
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
March 14, 2010 02:36PM
Hi Antoni, good to know that there are some municipalities that are doing something positive. I must admit I do get disheartened when over here at the apparent lack of support from local mayors etc. A good friend here in Halkidiki had her dog poisoned on New Years Eve, and she works tirelessly to help stray dogs, rehome them, neuter them etc. A cruel twist of fate for someone who has for many years worked for the animals of the area.

I know there is cruelty everywhere and I just wish I was superwoman and could fly around the world and solve the problems ! We had our own problems two days ago when met by the welcoming committee of four dogs at the top of our road, all of a sudden despite us going slowly one was under the wheels and dying in the road. I was hysterical, my husband obviously deeply upset and the woman and husband who came out who apparently look after the dogs (they belong to a builder opposite) were more concerned that I was upset than about the dying dog. They were going to leave it to die then dispose of it, we took it to the vets and paid to have it put to sleep. Later found the builder who was quite a nice man, but had no remorse or sorrow whatsoever when I told him about his dog. Said ti tha kanoume, they chase cars! We have our dog here and she lives in the house, would never let her run free and get hurt, or cause an accident. My husband has his motorbike and I am stressed in case they knock him off. I also feel upset that we love it in Greece but I am all consumed on walks that my dog doesnt sniff anything or eat something that might poison her, it is very stressful and I wonder why sometimes we come over here. Then I meet our wonderful Greek friends and know why, it is the few cruel people who ruin things for everyone, the world over.

I dont believe Greeks eat pigeons in their London restaurants by the way !!

All the best, and lets join together with others to help educate people about animal welfare. I believe the Church in Greece and schools should play a much bigger role, I understand from friends that the church says that if dogs live or die is in Gods hands, and if they are poisoned or whatever, that is the will of god. I dont know if that is absolutely true, but I do know a lot of priests queue up for their poison on many of the islands.
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
March 19, 2010 02:59PM
I have just read your message and am so happy to hear you have five rescued dogs. My sister is married to a Greek and they have rescued four dogs from the streets and I entirely agree with you that there are many wonderful caring Greek people who genuinely love animals and are trying desparately to make changes. So thankyou for taking the time to write and I, for one, wish you continued success - Jocelyn
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
September 22, 2010 08:45PM
I am a Greek - Greek American actually - I have been going to Greece since I was 15 years old. Let's tell the truth here please. I am extremely proud to be Greek - proud of my heritage, etc and quite ethnocentric. However, there is one reason why I just HATE visiting Greece and that is that the Greeks are unbelievably indifferent and cruel when it comes to the other animals that we should be sharing this earth with. They haven't a clue that we humans are animals also - tell them that and god knows you are talking to the wall. They feel that these pure little souls are GARBAGE - unfeeling WASTE that has to be destroyed, used beyond belief to the point of dropping dead, like the poor donkeys, etc.

I have a million instances where from 15 years old to my last visit in the early 90's, I have had to contend with restaurant owners, waiters, etc. against my buying "keftedes" for the pathetic little beings crying for food because they were starving to death, while the KIFINES sat there eating well, while all around them were crying starving animals. You have to wonder what the ##....!! kind of people these are and, what a disgrace against the most wonderful civilization in history!

And, there is the waiter or owner chasing them away and telling me not to feed them. Well, we were at a large eksoxiko restaurant somewhere, (cannot remember where) and after seeing the owner physically chase this poor starving dog away I was so enraged I could have killed him, really!!!! I stood up in the huge crowd and in my not so perfect GREEK and some English as well, for the benefit of the English speaking patrons, as loud as possible, I told him exactly what I thought of HIM and GREECE with regards to their cruelty against animals. Needless to say, the other 6 or so Greeks in the group were sitting there speechless with embarrassment written all over their faces, which I felt like slapping, all of them!

To this day, I have memories of an afternoon while sitting at a cafe in Kolonaki with friends - there was a little BEE hovering around the sugar from my coffee - my cousin not only takes a swat at it but proceeds to smash it - but, not completely. So there I am watching this poor BEE trying to remove itself from its smashed body. To this day I cannot forget it. Well, Greeks, you know what I do and what other civilized people do in such a case if it is in a room for instance - we try to open a window or door and let the poor insect find his/her way out -- I have had some very heated debates with her about the issue of animal abuse and, she always wants to compare ""poor, poor humans across the globe"" to the issue of non-human animals. I have tried like crazy to get her to understand that we all belong to a chain of life which is this planet - when you start removing links in the chain, again and again the loser ultimately in the worse sense (aside from the millions of other species which humans have driven into extinction), is the freaking human species which is in truth, the CANCER of this planet, Mother Earth. They literally DESTROY everything they touch!

And furthermore, it is HUMANS who commit all the unbelievable horrors on this planet especially towards animals - i.e. torture, hunting for SPORT, for GREED, the food industry, especially in the United States again for Greed, and on and on it goes. You do not find animals of any species that engage in or commit the horrific acts that the human species engages in.

Well, try getting through to them - no matter their education (and she is an architect) it is their mentality - c'mon Greeks - say it like it is - you are not talking to some Anglo who has visited on a little vacation and goes to Mykonos to drink themselves to death and participate in perverse behavior!!!

I have had cats all my life in our home as part of our family and my life. To this day my kitty Dimitra is 18 years old and has given me the most happiness and joy - an experience different than that with humans of course but nonetheless a beautiful experience of love. I have a very close friend for years who is a VERY WELL KNOWN GREEK artist who lives in New York - of course she is disgustingly hateful of animals of all kinds - she said to me once on the phone, is your cat still alive - prepi na pethani - I couldn't believe the hate and consequently, the total IGNORANCE - and this is someone who is so wealthy in money but so poor in her soul.............. She epitomizes and personifies the typical Greek mentality when it comes to animals. I am Greek but I say it like it is!! I will not whitewash the issue for their sake.

Yes there are exceptions everyone!!! There are ALWAYS exceptions to everything in life - NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE - BUT, THERE IS ALWAYS THE GENERALITY OF EVERY ISSUE WHICH IS, IN FACT, THE CRITERIA AND, THE REALITY!!!

I am a staunch animal rights advocate - and in closing you can also thank organized religion, the biggest CON JOB in history for perpetuating animal abuse - they are the ones who brainwash you and tell you that "god, has given man dominion over the animal kingdom", talk about unbelievable ignorance. I apologize for my heated words however, I will never ever condone or accept the abuse of the most innocent of all on this planet and who cannot speak for themselves.

Humans, as a species, cannot get any lower than animal abuse. . Athena
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
September 23, 2010 10:03AM
Cruelty to animals is one of the distinguishing vices of low and base minds. Wherever it is found, it is a certain mark of ignorance and meanness; a mark which all the external advantages of wealth, splendor, and nobility, cannot obliterate. It is consistent neither with learning nor true civility.-William Jones

so true..................
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
September 24, 2010 05:10PM
Wow - well said Athena I completely agree with you 100%. We love Greece and have been there every year for the last 20 years but I have to say it completely breaks my heart when we see the animal cruelty that takes place! I can't bear to see the poor horses, donkeys, cows etc tethered in the middle of a field with no shade or water and I really find it hard to understand the mentality of the majority of the Greek people who just don't seem to care! (not all I know)

We adore the Greek cats and always make a point of feeding them each evening - my 12 year old son (who is well aware of the cruelty issues in Greece) makes sure he leaves half of his chicken and then gives it to the ones that need it - we fell in love with one in Crete this year that we christened the pink panther she was absolutely gorgeous and if it was easy to bring them into the UK then we would have brought her home - it's so sad to think of the struggle that she has to survive. What really bugs me though is that the cats are a huge part of Greece - their pictures adorn calendars, postcards, playing cards etc but the Greeks still treat them with contempt and quite honestly their attitude makes me sick. Something need to be done and I guess it should start in the schools - the children need to be educated, that is the only way things will change but quite honestly I think it's going to take a very long time and millions off animals are going to be horribly mistreated for years to come!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to people like Jane and the countless others who do their best to help these animals - I think you all do a wonderful job and it's good to know there are people who care.

Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
January 13, 2011 04:43PM
HI , I read your article .
I am from Canada ,and visit Greece ,and I like you. I am extremely upset how they treat dogs,and cats.
Greece has to support animal humane treatment ,and charge ,and jail cruelty to animals.

I think we have to go to the HEAD of the European Union courts in Hague , HOLLAND.

PLEASE, LOOK INTO MAKING PETITIONS TO THE U . N EURO COURTS as they have jurisdiction in Greece,and have signed treaties to obey ,and follow ,and they are not.

I have seen some cruelty from young women ,and men in villages in greece ,and your mind would not be able to comprehend these evil acts.

Please do not give up on the dogs ,and cats . Try to mediate your self with a few animal welfare on face book ; there is a TSINO pet shop in Athens ,and others who help strays , but very hard to adopt out.

Maybe, if you live in U k , OR A COUNTRY WHO LOVES dogs ,and cats try to raise money to bring them to your city to adopt them out.

Helping adopt them out ,and being a link for these poor souls , is a miracle ,and you will be the savior of these dogs ,and cats.

Let me know what you can assemble.

Take care


Check on Face book : TSINO PET SHOP.

Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
January 19, 2011 10:06PM
I sadly agree with some of these others like myself, of Greek descent who visit Greece frequently, in more than tourist type visits. They know what they're talking about. I have been spending time in Greece since I was a child and in general, I adore it and the lifestyle. However, I have seen and heard of both strangers and people I know indulge in acts of animal cruelty, from the extreme like poisoning to ignorance about keeping pets like keeping dogs chained out in the sun for hours on a short leash or practically forgotten on vacation. A bunny kept in a tiny cage nearly all the time that was bought for my little cousins but where the family forgets to feed it too often. A long time ago I used to see children and teens tying strings of cans onto dogs' tails for 'fun' in my dad's village. I would tell them off and they and their parents wold glare at me. People hitting strays or allowing their young children to hit them.
It is the one sore, embarrassing spot of Greece that I am particularly aware of when I invite friends to Greece.

I really don't understand it, after all Greeks are notoriously welcoming and have very strong bonds with family and friends. It's almost as if there is no compassion left over for other creatures sometimes. I understand that it was an agrarian society that considered animals in a different way for a long time (for work, etc.) but so were lots of other countries. Also, there is animal abuse all over the world, no doubt, it just seems like there is a lot more mainstream acceptance of it in Greece. Seemingly normal people seem callous sometimes when talking about animals and many parents believe and teach their children that dogs and cats are 'dirty' and that they'll catch some awful disease from them. It's time for this ridiculous mentality to end.

I am grateful to people like Antoni though, who is leading the way in the new generation. I am hopeful. I do see signs of younger people being a little more sympathetic to animals in Greece and this is great. They need to be loud, make a stand and really lead to change this situation as soon as they can!
Jane Karali
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECEspinning smiley sticking its tongue out
June 02, 2011 11:40AM
I am English living in Halkidiki for the last 23 years I took in a stray dog 5 years ago only to be poisoned on Thursday 26th May 2011. Despite my desperate attemts to save him sadly we lost him. He was a well loved dog throughout the village very quiet and placid.Of course he is not the only one to have been poisoned recently another dog and four cats also. Obviously we cannot find out who would be so cruel to put the poison down some say the council actually do it. Who knows My opinion of Greeks has been changing slowly over the years and I m actually married to one!!!! Me my husband son of 9years and family in England are all devastated at the loss and cruelty. I am just glad I gave him 5 happy tears at least. I probably will never get over this appalling death he just didnt deserve it. I have since heard that they have put poison down in different places in Paliouri. Please watch your animals carefully!!!! Janexxx
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
June 02, 2011 08:15PM
Jane, I am so sorry to hear about your dog. This behaviour has got to stop, but how do we get the majority of Greeks who don't care to care? I really don't know. We have lived there on and off for the last 11 years (Halkidiki), and been visiting for 30 years. It was not until we lived there long term that we started to understand the true problems. Yes as a tourist I fed strays and gave them water, but didnt really think or know about the abuse and poisoning that goes on, particularly early and late season, although last year it went on all through the year.

We left in October last year, many reasons including the economy. But I tell you one thing I am so pleased to have left for, and that is my dog. She loved it there, she swam every day which was good for her hip dysplacia, but all the time when walking her I was on edge. We lived at Possidi last time, half a mile from the sea with quite a lot of other dogs, and dog owners around us, especially in the season. There were some local dogs, fed on an ad hoc basis, you know how it is, so I took to feeding them too, they took to walking with us (Vangellis, nearly had my leg off first few days on the motorbike, he and harry always chased vehicles). But, with patience and a water pistol he learnt not to chase our car and bike, and of course being there nearly all year he got to know us anyway. I never let my dog so much as sniff the grass whilst out walking, such a shame, beautiful olive groves lovely walks, but I was just too scared. It was her third year in Greece, the two previous being in Mola Kaliva. Even there I was paranoid about poison.

Such a beautiful country, with such ugly ways. Why should people be so afraid for their pets. Why do they sell poison? The church has so much to answer for in all of Greece like Athena said, if only they would step forward and start to teach respect for animals, and the schools. On our last day in Mola Kaliva, Nov 2008, I went a walk along the beach and saw a plastic bag. Curious I looked, a tiny puppy a few days old, drowned. I was hysterical, in MY village, where I had lived two years, somebody had drowned a puppy. Also in that village a dog got shot, everyone knows by who, but nothing is ever done.

So, now what. Well Vangellis got poisoned early this year. I was so upset, I feel if I had been there and he was missing one morning I would have looked in his usual places, I feel I MAY have found him in time. But I was not, and I feel so guilty for that. Harry is still OK, so are the other dogs. But they are supposed to be owned dogs, why were they allowed to roam when their owner was in the city for the week, why weren't they fed regularly. Why did I have to be the one to worm them, to give them flea treatment, to brush them?. Because in general the Greeks don't care.

We arrived in Feb 2010 for a two year stay. We left in Nov. I miss it like crazy, I would go back in an instant if we could afford to do it again, but we cannot unless we sell up in the UK and we are not prepared to do that, especially now. Please keep caring, it is only ex pats like you that do care that help the poor strays. There are so many that really couldn't give a fig as long as they get their sun and booze.

Again, so sorry for your loss, it was my worst nightmare and for you it must be devastating. As you said you gave him five happy years, I hope in time you can do the same for another stray.

Would be nice to meet you Jane if we visit again, although it will only be holidays from now on. We know Paliori area well, it would be nice to meet at Villa Stasa if you know it? Probably not this year, finding it difficult in Uk to find jobs, but perhaps next year if you are still there.

All the best, take care, and look after those animals for us all. And there are some truly nice Greeks who care, we have Greek friends that prove this!


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Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
July 14, 2011 08:25AM
There is animal cruelty every part of the world not just Greece, it is a matter of more or less frequently it happens. But we are all here not to compare who's worse than who or are to blame or to pinpoint. We all want to help and thank to you all the rescuers who have been helping and trying to change things around there. But it is pretty obvious that the ultimate decision is in the hands of the Greece government, who if choose to, can really make a MAJOR different in these animals'lives, through laws and educational reforms-informing/educating people that these animals, they can feel pain, fear to death just like we can.

If tourism is a major source of income and Greece could really use that to boost their economy downturn; however and unfortunately tourists do not want to revisit any more due to words that are spread about this horror plight, should we blame those who spread the words or those who ban the revisiting Greece but not those who let it happen? And apparently to you those who ban the revisiting seem to be making things worse than they already are, don't they or do the Greece government? Possibly because of what these tourists have seen about of how MOST Greece treated their animals and MOST OF THE TIME the government let it slide, these tourists have strong reason there, not to support your tourism. And believe me you can't really convince people not to visit somewhere, just by telling them not to. the action speaks louder. When all these tourists get to see what has been going on with Greece animals-via media such as you tube, there's no need to say more. How and why MOST Greece could care very little or hardly care at all about their animals must have been built over a long period of time and it won't go away in blinks of an eye. I just want you to know I admire your patriotism but deep rooted problem like this has to fixed from home.
Simon A.Rawicz
Animal poisonings.
September 10, 2011 08:40PM
I currently live in Greece and have for over 3 years. I have known and seen great affection towards animals including strays and wildlife as I have in every country I have lived however I have never seen a small number of people who have been happy to jeopardise the health and safety of humans to achieve their barbaric results.

A lack of Political respect is at fault, a lack of social awareness and general human decency is often at fault too however the neglect by those responsible for such cruelty is overseen, ignored and often allowed by people who could and should react.

How can any of us live in a semi-respectful world if we fail to adhere to the simple unwritten rules in life...?

I myself have just suffered being systematically poisoned by a number of families who clearly didn't like cats and who made it their occupation to pursue their deaths.

They put me in hospital and managed to kill one of my kittens whilst rendering the others ill through a two month hell for us all. I appealed for help from my neighbours who all did nothing, one of which who helped supply the others regularly feigning interest, and most having noticed the problem.

The Police wouldn't react till I was dead or dying, the law cares little for animals at best and despite having suffered as a human people still chose to allow such barbaric behaviour towards others regardless of the physical cost to any who stood in their way.

This is sick. Till the laws are changed people should pursue humiliation, exposing them on groups, publicly and within their communities whilst the legal, Political and general state of things improve for us all.

I also saw great humility as one of the neighbours regularly tried to help feed and care for a number of stray cats which were also subject to a relentless witch hunt. 11 kittens of which were poisoned and those which didn't die suffered horrific scarring and are probably dead now.

The stray dogs here can have great lives in certain areas, certainly in Athens and many have a probable infamy within the communities in which they live. Just as all societies have their problems, this tolerance really needs to be removed and those who are passive to such behaviour should be ashamed of themselves.

Long before we evolved they lived and while we often fail to be the so called 'intelligent' species, we could learn a thing or two still be our conduct.

I myself would like any help on what the current state of the laws are here and who and what can be done to change them.
Re: Animal poisonings.
September 17, 2011 08:42PM

If you want to pm me I can give you various links on facebook of people fighting hard for the animals of Greece.

I too am disgusted at the continuing lack of interest or care for the animals of Greece, and to be honest it seems to be getting worse. A mixture of a change in the sort of tourists and the economy but as always the animals seem to suffer.
Re: Animal abuse in Greece
September 28, 2011 02:58PM
I have just had my first and last visit to Greece until they clean their act up and start to treat animals with some respect. I cannot believe that tourists still visit these islands and I believe that people need to be made more aware of what is going on in Greece. I am from the UK, a great animal lover and yet I never knew about the appalling treatment of animals in Greece - why not? Why isn't there any media coverage about all of this? Where do I go to start the ball rolling and try to get something highlighted and done about it. I don't want to just sit here agreeing with everybody on how terrible it is for the animals in Greece - action needs to be taken but I don't know where to start.
Re: Animal abuse in Greece
November 07, 2011 09:32PM
Diane, are you on facebook? If so I can invite you to join our group which is fighting for change in Greece. The catalyst for this was a poor dog burnt alive whilst giving birth near Athens. This has proved to be a real turning point, we even got a letter published in the Athens News last week. So many members in just the few months since it happened (August), this group is to get justice for this dog and the millions of others via our campaigns, petitions, letters to media. I know how difficult it is in the UK to get any interest in anything other than the nice things about these countries, we have also been trying for a year to get the EU to take Romania to account for its even worse treatment of strays, but of course money talks, and animals don't make money. But we are trying. So please pm me and I can give you more info and links to the groups if you would like to help spread the word.
Dimitri Stephanopoulos
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
October 12, 2016 07:42AM
Athena, I'm Greek American also and can relate to everything you wrote. I just rescued an abused dog from Zakynthos and have been learning so much more than I ever wanted to know since I've returned. I feel for things to change in Greece, it's going to take Greek Americans coming together and joining others in the world to help solve this problem. I agree the church needs to teach that animal abuse is wrong and that animals have souls too, but unfortunately they don't want to hear or talk about the issue. I've tried talking with friends and family from my local greek community and they all get scared and hide from it. Or think that you are hurting Greece by bringing up the topic. It hurts Greece and everyone to ignore it. This type of violence agains animals can harden the soul and lead to further despair. I'm going to start a Facebook page for Greek Americans who want to take action. If you are interested to work together to help change minds, please email me:
Re: Animal cruelty THROUGHOUT GREECE
April 18, 2017 09:35PM
There are so many people who inspired me how you love and try to protect animals. I have a dog and love animals and I feel sorry for the situation in Greece.
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