NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti

NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti

Posted by brian_the_gent 
NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti
September 14, 2009 08:55PM
speaking with a guy recently who had been to the new hotel in Hanioti...the Elinotel Apolamare

nice hotel in nice spot BUT its an A/INCL deal...although its nice to see new hotels/apts

opening i don't believe smaller resorts,like Hanioti can afford to see A/INCL accm as

to me it will not benefit the resort as if you book and pay for A/INCL your probably less

inclined to spend in the resort...
Re: NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti
September 17, 2009 12:19PM
This is the old Strand Village, it was takenovere by the Russians. It now looks to be back in English tour operaters. There is a link on the first page of the fourem.
Re: NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti
September 17, 2009 12:27PM
I don't like to see all inclusive in places like Halkidiki. There are so many small tavernas and restaurants, and cafes that depend on tourists and are much more authentic to Greece.

I can only say what happened near the Pallini Beach. For years Pallini and Athos (1980 onwards in our experience) both were run for English and German tourists and were b and b or full board, but you had a choice. Over the road the Makedonia Sun Centre was a thriving small area of bars and places to eat and shop. Then, not sure when it was but probably in the last 10 years the Athos went all inclusive. Now you pass the Makedonia Sun Centre and it is almost dead.

Unfortunately as Greece gets more expensive for tourists, and especially those with children, then all inclusive will look attractive but will do nothing for the local traders.

What a shame.
Re: NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti
September 17, 2009 03:26PM
its such a short season in Halkidiki that bars,cafes restaurants and the like

only get a few months to earn so A/INCL properties although may bring in

extra tourists will do little to help the they will see very little

of their money
Re: NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti
September 17, 2009 03:51PM
I always wonder why people would want to go AI in a place like Halkidiki, I would feel like I was missing out on so much - half the fun of a holiday for me is going to all the local restaurants & bars.

I go AI in Taba in Egypt but that's cos there's no town or anywhere to go out nearby...Let's hope no more AI places spring up in Halkidiki!
Re: NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti
September 17, 2009 05:31PM
I think with the euro exchange and Greece becoming more expensive, the most likely people who would go AI are those with kids. I can imagine (I have no kids !) that constant pestering for drinks and snacks by kids could eat away into holiday spends so quickly, whereas AI would all be paid up front.

I too hope no more AI appear. Perhaps SOME tourist places need to look more at their pricing, if you can get a frappe for between 1.5 and 2 euros in Greek cafes, then why do some tourist places charge 3.5 or more euros for instance. Beer at our local Greek cafe is 2 euros 500ml, whereas some tourist places often charge 3.5 or more. I know it is more difficult to find local places on the Hanioti Pefkochori etc side, but I do know Pefko has some Greek cafes with good prices. Also some bars, like Casablanca in Kriopigi, have offers on beer and are quite reasonably priced. Soft drinks can be bought for 1.5 euros, but some places charge 3 ! The good times have ended and I would think it better to get twice as many people in with slightly reduced prices, than half the people in with high prices.

As for food, give me Greek tavernas and restaurants anytime to a hotel based meal. Like Carolinus, most of the fun of our holidays anywhere in the world is trying local restaurants and bars.
Re: NewAll-Inclusive Hotel in Hanioti
March 17, 2010 11:37PM
I have been travelling to various resorts all over greece over the past 18 years, each time enjoying sampling the food in the local tavernas. Last year we did our first All Inclusive, this time to Rhodes. We have a young child, and it was great knowing that she could have snacks/ice cream/drinks without worrying about the cost. We would never have considered an all inclusive previously. The food was good, but obviously not the same as the local tavernas. This year we have booked the Chrousso Village because it was an All Inclusive. Although I agree that too many all inclusives are a bad thing, without some it would certainly put some people off visiting Halkidiki. It was the reason we booked to come.
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