Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece

Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece

Posted by sean09 
Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 02, 2009 05:28PM
Firstly, for me Polichrono is a home from home - a hidden treasure and a very special place. I first saw the village in 1987 - there was no tarmac road - only a sandy track down along the beach - not so many tavernas or bars - Tropical was the last bar - the Seaside was the last taverna, whilst up the other end Neapolis was the last hotel. The old road to Hanioti was only a track. I met people that first year that have remained friends ever since - some are quite simply family. I have been back to Polichrono maybe fifteen times since '87 - seen all the changes - people grow up and get married - some sadly pass away - but the one thing that never changes is the warmth and kindness of the people. they love to talk, drink, eat and enjoy life - and they are very proud of their village and their heritage. I have fished, hunted, bouzukied, danced - celebrated weddings, christenings, football dances smiling smiley, Easter and all kinds of feast days, been to Ayia Mamas market with the good people of Polichrono. I've seen the sun rise above the sea and watched dolphins swim whilst standing on cliffs overlooking the sea at Palouri at dawn - walked through the pine forests above Polichrono and sat in the back of a pickup in the early hours coming home from Athos Palace bouzouki .... this place is magic

Without doubt - Polichrono and Halkidiki is the real Greece.
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 02, 2009 06:45PM
Hello,We are going for the first time to Polichrono on 14th May for two weeks.We have been holidaying in Greece for 30 years.We are staying at Hotel Ammos.Please can you tell me if the hill is very steep.Thanks.
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 03, 2009 02:57AM
If you post on either Cockney Cafe website or blog for Cockney Cafe on this forum, John or Marilyn will probably tell you exactly where Ammos is - there are some steep inclines in Polichrono - from the old police station at the church to the road is quite steep - from the supermarket to the traffic lights isn't - not sure about Ammos - within 300 metres of the beach cannot be that steep - but still uphill
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 03, 2009 07:00PM
My friend and I are going to Polichrono on the 11th May for a week. Could anyone tell us of any good walks around the area ?

How far is it from Athitos and is it in walking distance.

Shirley and Fran
stephen perrins
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 03, 2009 11:22PM

We are off to Polichrono early august and was wondering if there are any ATM close by, and, my son and i are looking at hiring a jet ski or other watersports, are these also in the resort?


Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 04, 2009 01:21PM
Anyone can answer please, even if you did not travel with children!
I'd like to spend my may holiday (10 days) with my husband and 8 years old daughter in one of three islands. We traditionaly go ones per a year in Greece. We travellled all around the country but never to this area before. Would be suitable for children of this age in may? Can we swim and what are the temperatures like. Many thanks
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 10, 2009 09:06PM
Thanks for the info.We will be going this Thursday.Can`t wait sounds wonderfull.hot smiley
janet wallace
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 11, 2009 07:21PM
Hi its good to read that you enjoyed your stay so much. I am traveling to polichrono on 6th august and im getting married at kassandria town hall on the 14th august. we are staying at the ammos. none of our party have ever been to Greece before but are looking forward to it very much. I was wondering as you know the place quite well if you could recommend anywhere for us to have our wedding reception afterwards. From reading these forums the cokney cafe sounds like a really good place.

Thanks Janet x x
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
May 16, 2009 11:53AM
I'm really exated going to Halkidiki 'cause everyone talkes really good about it!
can anyone please tell me what is worth visiting in Halkidiki or nearby?Are there any good islands to visit?Is Mount Athos worth visiting?

please someone let me know!!

Stew & Jo
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 16, 2009 12:19AM

Getting married in August this year and have been looking at Halkidiki, especially Polichrono for our honemoon destination. We like the look of the Ammos Apts & Studios and have read a few reviews and like what we have read so far but havent booked it yet.

We both normally go to Crete and have been there twice in the last two years. We both love the way of life, laid back, tavernas, nice weather and friendly people and were wondering if Polichrono was any different? Does this resort offer enough for a two week holiday as we went to Elounda in 2007 and although fell in love with it felt that the place itself was too small for a two week holiday as we did pretty much everything within a week.

Would Polichrono be ideal for what we want out of a holiday? We like to chill out in the day by the pool but also like to have places locally to eat and a supermarket. We like to go out every night for a few drinks and a meal.

If anyone could help us out or give us a bit of feedback on the resort or the apartments, that would be great. Looking at booking a holiday within the next few days.


Stew and Jo
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 16, 2009 02:49AM
Hi Jo and Stew,

Polichrono fits the description for "laid back, tavernas, nice weather and friendly people" and "chill out in the day by the pool but also like to have places locally to eat and a supermarket. We like to go out every night for a few drinks and a meal." absolutely 100%. However bear in mind that if you go there between the 1st and the 20th August the place will be overrun by Greeks taking their annual leave and coming to Halkidiki from Thessaloniki and other parts of Macedonia. 15th August is the most busy day in the Greek calendar for places such as polichrono so it will be very,very busy for these couple of weeks.

Whether it is enough for 2 weeks? I am not sure, it depends on what you are looking for. I ve never been to Elounda so i cannot compare it with that place.

There are many other resorts nearby if you get bored . hanioti is about 3 miles away for a more British-style night out, Kalithea on the other side about 6 miles away offers more Greek style night entertainment. Also if you hire a car you can explore the second penisular, the other side of the first peninsular, the sani resort, all stunning places in my view etc etc.
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 16, 2009 09:47PM
hi there to all, send me an email info@halkidikiexperience.gr i have jut printed a tour guide for the whole of halkidiki which you might find useful, its printed in 25.000 copies but i can send you a pdf version before you come if you like?

Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 27, 2009 02:11PM
Hi.we are off to Polichrono for the first time middle of July,not sure what to expect althougth from reviews it sounds lovely,we are taking 15 year old daughter....
Can anyone advise re:mossies etc. ......are they particularly prevailant.......I have nasty reactions when bitten and find most plug-ins etc do not really do the job
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 29, 2009 04:27PM
Loll, if you can get your hands on some Avon Skin so Soft Dry Oil Body Spray in Soft and Fresh this will keep the mossies away - it works a treat - they hate it!

I always get bitten but when I have this on I never do.

If you don't have a local agent, you can buy from the website.

Have a great holiday
Louise B
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 29, 2009 07:17PM
I couldn't agree more! well said!
Louise B
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 29, 2009 07:47PM
Sorry - that post was to Sean09!

Janet W: Please have your tour operator check your wedding arrangements - I got married there 18 months ago and have since helped many other people with their Kassandra weddings; like here, you have to get married in the 'parish' hall - if you are staying in Polichrono, your 'parish' (municipality) is Pallini and the hall is the town hall and Hanioti - NOT the town hall at Kassandria. All villages north of Polichrono come under the Kassandria town hall, all from Polichrono down come under Hanioti. You'll need to make sure your Certs of no Impediment are correct too. Our wedding reception was at our friends' restaurant - Flegra on the sea front - however they are at their busiest in August and may not be able to help. Cockney Cafe are very helpful and Marylin is lovely, but it is an English place, so it really depends on what you want your reception to be... If you want English, go for Cockney Cafe; if you want Greek, go for Flegra or Georges (behind hotel Jean Marie on the sea Front). Nerfeli has a very pretty garden but rubbish food and service. Tulip just up the road from georges isn't bad, and has a nice fountain next to it, so could be a very good choice for your reception, but make sure you have a good mozzie repellent!

Steve: There is an ATM at the main intersection on the main road. Otherwise there are some outside the big supermarkets in the main road. Your best bet for watersports in Hanioti, which is the next village down - about 5-10 mins in a cab or a nice long stroll!

Tanya: Not sure about nearby Islands, but the Mount Athos Cruis is well worth a look - just make sure you go to a back street taverna when you stop for lunch as the sea front ones are well aware that everyone is just a day tripper! If you want to hire a car, Loutra is beautiful - there's a spa there that has health treatments rather than facials and pedicures, and the bay there is beautiful - we've nicknamed it Shirley Valentine bay! The caves at Petralona are very interesting - a good day out and if you drive yourself you can stop off for lunch at Nea Fokea, which is very pretty... Afitos os beautiful - go for a late afternoon / early evening visit and have a drink on the battlements at sunset - it's stunning. There's also a very posh restaurant with a local celebrity chef at Afitos called Sousourada. Have fun!!!

Loll: I react badly to mozzies too - I've heard a lot of people talk avout the Avon cream saying how good it is... Also, British Airways do a solar powered mossie repellent that works brilliantly, and the pharmacists in greece sell a cream called something like M2 which is in a green tube and has cotronella and basil in it - you only need to dot is around; it's brilliant! Also, start taking garlic capsules about a month before - apparently it makes your blood tast nasty and they saty away!

Enjoy your holidays everyone! I came back yesterday and I'm very jealous of you all!!!!

Louise x
janet wallace
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 29, 2009 11:16PM
Hi Louise

Thanks or your help, much appreciate it. I have just got all my documentation out and it does say we are marrying at kassandra town hall not hanoiti but i will phone up the tour operator tom and doubly check, I hope they not made a mistake as all my documentation I have just had done is for kassandria town hall . So would you recommend georges for our reception then?

Glad you had a good holiday, I cant wait to go.

Thanks Janet x x
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
June 30, 2009 03:32PM
Thanks Louise and Figaro for the tips...we go in 3 weeks so will start the garlic tabs now....hope it doesn't make breath smell!!Just going to avon website...hopefully I can order spray in time.
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
July 02, 2009 06:29PM
Hi Janet,

Let me know how you get on - the good news is that you have some time still! The other thing that catches people out is that the UK registry office handbook instructs the registrar to write specific lines of the town hall address, but the Greek authorities want a different line! If you have any problems you can go to Athens to get it straightened out, but that's not really what you want to be doing right before your wedding, is it???!!!! Email me privately if you need any help.

Georges is an excellent restaurant, and with lovely vines above your head, but it is plastic chairs, so if you don't mind that, it would be a very good place to go - he's a great host aswell; just give him a bit of warning of your numbers!

Have a fab wedding, and let me know if I can help any more!

Loll: at least the vampires will keep away aswell!!! hahaha!!!

Have a great time both,

Best wishes,

L x
Re: Polichrono, Halkidiki - the real Greece
July 02, 2009 07:30PM
hi just got back from policrono,it was fab and the best meal we had was at georges resturant!!,such lovely people and alovely happy atmosphere.food was the best we had.highly recomened it.cant wait 2 go back,weather could hav been a bit better. but one of our best hols.
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