skiing halkidiki

skiing halkidiki

Posted by SHOEY657 
skiing halkidiki
January 05, 2009 03:11PM

can anybody help me for skiing information in the halkidiki region, my wife is visiting in february and is hoping to do a spot of skiing for a few days
Re: skiing halkidiki
January 05, 2009 05:04PM
The nearest skiing is north of thessaloniki but it will of course depend on the snowfall
Re: skiing halkidiki
January 06, 2009 12:07PM
Thanks for the reply Pedro, can you advise on resorts so i can check hotels in the area. What would the roads be like driving from kassandra?

Re: skiing halkidiki
January 06, 2009 04:46PM
Sorry I don't know anything about the resorts. try a google search it may turn up some thing
Re: skiing halkidiki
January 06, 2009 05:20PM
Try Kaimaktsalan. It is close to Thessaloniki.
Their web page ( is only in Greek but you can get an idea about the area (there are also live images on the frontpage).
As for accommodation, search on google for "kaimaktsalan hotels"

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Re: skiing halkidiki
January 06, 2009 06:51PM
Hi there

not sure how far you want to drive but 81 km from thessalonika there is a place called Seli near Veria, Macedonia. This apparently is the nearst ski resort. Just google and all the info will come up.
Re: skiing halkidiki
January 17, 2009 12:34AM
Just got back from Halkidiki and I've been told that the ski resorts are up and running with plenty of snow.
Re: skiing halkidiki
February 12, 2009 10:42PM
Hi Phil
Not been on here for ages so just saw your post. When's Tracey coming? We go to a place approx 1 hour from Thessaloniki called Naussa. We are going this weekend. We stay at a lovely hotel called Vermion. It's at the bottom of the mountain over looking a river and a national park. It does breakfast and also has a lovely restaurant. If you want to reply to my Nostos e-mail I'll let you know what the snows like.

Love to all
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