Weather in May please!!!!

Weather in May please!!!!

Posted by Michael - Dublin 
Michael - Dublin
Weather in May please!!!!
November 16, 2008 11:22PM
Hi there,

I wonder can you help please...

Myself, my wife and 2 year old are thinking of heading to the sani resort for the first 2 weeks of may next year.

Im a little worried about the weather that it warm enough for sunbathing etc??

Many thanks for your help!

Re: Weather in May please!!!!
November 17, 2008 01:34AM
Have been twice in May and it was glorious. Bit colder in the evenings, but definitely beach weather in daytime
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
November 17, 2008 10:52AM
I think Michael that these days it is impossible to predict accurately anywhere in the world. For example this year it was glorious from May through to mid September, then we got two really cold wet and cloudy weeks. Just as we left beginning Oct it went back to sunshine and warm, even hot, weather again! All I would say is that after many many years of visiting and living there May is usually warm enough to sunbathe, sometimes even quite hot, but the sea is always cold until June.

Have a great time. In any case the sky should be blue most days, something I am certainly missing at the moment here in UK, after 7 months over there this year!
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
February 10, 2009 02:01PM

I too am going to Sani Beach Hotel in May with our 2 year old....I am confused about going half board or fullboard - any help would be much appreciated - FB sounds good in principle but not sure if its worth it especially as we will be paying for our drinks anyway !
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
February 10, 2009 07:47PM
It really depends on whether you will have your own transport. Sani area is beautiful, but it is also fairly isolated. There are a few bars but they are part of the Sani complex, so there is no small village as such to walk round and try different tavernas. If it were me I would have a car and would go HB, but if you are quite happy to relax for your holiday and not bother driving about (although you will miss a great place with lots of small villages) then I would go for the FB
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
July 08, 2009 12:29AM
Hello to you,
Im just looking at the Sani Beach Hotel for a holiday next May time, did you enjoy your holiday??
My daughter will be 1.5years by then, did your little one enjoy it?? Its my first holiday with my little one
and this hotel looks & sounds spot on????

Please let me know


Re: Weather in May please!!!!
November 22, 2011 04:22PM
We went last oct and it rained all week!! but it is such a lovely place and out of season is a real bargin! we are going to try end of may an fingers crossed for the weather. We went HB and was fine, very good value
Sarah Smith
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
May 04, 2012 05:45PM
Obviously the weather is not guarranteed anywhere but hope this will give peace of mind.
We have gone to halkidiki for the last 6 years at the end of May and have only had one bad week. It was around 30 degrees every day and evenings dipped to a pleasant 18 degrees. Sometimes a thin cardigan may be needed if your a bit soft like me smiling smiley
Hope you have a great time, we are travelling out there again this year on the 5th June, cant wait smiling smiley
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
January 16, 2014 09:27PM
Can anyone please tell us what the weather is around the 12th of may, it will be are first visit. Thanks
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
January 18, 2014 05:12PM
Cold, hot and everything inbetween
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
January 18, 2014 09:51PM
Thankyou John
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
April 11, 2014 04:28PM
By May, it`s usually warm -very warm in the daytime and a little chilly at night, sometimes it rains, and when it rains, it comes down like it`s going to flood for up to half an hour (see you-tube rain in Pefkohori, taken by me in May I think 2012) then its nice and clear for a week or so
Re: Weather in May please!!!!
May 02, 2014 10:48AM
I am going to Polichrono on 12th May and dont want it to rain!!!

Phil Sanders
Sani Club
October 02, 2017 03:05PM
Hi, I have just arrived back from a fantastic week, at the Sani Club. Halkidiki. With my Wife and nearly two year old daughter. The resort. is amazing. VERY child friendly. The staff are amazing. Would Definitely return. The Food is fantastic, You have to be there to appreciate it. Honestly this is a great place. If you can afford it. If you are full board you get vouchers of 20 euros per adult per meal and 10 euros per child per meal. So for example. if you choose a meal that is 28 euros you pay 8. It is confusing. But you pay for your drinks. Water, beer, wine etc. when we checked out we had a bill of 1100 euro's. The principle is. Its a great place. But if you cant afford it don't go. This is not an all inclusive holiday, so you do not get guests drinking from breakfast until breakfast for a their full holiday. It is Sophisticated. Everyone at the resort have the same mind set. If your thinking of going and are not not scared of your check out bill. Go. You will not be disappointed. The staff are superb. As you can tell. it worked for us. AMAZING.
Phil Sanders
weather in May
October 02, 2017 03:20PM
Not being to Halkidiki in May. However. The Ikos chain have built an amaxing resort in Corfu. Corfu is amazing in May. Just at the start of the season. Everyting is open and the beeches are quiet. And the weather is supherb. Would definitely recommend the area of Kassipoi. Beautiful..
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