Camping Mylos - Nikiti

Camping Mylos - Nikiti

Posted by GerhardHTX 
Camping Mylos - Nikiti
June 18, 2008 01:58PM
Bin auf der Suche nach Personen die in den Jahren 1980 1985 auf diesem Campingplatz Urlaub gemacht haben.
Einfach nur um die alten schönen Erinnerungen wieder aufleben zu lassen und ein wenig darüber "plaudern"

Als dann hoffentlich melden sich auch viele !!!!!!!!!!!

Gruß an alle "Greecer"
Re: Camping Mylos - Nikiti
September 21, 2013 09:29PM
Hallo dieser eintrag ist zwar schon 5 jahre alt aber vielleicht wrid die antwort doch noch gelesen....wir waren von 1982 bis 1989 jedes jahr auf camping mylos. es waren die tollsten urlaub in meinem leben, ich habe dort meine große liebe aus holland kennengelernt, dei icih nach 17 jahren wieder getroffen habe und acuh geheiratet habe winking smiley.
ich denke sehr oft an all die jahre auf mylos zurück. würde mich freuen wenn wir uns austauschen können. lg natascha
Re: Camping Mylos - Nikiti
August 31, 2016 02:15PM

I know it is very late to answer to this one but I can add my piece of the long story:

Camping Mylos is perhaps the first camping in Chalkidiki, ( See: [] )

It was created from a Greek married to a German wife ( See [] )

Myself, I first visited the camping on 1986 as a young teenager since my family was renting a house in a close settlement called Helidonia. This settlement still remains with the same name. I was visiting the camping in a daily basis, since there was a mini market where we could buy ice cream and a restaurant where we ordered refreshments and french fries or we played table games until late hours.

In the year 1987 my family bought a property near the camping so again I was visiting the camping every year until it closed.

I have very good memories from this place. I remember crazy Dutch fellows driving all the way from Holland to Chalkidiki their huge motorbikes and staying there for a long period. All of them they stayed long hours in the restaurant drinking beers and ouzo. I remember one of them was known as "Aspros Patos" - a name given from his friends or from the restaurant staff that in Greek means "empty glass", obviously the guy was a heavy drinker... .

I remember that the first owner - the German lady that had the restaurant. Along with Greek food, she prepared "schnitzel mit pommes frites" and it was the first time I had this in my life - good experience. Thirty years after while staying in Baden, I told my German friends where I had my first schnitzel and I still remember the lady serving it.

At the same period there were organized teams of young teenager German campers that had their own tents just out of the main camping area that very often did beach-parties with a fire. I brought my guitar and played with them several times. It was really cool - I was about 15 or 16 at that time. Sometimes, me and my neighbor escape the family house after midnight to spend the night on such a beach-party organized by the German fellows. This was about 1990 one year before Mylos lost its glow.

About 1991 with the first Yugoslavian war the camping was closed for some years. You see, there was no road to come from Balkans or Central Europe and trip from Italy was expensive since it included ship cruise part.

I think that Mylos reopened somewhere between 1999 to 2003 but nothing was as it used to be.

Since 2013 remains abandoned.

This year it was bought from Russian investors and some local e-media published that this will be turned to a 5 star hotel. See [] in Greek.

For me it remains a big part of my life since every summer as a kid or teenager I was visiting Mylos and as a parent I was taking my three kids for a walk and ice-cream treatment.

This summer of 2016 I completed 30 years in this area. I think this is the end of an era for this area but also myself. From one point of view, Campign Mylos will not be there anymore for the first time since 60s. From my point of view in the recent years, many of my neighbors and very close friends of mine, sold their properties due to the Greek crisis and will not be there anymore - very few remain from those glorious years of my youth.

Two or three days ago, me and a friend went there and took some last pictures of Mylos and how this remains. Those can be seen here:

Whoever of you was there once, please drop some lines with your memories.

Regards - MFG
Re: Camping Mylos - Nikiti
September 03, 2016 06:47PM
Na das nenn ich eine Überraschung spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Hab´s ja auch erst jetzt gelesen, muss aber auch sagen das ich die Info über Deine Antwort erst diese Woche Sep.2016 erhalten habe!!!!
Dürfte nicht ganz so zu funktionieren hier.
An welche Personen kannst Du dich noch erinnern ?
Ich noch an die Maria & Dimitri von der Rezeption, an Niko & Vasslilli vom Restaurant und Supermarkt smiling smiley
Und Du ???
Hast Du noch irgendwelche Fotos von damals ? Ich leider nicht, da meine damalige Freundin sich damit aus dem Staub gemacht hat. Seither bin ich auf der Suche nach Bildern vom Campingplatz und von Nikiti.

Falls Du mir antworten möchtest, kannst Du mich gleich direkt unter

Hoffe mal was von Dir zu "hören"
in diesem Sinne
Liebe Grüße aus Österreich
Gerhard K.
Re: Camping Mylos - Nikiti
August 21, 2018 04:06PM
Hallo zusammen,
Mein Vater und meine Mutter sind mit uns zwei Jungs viele Jahre dort hin gefahren. Es war eine super Zeit. Sind dann irgendwann hinter Ormos auf den Camping Papazuglou gefahren . Da mein Vater Lehrer war , sind wir in der Regel immer 6 Wochen in Griechenland gewesen. Es war eine wunderschöne Zeit! Fahre heute immer noch ab und zu nach Agios Nikolaos . Leider hat sich vieles zum Nachteil geändert. Beste Zeit ist der September oder im Mai Juni. Hauptsaison geht gar nicht mehr. Früher sind wir immer nach Methamorfosis am Strand gelaufen. Da gab es eine Tarverne da gab es zum Salat immer einen Zippero.
Grüße Micha
Re: Camping Mylos - Nikiti
February 02, 2021 01:50PM
Coincidently I have found this threat. Big surprise. We are from Berlin and used to go every summer since 1979 to Nikiti. I visited Milos first time in 1982 to visit a friend, and spend there several summers from 1987 to 1992. In the 80s there was usually a big group from the AWO (Arbeitwohlfahrt) in that area next to the "west side" of the Camping. We often joined them and vc vs. The entire staff and the owing family was very warm-hearted and friendly. Every evening the restaurant became a bar and party area. And I also remember very well the above mentioned dutch group. Some of them we've met later on privately in Holland or they called us, when they were in Berlin. Just last summer I came with my boys to visit that site to see what's left. Here's my advice to everybody who has good memories from that place in those days: Don't go there! You'll cry. Although I knew that the Camping was closed years ago, it was sad to see, that even all buildings were demolished, there's no beach left and on that yard next to the camping which I considered always as a part of the Camping itself, some weatlhy people built some ugly houses. From that Restaurant building the two walls with the paintings are still standing. The one was with dancing fishermen.
Well, by all good memories, we have to accept that time is passing and things are changing. But I'd pay a fortune to return with a time machine to that place in the 80s / 90s ;-)
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