summer jobs

summer jobs

Posted by ivana 
Gabor Vicentiu
Re: summer jobs
June 07, 2006 11:37AM

I ma from Romania...and now i am in vacance...but i want ot find something to bars,shops,restaurantes...i do not know the greek language..just a little words(usual ones)...but i can speak very good the english language..
I will wait you to call me...this is my number...0040765385129..
Bye for now,
Re: summer jobs
April 22, 2007 05:08PM

I am a 28 y.o. Greek girl, a language teacher, know perfect German and English (University Degree), and a bit French and Italian. I have some experience with tourism related or service related jobs, I have great communication skills, know my way around computers and work very well with people.

I have been living abroad these last years and I know I am late looking for a summer job... But I was wondering if anyone had any last minute job offers in a shop or a hotel for me (and optionally also for my Australian fiance who will hopefully be joining me around June -but not necesserily). Obviously free accomodation would be appreciated, but its not a must. Im already in Greece and can start anytime!

For any offers or any tips on where else to look, I would be really greatful.

Thanks in advance. smiling smiley
Re: summer jobs
April 25, 2007 10:54AM

dear Lin

Please send us a CV to - hotel Odysseas
We are looking for staff for our pool bar and receiption
roza trajkovic
Re: summer jobs
March 07, 2008 11:55PM
I am an ambitious 20-year old girl who is looking for a summer job in Greece.I would like to work in a gift shop or a boutique or sth like that.I m a student of English language but speak French and SERBIAN, as well.I have also acquired a basic knowledge of Italian language.Please contact me at the address given.
Re: summer jobs
March 13, 2008 03:30PM
I am 25 - year old student and i looking for a summer job in Greece (Chalkidiky), know perfekt English, Spanish and a bit French and Italian. I have some experience with tourism, i have great communikation skylls, know computers and work verry well with people.
Please kontakt me.
summer jobs
March 14, 2008 07:02PM
Gea sou!

We are 22 years old hard-working, intelligent, clever girls from Poland with fresh Bachelor's Degree. We just graduated sociology. We are looking for a job in the vicinity of Polichrono at the end of July.

Contact us:
Re: summer jobs
March 15, 2008 12:19PM
CasablancaCafe/Bar Halkidiki are now taking on staff for the season work,
please send Cv and photo to
Re: summer jobs
March 19, 2008 11:58PM
Hello there
I have cafe bar in Crete if you like to work here contact with me
thank you Galatios
Re: summer jobs
May 07, 2008 09:52PM
i'm 22 male student at university of Macedonia (Thessaloníki). I'm from Cyprus and am looking for a summer job in chalkidiki as bar-tender waiter or something else. i can start at 1st of july until first days of September. free accommodation will be appreciated.
i'm hard worker, sociable, quick learner. if anyone's interested email me at

thank you
Tereza kai Dominika
Re: summer jobs
May 09, 2008 10:44AM
Hi, we are 20 years old girls from Czech. We'are studying Greek language and literature and we are searching for a job (for August).Is there something for us?? evxarsistw para poly!
contact us:
thank you
pete ac
Re: summer jobs
May 26, 2008 08:53AM
Sani Resort is the biggest, has the largest number of employees, they are always recruiting and it's a place where you could have a more interesting work. Assistant in the Marina for example. []
summer jobs
June 06, 2008 12:10PM
hi! i'm looking for a summer job. student, 24, male, from bulgaria. languages- english and german. not afraid of hard work. it will be great if someone from kalithea or something near by call me. 00359888446430
Re: summer jobs
June 08, 2008 06:03PM
Hi there,

I'm looking for work for the summer season in and around Halkidiki. I have around 4 years experience as a Bar Person/Waiter but am willing to consider anythingat the moment. I'm a lively, outgoing and hard-working person and have recently moved to Halkidiki. I am a native English speaker but also fluent in German. I have conversational ability in Greek, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

I've already found work starting in October teaching English and designing web-sites, so I'm really committed to staying over here and would appreciate any offers or help that people can give me. If you know of anyone who has a bar and also needs a website then I suppose that would be ideal! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please post a reply or send an e-mail to
looking for job
June 11, 2008 06:12PM
Hey people,

I'm a 23 years old girl, from hungary.
I was an erasmus student in thessaloniki since the last september, until februar.
since februar i had intership also in thessaloniki.

i had a greek language course in the Aristotle university, i know the basic greek.

in hungary my family had a pub, so i have practice in this area.

I love to be between people, and if the team is good, it doesn't matter if i have to work 12 hours / day.

if you are interested in my workforce, or you need further informations please don't hesitate to contact.

Joni Qirjo
Re: summer jobs
June 16, 2008 07:09PM
Hi...My name is Joni Qirjo...I am from albania. I am a student in the American College of Thessaloniki, studying Computer Science..I am interested in finding any job that suits me for the period July 15-th until end of Augist 2008. I am communicative, speak english fluently, know italian, bit of greek, and bit of german! Also, I find myself with graphics and web design skills, if they might be of any help for you! Please anyone inform me if there is any opportunity available!

Thank You,


Joni Qirjo
Re: summer jobs
June 19, 2008 12:17PM
My name is Todor Raichev Sapunarov.I was born on 12.07.1986 in Plovdiv,Bulgaria.I graduated from the English Language School in Plovdiv in 2005.Since then I have been studying International Economic Relations in The Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”.Presently I am an Erasmus student in ATEI Thessaloniki(the Marketing Department) for the spring semester of 2007/2008.The level and quality of my English are quite sufficient.What is more,I also possess basic knowledge of German,Spanish and Greek.In Thessaloniki my sole occupation for the past 4 months has been to achieve as much as possible experience with the Greek language ,for which express purpose I have been attending a crash course in Greek in ATEI.
My work experience so far has been limited to a small managerial position in the retailing business.I was the executive manager of a retail store “ET Raicho I Sinove”,trading with foods and beverages in my home town.There ,in addition to my daily business tasks ,I also contributed to the PR image of the firm,organizing advertising campaigns and changing completely the outlook of the company in a most favourable direction. I am looking for a position in a hotel from the the end of June till the beginning of October.If you are interested about hiring me,you could contact me at tel: 6942946266. Åõ÷áñéóôù !
Re: summer jobs
July 11, 2008 08:26AM
hello everyone smiling smiley
I'm 21 y.o man from Poland and I'm looking for a summer job
If u have any vacancies please send me e-mail and I will give my cv
I can work as waiter, cleaner, dishwasher, glass collector etc
I can start work immediately
Re: summer jobs
August 29, 2008 02:12PM
Hello, my name is Ana-Maria, I'm 30 and I'm a teacher.I'm looking for summer job in Greece (Chalkidiki, Kassandra) -in shops, restaurants, hotels, etc, in period 01.07.09 - 01.09.09. I speak Romanian at a native level, I also speak English fluently and till next summer I'll take Greek classes at the university. In the summer of 2008 I spent my summer holiday in Kalithea, it was absolutely fabulous, and if it will be possible I'd like to come back in Greece next summer and also to work in my vacation. So, if someone is interested, please contact me for this period ( is the holiday for children at school, that's why I'm available in this specific period). My mail address is Thank you for your possible help, Ana.
summer jobs
January 16, 2009 09:40AM
Hi, 21 year old student of english philology is searching for a job for period 01.07.2009 - 01.10.2009 in restaurants, bars, hotels... Fluent serbian, english and bulgarian.
Re: summer jobs
January 21, 2009 10:36AM

You will be able to have unique chance to learn Greece not only as the tourist!!!

You will be able to be introduced to the interesting people from entire peace!!!

CONTACT Job agency proposes work in GREECE

- Student internship training program – for 3- 9 of months in the hotels to summer season (April -October)

- Regular program- for 1-2 years!!!


- for students

ü You are between the ages of 18 and 28 years old.

ü You are currently enrolled in a college or university outside of the Greece(for candidates of Internship Student Training Program)

Do you desire to participate in the program of the training practice (internship)?

- for regular workers

You are between 18 to 50 years? (you are not the student but you want to apply for regular or season work in Greece)

You are able to function in an English speaking society.

You are able to arrive in the Greece before your employment period begins.

You are flexible ,open-minded ,willing to work hard

You are capable of performing the duties and tasks outlined in your job description.

ü You have good references

ü You have some experience in restaurant/hotel work or in childcare(for nannies ,au-pair program)

ü Knowing of Greek language is not necessary but is plus

ü You know the second, and still better third language (German, France, Russian, Italian etc.)?

Then our proposals concern you!!!

We propose you work in Greece as:



Front office managers


















Old people care

Au pairs





Civil architecture


Farm workers


Your work coincides with a stay in the best health resort zones of Greece!!!

Most work and travel jobs are located throughout the more beautiful isolated resort areas of the Greece and the islands (Crete, Myconos , Kos ,Kyklades, Dodecanese, Rhodos and also CYPRUS. You will have opportunities to ski, hike, swim, play sports, ride horses, go boating, etc.

We can accept the students from all US and non-US countries!

The candidates from US countries don’t need any kind of visa.

We help you in obtaining of Working or Internship visa and formulation of other documents!


• - paid practice (paid traineeship) on the Greek islands and not only

• - contract with the hotel, in which it is specified

- FREE accommodation (usually 2-4 people in one room)

- FREE meals (2-3 times a day)


-minimum salary:

-350-450 euro per month (for Student Training Program)

- 500-1600 EURO per month (for the Regular Program)

ATTENTION!!! Usually there are very good TIPS in THE HOTELS!!!

- twenty-four-hour support and open line for the contact with our agents

-mediating in the conflicts between the employers and the workers in case of any problem.

-responsibility for presenting the Conditions and Terms of work to the candidate.

-help in finding of another position not later than 10 days from the moment, when work’s conditions are unacceptable.


Mean working time during the high season (June -September) - 8-10 hours /day and depends on the working conditions, but usually this 8 h. /day with one day off per week.

- for students- The working time is discussed in the Contract of Training Program(8 hrs/day and 1 day off per week).

- for au pairs/Babysitters- one day off per week, usually on Sunday.

Send to us your CV and necessary information for one of the programs at e-mail (only): or

We will send to you the application form for the statement and details about the program.

Each candidate must present

• recommendation from the working places

• one photo of passport and one -whole the body photo.

• medical health insurance and criminal record (they will be inquired from you on the arrival into Greece)

Each candidate is obligated to care about medical health insurance by itself!

Employers are obligated to pay medical health insurance only in case of any accident in the working place.

• you can send any other document, which is important : (certificate of lingual course, computer course, special qualifications and etc.)

As soon as we will obtain your complete information, we will send them to the potential employers and we will regularly report to you about the successful advance of your statement.

Please, note, that you give right to CONTACT Job agency to show your statement and use declared there information to potential employers, also, we can use your phone numbers for the contact by the telephone.

As soon as our employers will confirm your accepting, we will inform you for all detailed information (about the conditions of work, details about the location, the salary, working hrs, days off and etc.).

A great business starts with great people

Mr. Faidon Kiourtzidis

General Manager

CONTACT Job agency

Tel/Fax+30 2310 606498, 606468

Fax: +30 2310 601622

Web site:

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