More info on Sithonia - please!

More info on Sithonia - please!

Posted by duffi 
More info on Sithonia - please!
February 06, 2008 01:57PM
Hi Everyone

We're coming to Vourvourou for the first time in July having never been to Halkidiki before. We booked really cheap BA flights with every intention of going back to Thassos but then we found Sithonia whilst browsing the internet and as it looked so gorgeous we decided we would just have to try it.

I found lots of accommodation through (great site thank you) and am in the process of booking a 2 bedroom apartment in Vouvourou - as we're coming in July I thought it was safer to get something booked especially when we're so choosy about the type of accommodation we want to stay in!

For the last 3 years we've spent our holidays in Gialova nr Pylos in the Peloponnese with the gorgeous Voidokilia beach on our doorstep, Sithonia looks as though it's a similar sort of place but as we've never been we would really appreciate any information on the area especially the best beaches to head for and any archaeological sites worth visiting. Also ATMs - we've been told there is one in Nikiti and Aghios Nikolaos are there any others nearby? We also want to avoid any busy built up resorts so info on those areas would be good too.
Any help or information will be much appreciated

Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 06, 2008 03:48PM
Voidokilia beach? When you will see the beaches of island Diaporoi in front of Vorvourou and the unique and fantastic beach of Kavourotripes you will forget voidokilia.The only problem of Kavourotripes is the free camping around . but the sand is white , yes white!, and as "talco". To find this place go south .500. meters- 1 km.before the entrance of Platanitsi camping you will see , going south, on the left side some barrels for litter and one or two non asphalted roads. Go!!!
Again from the harbour of Ormo Panaghia , near you, start the ship to visit the monasteries of Mount Athos, from the sea of course. But the ship is big and there is a lot of people. it is better, for me, go in Ouranopolis , in the border between Greece and Mount Athos and go with more little boat. Now I am working . I'll write you again about archeological sites. Ciao! Beppe
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 06, 2008 05:00PM
The difference between Sithonia and Pylos-Pelopponiso- is the forest and the reason that you can find long and sandy beaches and little coves surronded by forest. And these in pelopponiso don't there are.If you rent a car go around Sithonia.Go wherever but now another special, very special place.Coming from north , on the opposite side of peninsula, 500-800 meters after entrance of porto carras resort,on right side, there is a little asphalted road. Go for ten km and you will return on the main road. You will see the best meditterean panorama, it is true- I am italian and italy is fine!- and fantastic beach.The masterpiece is go in porto Carras resort , rent , at the diving center a little motorboat, go out from marina , go left and you will be in 40 coves surronded by forest with fantastic water.For archeological sites I'll write again. Beppe
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 06, 2008 07:27PM
Hi Beppe

Thank you so much for your replies you've been really helpful - I'll make sure I write down all the things you've said so I don't forget while we're there. We'll be booking a car from Thessalonika for the whole holiday and will be happy to drive around exploring the area.
We're going on the 6th July for 17 nights will it be really busy? - I know lots of the Greeks and Italians like yourself head to Greece from Mid July, will Sithonia be packed or can we still expect to find deserted beaches?
Any more info on the area is really appreciated and I'm looking forward to your next post.

Diane x
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 06, 2008 07:39PM
Stagyra,fatherland of Aristotele is close to Olympiada , village in the coast between Asprovalta and Ierissos. The place is very interesting and also the coast is very nice. More far ,on the road for Kavala, Anfipoli with the ruines of ancient bridge- difficult to find- on river Strmonas and with an interesting archeological museum. Except the fantastic Thessaloniki, to go in Makedonia and not to see the Royal Tombs of Verghina is a very, very big pity. Verghina is near Veria, 70 km from Thessaloniki, road very good.I don't tell you what you can see there. It will be a big surprise. And don't go on the web to see.You will be happy of the surprise.The greek governement had made a big choise to transfer from archeological museum of Thessaloniki............
Surprise!!!!! Beppe
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 06, 2008 07:53PM
If you like walk, not much, you can go with car on the little asphalted road after entrance of porto carras that I told you. Go for 4 km, leave the car on the road, and go by foot down to the sea You will find the 40 coves of porto carras where you also can go renting a boat as I told you.Not in saturday or sunday. A lot of people from Thessaloniki.Saturday= Verghina.The beaches are deserted.To rent the car in Thessaloniki airport more cheap is Europa company, You can rent by web.And don't forget that Halkidiki is beautiful also in the central part, in the mountain. Little villages, fantastic food. Beppe Ps the 40 coves are serviced by a non asphalted road very close . But you can go only by foot, as I told you.
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 06, 2008 08:01PM
Excuse me. I am stupid. Enter in the resort of Porto Carras , paying little. Go in direction of Kochi beach. Leave the car in the parking.- free- and go by foot left on the road - open from 7 am until 20 pm.-that surrond the 40 coves. Paradise! Remember to take with you to drink or what you want. Beppe
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 12, 2008 05:58PM
Thanks Beppe - the Royal tombs of Veghina sound intriguing might have to look that up on the internet!
We were also thinking of going to Thassos for the day - is this possible does anyone know how long the drive to the ferry is from Vourvourou?
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
February 12, 2008 08:43PM
Thassos..Nice the northern and eastern coasts. South and west not fine. If I remember well the road is this: vourvorou-pirkadikia ( very nice)- go north for palehori- neochori and after neochori left for olympiada ( staghira!!) -asprovalta - strimonas river ( anfipoli!!)- kavala ( very fine town) and after few km the ferry boat.About 200-250 km. The road between neochori and olympiada is good, asphalted and runs inside fantastic forest. At the top there are five fountains ( it's right?) with very fresh and good water from the mountain. If you want amuse yourself go in the web site of Michelin. You can calculate every trip with all possible explanations. Don't go on the web for the Royals Tombs. Go in Verghina to see the museum unique for the reason that...............Surprise!!!! I repeat : visit Verghina may be the only one reason to make the trip. Beppe
Graham Spearman
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
May 04, 2008 12:47PM
Has anyone any knowledge or experience of Hotel Vergos in Vourvourou?

It looks like what we are looking for! Behind the beach but with a pool and in the village for access to Tavernas and Restaurants.

Any information would be welcomed!
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
July 27, 2009 09:55AM
The only problem of Kavourotripes is the free camping around . Beppe

Hi everyone!

I'm considering camping somewhere around Portokali beach. As i already read, the only camping is Platanitsi, near Sarti. What do you mean by free camping around Portokali and Kavourotripes being problematic? I have no boat, just a car and a tent.

I'll be grateful for any info.

Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
July 27, 2009 10:05AM
Typical for me I forgot somthing smiling smiley

Any idea about prices and camping taxes? Two people, one big tent?

Thanks again
Re: More info on Sithonia - please!
July 27, 2009 10:35AM
Have a look here


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