Abandoned puppies at Nea Skioni

Abandoned puppies at Nea Skioni

Posted by sgwest 
Abandoned puppies at Nea Skioni
October 20, 2007 01:37PM
Just returned from wonderful two week stay at Nea Skioni. Our departure was somewhat clouded by stumbling over a family of ten dogs just a few days before we left on an abandoned lot almost directly opposite the Ka-Oil service station on the coastal road leading north.

There are eight small, very cute puppies, a mother and we guess the father, who is tied to an old car wreck. The looks of some of the pups seem to give him away. Someone seems to be feeding them from time to time. The puppies are, I'd say, about three months old. All ten dogs are very friendly, seem to be quite healthy and can be safely approached. The one tied to the car is a great tail-wagger, too.

We gave them some food for the remainder of our stay and tried to find out who the dogs belonged to. Both, mother and father, have collars and flea-collars(!). At the service station we were told that somebody comes around once in a while. The ladies at the station have several dogs of their own and cannot take care of them. They do occasionally give them some fresh water.

The dogs have been on our minds ever since we found them and we have been thinking about how we can help them. Unfortunately we didn't find them until late during our stay. But we do have dozens of photos, and looking at them really hurts.

Is there anybody who can look after them once in a while? Although abandoned, there is fresh water on the premises. I'd love to contribute some money for food etc.

I'd just love to know that they're doing alright. If you have any questions, please ask. If you find out anything about these dogs, see them or have an idea how we can help from here (Germany), please, please, please let me know...

e-mail: swest23798@aol.com

Re: Abandoned puppies at Nea Skioni
October 20, 2007 06:05PM
I will try my best to feed them a few times a week til we leave beginning of Dec, along with the other dogs I mentioned in my post.

Please, somebody English or German who lives here long term must read this forum. Just some help to feed these dogs until we get back next April.

There is Julie who is doing a marvellous job at rescuing and rehoming, but last week she had over 23 dogs, so she has her hands full at the moment.

I know there is a big UK expat community in Pefkohori, which is not far from Skioni really. Is there anybody there who can help, please.....

Re: Abandoned puppies at Nea Skioni
October 21, 2007 03:29PM
Dear Jane, thank you so much for offering to help those puppies (and all the other dogs you mentioned). I hope others will answer your call to help. I'm trying to get in touch with some of the German community.

Please, everybody, help give these dogs a fair chance. You can take a look at them here:


I wish I could be there to do something.


Re: Abandoned puppies at Nea Skioni
October 21, 2007 03:37PM
Hi Steve

Went to find these puppies today. There was a couple at the house next door, doing it up, and when I had fed the puppies and both dogs they came over to say hello. I asked if they were their dogs and they said yes. I said they were very nice dogs! The daddy is called Freddy and the mum is called Booboo. I obviously did not want to antagonise them by asking what was happening to their dogs, and they seemed quite friendly.

It seems we have to accept that the way dogs are looked after in Greece (the few that are looked after that is) are not looked after to the same standards as ours in the UK and Germany.

However, the male dog and puppies seemed to be well fed. There was lots of water for them. The mum was a bit thin, but she did not want any food off me either. Both adults have flea collars like you say.

I think the best thing I can do is feed them when we pass by, which is almost every day. Check their water pots and do the best I can. I think it looks like weekends is when they come to do the house up, so I might avoid weekends if that is so.

Like you Steve, I am trying to find some ex pats who live nearby to help. We leave 5 Dec and return mid April, so please everybody, consider looking after these dogs and the ones in the harbour area.

I couldnt see my black dog today, the first time ever she had not appeared so I am a bit worried. However, it was mid afternoon so perhaps she is sleeping somewhere. I hope so, I do get so attached and it does me no good at all !

I must say I am amazed nobody reading the forum from the UK ex pats community seems to be worried about these dogs. I know there are strays everywhere, but every little helps. I also feed dogs in other villages as I pass through.
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