Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni

Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni

Posted by Jane 
Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 19, 2007 03:24PM
There are some very nice dogs in Nea Skioni near the harbour. We have been feeding them, and one in particular, a black and white labrador cross bitch. She is lovely and we are now getting worried as we go home beginning of December.

Can anyone here long term, or even some ex pats, consider feeding this dog/these dogs during the months Dec to April, until we return again. I am really anxious about them all, and in particular the black lab cross, she has got to know the tone of our car engine so we can never sneak by (not that we would want to). There are also some other lovely dogs in Skioni, so they could benefit too.

Not sure if there is a feeding station in Skioni, I am waiting for info on that one.

Any help appreciated, I know there must be some dog lovers who live here all year round.

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 19, 2007 08:16PM
Just returned from wonderful two week stay at Nea Skioni. Our departure was somewhat clouded by stumbling over a family of ten dogs just a few days before we left on an abandoned lot almost directly opposite the Ka-Oil service station on the coastal road leading north.

There are eight small, very cute puppies, a mother and we guess the father, who is tied to an old car wreck. The looks of some of the pups seem to give him away. Someone seems to be feeding them from time to time. The puppies are, I'd say, about three months old. All ten dogs are very friendly, seem to be quite healthy and can be safely approached. The one tied to the car is a great tail-wagger, too.

We gave them some food for the remainder of our stay and tried to find out who the dogs belonged to. Both, mother and father, have collars and flea-collars(!). At the service station we were told that somebody comes around once in a while. The ladies at the station have several dogs of their own and cannot take care of them. They do occasionally give them some fresh water.

The dogs have been on our minds ever since we found them and we have been thinking about how we can help them. Unfortunately we didn't find them until late during our stay. But we do have dozens of photos, and looking at them really hurts.

Is there anybody who can look after them once in a while? Although abandoned, there is fresh water on the premises. I'd love to contribute some money for food.

I'd just love to know that they're doing alright. If you have any questions, please ask. If you find out anything about these dogs, see them or have an idea how we can help from here (Germany), please, please, please let me know...

Stephen Westfall
e-mail: swest23798 at

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 20, 2007 06:05PM
I will try my best to feed them a few times a week til we leave beginning of Dec, along with the other dogs I mentioned in my post.

Please, somebody English or German who lives here long term must read this forum. Just some help to feed these dogs until we get back next April.

There is Julie who is doing a marvellous job at rescuing and rehoming, but last week she had over 23 dogs, so she has her hands full at the moment.

I know there is a big UK expat community in Pefkohori, which is not far from Skioni really. Is there anybody there who can help, please.....

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 23, 2007 06:04PM
Hello Jane

I live in Kallithea and would very much like to help you with the dogs but I have two young children and a busy busniess. I do want to get my son and daughter a dog though and would like the contact details for the lady you mentioned Julie. If I am every around the area of neo skioni I will take some food with me and look out for the dogs.

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 23, 2007 06:42PM
Thank you Helen. We now go home a bit earlier due to some health problems, but are due back in April.

There is a lovely dog in Skioni for you ! Black lab cross girl, grey muzzle so perhaps a middle aged dog, but she is lovely and friendly.

We managed to rehome one of them to our Greek friends, and she is setting in nicely.

As you can see from previous posts, there is a dog and bitch and about eight pups near Skioni too.

Any help appreciated.

If you send me a private message I can let you have Julies contact details.

Thanks again
Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 27, 2007 02:31AM
Sounds like you lot are leaving a load of dogs and cats for the locals to take care of when they have very little money to look after them. Instead of feeding them in the summer why don't you find the local vet and just pay for their sterilisation? Hold a raffle, a fundraising barbeque? pay the vet? It's far better than leaving them to die!
Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 27, 2007 03:22PM
Excuse me ! I donate my own money to a local lady who sterlises dogs. I also collect and donate money from England.

We did not put the dogs and cats there in the first place, that is the locals with little money or the Greek, yes GREEK tourists, who bring them here in the summer and leave them to die, not us. They know they can get them sterilised if they want to.

If it was not for people like me and others who feed the dogs in the summer, and who donate money to the only people willing to try to solve these problems (usually German or English woman who use much of theri own money), then it would be in an even more sorry state.

So please don't criticise. Pay for sterilisation? It costs 100 euros per dog. There are hundreds upon hundreds of dogs straying. But then we could leave it to the locals or their councils to take care of. They then do what has just apparently happened in Polichrono, they MASS poison them !

The locals, god bless them you are so worried about them, they put pups in rubbish bins rather than tackle the main issue of sterilisation. These pups then if not resued by the likes of me and others who care about them, are doomed to be crushed to death in the garbage trucks.

Locals and their money do not come into it. It is education that they need. And the thought that perhaps if they look into their souls and look at their regilious beliefs, they will see that God did not just make humans on this earth, he made everything. A little compassion would go a long way to making more tourists come to Greece. There are many who no longer come because of the lack of compassion, humanity or even basic interest shown in animals, and this includes dogs, cats, donkeys, horses and the rest.

If you dont want to help, and you think it is so easy, then you visit the people who care for these strays and abandoned pups. OK a few may be Greek, but many are English or German wives of Greeks, who now live here and cannot bear to see the misery that is inflicted on these poor animals.

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 27, 2007 03:42PM
Jane that is really horrible, that is so cruel to take your pets on holiday then leave them there. Sounds like you and other people are doing the best you can but it must be thankless task year after year, where can I send a small donation to help every now and again.

Kind regards,

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 27, 2007 05:27PM
Hi WaterBabe

Thankyou for your offer of help.

There are several ways. You can send money to me by paypal and I will get a receipt from Julie and send it to you. You can donate to Greek Animal RESCUE and ask them to send part of it to Julie in Kalandra. You can send money to me in the UK when we return end November and I will bring it over with me next April to Julie, again I can get a receipt for you.

Tell me what you want to do and we can sort something. That is lovely of you. Send me a private message and I will get back to you.

Thank you again, every little extra will help enormously.

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 27, 2007 08:03PM
Jane - just sent you a private message, please let me know if you received it or not - I have not actually sent a private message before.
Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 27, 2007 09:34PM
Hi, not got it yet. Will check again in the morning. You just click on private messages, send and choose my user name, Jane. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

Re: Anyone here long term, or expats? Dogs in Skioni
October 27, 2007 10:24PM
Jane, didn't know who I sent my original message to - but didn't actually change the user name to you, whoops.....


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