Tropical Hotel, Hanioti

Tropical Hotel, Hanioti

Posted by figaro 
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
September 22, 2008 09:41PM

I've been in touch with Vicky and she has said they are not dealing with either next year, but is going to tell me the whole story when I go next Monday. I will post on here when I get back and let you know what is going on.

As for my booking, as soon as I have seen Vicky and Sakis and come back I will be going into the Thomas Cook shop and finding out about getting my money back I have already paid!

I will defo be going to see Vicky and Sakis again next year with my friend, however we have to get there!

Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
September 23, 2008 10:14PM
Hiya Lisa,

I emailed Vicky for a price and also asked if they were having any travel companies in there next year. She emailed back with the price and said that Cosmos would be there next year (it's Monarch holidays) I have checked on Monarch and also Holiday Hypermarket website and they both show the Tropical, but different prices, so whether Thomas Cook have booked yours for next year via these companies, I dont know, other than that - maybe they are trying to pull a fast one. We definitely want to go back there next year, so we will be checking out the best prices. Have a good time next week and let me know what happened regarding Thomas Cook and First Choice
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
September 29, 2008 11:02AM
Just back from the Tropicana - excellent time, accomodation etc except for the weather!!!

Vicky told me that they are having mainly Roumanian and Russian guests next year on half-board basis with only 8 rooms allocated to Cosmos. She's not happy but the UK travel co's have squeezed the prices too much.

There's also rumours abounding about the future of Monarch within the travel industry (similar to Excel) so keep watching this one.

Incidentally, for regulars of the hotel, Vicky and Sakis get married in November!
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
October 07, 2008 02:54PM
You can always book directly with Vicky and Sakis if you like, and just get flights out there separately.

Just returned myself and although I stayed elsewhere I spent a lot of time with Vicky and Sakis. They are happy for ppl to come into the hotel to use the pool etc and come to the bar at night even if you are not staying there!
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
October 07, 2008 03:16PM
hi petemoz,,

although there is never a 100% safe bet in the travel industry i would say Monarch/Cosmos

come as close to safety as you can get today...
Gaynor Lewis
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
February 27, 2009 03:36PM
I have just booked for the Tropical with Thomas Cook going in July this year. Could not find it on the website but rang direct. Cant wait. Stayed at the Angelo last year but spent days and nights at the Tropical..It is an excellent hotel and Vicky and Sakis are great, really friendly and make everyone welcome.
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
June 02, 2009 05:33PM
How is there with the noise? Somebody on the forum said that this hotel are near on the very noisy street. It is true?
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
June 03, 2009 12:39PM
The main road behind the hotel can get noisy at times but if you are in a room on that side, once you have closed your balcony door you can barely hear it and if you have the air con on you cannot hear it at all.

Do not let reports of the noise stop you from going to the Tropical, you will have a fabulous holiday there!

The couple who run the hotel, Vicky and Sakis, will make you feel very welcome and you will enjoy yourself immensely!
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
June 15, 2009 06:34PM
Does the Tropical have rooms that sleep more than 2 people?

My friends and I have booked 2 rooms to stay there but want to see if we can change one of the rooms to a larger one to accomodate another one of our friends who is now joining us.
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
June 16, 2009 03:46PM
I don't think they do Charlie, but the best thing to do is to contact them direct on and ask them!

You will have a fab time I can guarantee it!
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
February 02, 2011 04:08PM
Hi, my fiends Joan & Gerry from Sheffield stay at the Tropical every year and love it! they want to book again this year but are finding it difficult to find a travel agent that has the Tropical on their list.Can you give us any advice on how to book the Tropical Hanioti or send us their e-mail address, Thank You - Leigh Walker
Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
February 10, 2011 11:20PM
Hope this helps

+30 23740 52602

+30 23740 63331



Postal address:
Katsaros Ioannis
Hanioti - Kassandra
63085 Halkidiki


Re: Tropical Hotel, Hanioti
June 23, 2014 09:29AM
we are a family of two adults and one child of 4 years old and we would like to spend our holiday in your hotel
how much is the price for the period 23-28 aug 2014?
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