Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti

Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti

Posted by Louise and Spike 
Louise and Spike
Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti
August 02, 2006 04:51PM
Hi There,

We had a wonderful holiday last year in Hanioti and made good friends with George and Magda from Golden Art jewellers.
We purchased many items from them, but unfortunately I have lost their address, George wrote me down his email address but when I tried it, it wasn't correct.
I need to get hold of them as I want to return the beautiful gold bracelet to them as one of the turquoise stones has fallen out and needs replacing. I've tried to get the stone replaced where I live - unsucessfully.
If anyone reading this can contact me with George and Magda's address or correct email. I would be very grateful. If George and Magda are reading this, please contact me.
Kind Regards
Aud Irene Aarsheim
Re: Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti
August 21, 2006 09:59AM

The adress to George and Magda is

Magdalena and George Papadimitriou
Hanioti - Halkidiki
Dimos Pallinis 63085
P.O. Box 106

Mvh Aud Irene Aarsheim
Udo Reuleke
Re: Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti
March 03, 2011 02:30AM
Ich suche die E-mail Adresse von Golden Art Jewelliers in Hanioti.
Vielen Dank
george papadimitriou
Re: Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti
April 02, 2011 07:16PM
Re: Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti
March 08, 2015 06:25PM
HI,Geoge its Derrick and wendy from england have been trying to phone you and to fax you the dates that we are comming to greece in june 2015 and to book the appartment that you let myself and wendy veiw because yheir will be my self wendy,stephen our son age 28,macheala our daughter and her 14 month old son we are comming to greece june 10th untill thefriday the 19th june,thank you could you please reply to this e mail to let me know that you have recieved this e mail and that it has got to the correct pearson thank you derrick and hope you and your family are keeping well
Denise and Nikki
Re: Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti
April 10, 2016 08:40PM
Hi George

Did you own Golden Art in the 80s and do you know Lephteris Kiriazis & Andreas Antonio? (They will be in their 50s now) x

Denise & Nikki from England
Re: Golden Art Jewellers - Hanioti
December 26, 2017 02:03PM
Hi George its Wendy thank you for your lovely card and thank you for remembering us. I will be coming out in June when I know the flight details I will let you know, I hope you can accomedate us? It will just be myself and my friend can't wait to show her your lovely town. Derrick is well but he will not be able to make the journey. Say " Hello " to the family from us. Will speak to you soon. Thank you again Wendy.
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