Just got back from Kriopigi

Just got back from Kriopigi

Posted by Lou 
Re: Just got back from Kriopigi
August 24, 2011 01:36PM
Hi Vanessa

As Mr Steve says, most places are closing down in Oct (if not earlier) and the weather can be quite cold. If you want a very quiet holiday that doesn't rely on glorious sunshine then there are other things to do like walking and sightseeing (with a car), but if you want a beach holiday I wouldn't recommend Oct.

The transfer from the airport is very expensive nowadays - it is about 100km and petrol costs about 1.60Euro per litre so it costs the buses & taxis a lot to do the journey! If you book on a package deal then the tour operator probably offer a transfer for a fee, but if you go independently you would obviously need to arrange your own. Taxis cost about 100 Euros each way, there is a local bus that is much cheaper but it is reasonably complicated to get it as it doesn't go directly from the airport - more info can be provided if you are still interested. The other option is to hire a car which often works out cheaper than the taxi transfer if you are going for a week, and then you have it to explore the area whilst you are there.

Don't be put off - Halkidiki is a lovely place, and well worth a visit, but you won't see it at it's best in October...
Re: Just got back from Kriopigi
May 31, 2012 08:48PM
Hi, am looking at the hotel Alkion to leave on Saturday. Have read good reviews just wanted reassurance?!? Not looking for a busy nightlife but as self catering wanted to know if it was a busy enough villiage to go for dinner in the evening. Could anyone let me know also about the distance from the airport to the hotel and how much a transfer would cost? Thanks
Re: Just got back from Kriopigi
June 01, 2012 06:27AM
Dear Amy23,

Kriopigi is located approx. 80 km from the airport. If you go by car/taxi it will take a little more than an hour to reach it, if you opt for local bus I'd say two hours or more since the buses leave for Kriopigi every 2 - 2.5 hours from Ktel_halkidikis terminal, situated some 5 km from the airport. So first you'll have to get to the terminal by taxi and then catch the bus there. Last year the bus cost 10.60 euros, and a taxi 100 euros.
There are many restaurants along the main street (about 10 I believe) and a few further up the hill behind the main road. So rest assured, you will always be able to find a seat in a restaurant smiling smiley If you are looking for a night out in the club, Kallithea is just 5 km away.
Re: Just got back from Kriopigi
June 09, 2012 10:30AM
Hi Amy Kriopigi is lovely,bit quieter than other resorts but got everything you need,plenty of restaurants and tavernas,bars that stay open late but aren't clubby or in your face & a couple of supermarkets,everything is along the main road but there is a lovely square up in the village where you can eat too,i've stayed at the Alkion in the past,nice hotel with a good pool and pool bar,things i didn't like about it were the air con(didn't do a lot) and it's down the hill (there is a long hill down to the beach) so unless you're pretty fit it can be a trek up to the main centre when it's hot!

smiling smiley
Re: Just got back from Kriopigi
August 23, 2012 03:18PM
Hi there,
We're off in a couple of weeks time. What can anyone tell us about the Theo Bungalows?

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