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On the south-east point of Sithonia, the last town is Sikia with a population of 3,000, about 160 km from Thessaloniki (via Sarti). There are various legends surrounding the origin of the towns name. The first relates to the shadow (skia) of mount Athos; another says the name is a paraphrase of the ancient town Siggos, which over the years became Siggia and finally Sikia. Also the old fig tree (sikia) which the town is built around, gives us a possible explanation for it's name.

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The towns architecture, mainly the older part, has a lot in common with the architecture of mount Athos. The relation between sikia and Mount Athos goes back many centuries when there were large monastic properties in the area that supported the monasteries financially. Another sight worth seeing is the hill surrounded by a castle where an important civilization might have existed.

Today the locals make a living from agriculture, fishing,and tourism.The area is full of beautiful beaches which are located at the foot of mount Itamos ,interlaced with roads and paths all leading to the mountains forest. For the visitors comfortable stay there are hotels, rooms, camping grounds, restaurants, bars, clubs and most of all the hospitality of the locals.

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Toroni is a settlement of Sikia. The area is populated from the prehistoric era. Settlers from the city of Halkida arrived at the end of the 8th century B.C. Up until the end of the 19th century many ruins survived until they were used to pave the roads of Thessaloniki and Konstantinoupolis. Toroni is a holiday resort with an amazing beach 2 km long.

Porto Koufo

Another settlement is Porto Koufo, with the safest natural harbor in Greece. The name kofos-limin (deaf-port) is mentioned in the ancient works of Thoukididis. Outside the port one can see kartalia, the southern most point of Sithonia; an impressive area where the rocky shore rises to over 100 m.

Cultural events
Firt week of June; Fiest of Agia Triada.


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