Polihrono, Halkidiki



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Spending a morning walking along the sandy beach of Polihrono village, located on the Kassandra peninsula, just 100 km from Thessaloniki, is absolutely worth it. The beach stretches over an impressive seven kilometres, and besides enjoying the refreshingly chilly sea, you may also choose from the water sports available along the beach, including sea canoeing, pedal boating and jet-skiing, which are available all along the beach.
This village stands out due to its historical significance, as ongoing excavations constantly reveal lost treasures from antiquity. Specifically, you can see the forested hill of the ancient city citadel, the ancient cemetery and the early Christian church with its marble columns. There is a folk museum in the village, featuring exhibits from the rural and family life of the first inhabitants, including a traditional loom and other weaving related items, a press, screens, etc.
Inside the village and next to the pedestrian zone along the beach, you will find luxury restaurants with excellent service, as well as bars and discos. The village features some of the best hotels in the area and numerous rooms to rent, all offering the renowned Mediterranean hospitality. Take this opportunity to admire the old stone houses, the church of Agios Athanassios, built in 1912, the church of the Nativity of Christ, dating back to 1863, the outdoor olive mill with its traditional press and the old well.
Nature lovers should definitely make the short trip to Lake Mavrobara, the only lake on the Kassandra peninsula, just three kilometres from Polychrono towards the mountain. Here, the wetlands are home to two rare water turtle species (Emys orbicularis and Mauremys caspica). You can also take part in one of the jeep safaris, arranged by the local hotels, offering a complete tour of the region.