Kalithea Clubs

Kalithea Clubs

Posted by lee 
Re: Kalithea Clubs
June 30, 2005 03:06PM
Hanioti is 3resorts away so quite pricey in a taxi but a few of you sharing shouldn't be too bad at all.The clubs play a good mix of Dance,some rock,RnB & at weekends when there's a lot of Greeks from the city visiting they usually play a Greek pop/dance section.Word of advice....make sure you have a phone card & taxi number with you when you go out especially at the weekend as it's very busy,some bars will call you a cab otherwise walk to the Macedonia sun hotel & use the call boxes,you can flag them down but there's no guarantee that they'll stop.
Re: Kalithea Clubs
July 02, 2005 07:16PM
i will conisider going 2 kalithea when i get there. i want to see what hanioti is like first.
Re: Kalithea Clubs
July 25, 2006 03:15PM
Hi All, Im travelling to Halkidiki in August - Im looking for any bars or clubs that play RnB / Hip Hop. Many thanks!
Re: Kalithea Clubs
July 30, 2006 09:31PM
im goin fourka again in september 4 a week will the nighlife in kalithea still be good? and do the clubs play r n b hip hop cuz dont wanna get a taxi sumwhere where im not gonna like the music x
Re: Kalithea Clubs
August 26, 2006 05:46PM
Lisa Wrote:
> How far away is hanioti from kalithea? I am going
> on 21st July but will wanna try a few nights in
> kalithea. What music is played in the clubs?
> Dance? R n B?

House music, greek, and some RN'b. It´s greate music

Alex The Greek from Hannover
Re: Kalithea Clubs
August 31, 2006 09:22AM
its about 15 km.
STIGMA: this club plays only greek music
AHOY: i think they got the best mix of RnB and House/Techno music
i think that they are the best clubs there.
Re: Kalithea Clubs
October 21, 2009 02:13AM
which club with greek music has kalithea exept stigma?
Re: Kalithea Clubs
June 17, 2012 03:34PM
Hi everyone!

Im going to Kalithea with a frined on July, and wanted to know more about clubs there? From what ive read AHOY seems to be the best. But how far away from Kalithea is it? Since there are only two of us, the taxi would be pretty pricey if its too far away. Any other clubs/bars in the area that are worth going to?

Thanks so much in advance!

Re: Kalithea Clubs
July 06, 2012 01:09PM
Deah you're not far from the clubs at all if you're staying in Kalithea......the strip of clubs is literally just up the road depending which hotel you're staying at as there are a few hotels a 3 min walk from the clubs....... a taxi won't cost much at all,there is a newish club there now too called pearl,haven't been yet but have heard it's good,Kalithea(the main part) is full of bars so even if you don't go to the clubs there's plenty of places to go.

smiling smiley
Re: Kalithea Clubs
July 21, 2012 06:56PM
Kerry THANK YOU so much!

But really? There are clubs within a walking distance from Kalithea? Wow I have been there a few of times but always with the family so I didnt go to clubs there. And from what I've read in here ( mostly posts from 2005 though lol) I thought I'd have to go somewhere near Hanioti for clubs.

So now there are clubs near Kalithea too? Any that you would recommend smiling smiley? Which would be the best clubs to go to? And yeah the bars are great!

Thank you!
Re: Kalithea Clubs
September 01, 2014 02:52PM

Could you give some info about the price range of the alcohol in the clubs?

Re: Kalithea Clubs
June 29, 2016 05:50PM
can someone send me a link to a website or something where i can have a look at the club bubbles

also major question , do they ID you !
Re: Kalithea Clubs
July 01, 2016 01:46PM
I don't think that Bubbles is there anymore ....
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