Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?

Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?

Posted by Jeff DH 
Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 04, 2012 01:16AM
Hi all
Hope someone can help me here and tell me if the Villa Stassi restaurant is still around and open? I am enquiring for a friend.

Many Thanks
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 04, 2012 12:12PM
Hi jeff,
On the forum as you suggested can see you have asked about the restaurant have you remembered the places to visit ?

Thanks carol (Turner)
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 04, 2012 01:53PM
Hi Carol
I found all the info given. Didn't realize it was 3 years ago we visited Halkidi.
It is quite extensive. I wll type it up this evening or tomorrow.
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 04, 2012 02:32PM
Carol, Here is the info as copied from a reply I had( Thanks again Jane).

Lots of car hire places about. Kriopigi Cars we have used and they were good. We have also used ones from the airport.

You could visit Vergina which is about 3-4 hours away. Brilliant museum built around tomb of Philip of Macedonia and really unique.

Locally on Kassandra. Loutra at the end is nice. Go to Villa Stasa for lunch, a Greek taverna with a fantastic view, good prices and portions, and not many foreign tourists. Also at Villa Stassa you can go down to the sea and snorkel around the rocks etc. Lovely location and in June will not be too busy.

Drive all around Kassandra. You can do it in a day easily (it is only about 1-1 1/2 hours drive round) and see most places. Paliori an old Greek village, nothing much there but nice to drive round the back. Agia Paraskevi is a lovely old Greek village with a taverna and a couple of cafes. Mainly Greek people go there and there are some lovely houses. On your side (as opposed to our side!) there is Pefkochori, Hanioti - a tourist village, but nice to visit and people watch with lovely beach and lots of bars and tavernas and snack bars, Polichrono - nice village with a lovely beach and good village centre. Kriopigi - set on the road, but walk up to the old square and eat at Anthoulas (evenings only) for food not found elsewhere. On the main road Sweet Coffee Shop for crepes, home made pizza and much more, and a lovely sea view balcony just opened, owned by our friends Morfy and Sakis, they will make you feel welcome. Also on main road Casablanca bar for a drink and chat with Debbie (Welsh) and her husband Tony (Greek). They do English snacks, but it is so friendly to go for a coffee or drink there.

Kallithea - mainly Russians there nowadays, and we personally do not like it much anymore. However Ouzerie Paramethi is a nice taverna on the main road, although it has tables at the side and back and is set out very Greek style, although obviously it is a tourist taverna. Having said that, the food is very good.

Kassandrea, the main town and market is on a Tuesday. Quite a few new shops opened up of late, but mainly Greek shoppers apart from Market day. Nice to sit out for a coffee and some cheese pie.

Siviris, look past the dull entrance which has come about this year as they chopped all the trees back after a flood last September. But go down to the jetty and look to your left. Thin stretch of beach, hardly ever full til August, walk even further along and round a corner to find two isolated bays.

Fourka, well we personally do not like Fourka beach, but many people do. Go down and take a look and decide for yourselves. Mola Kaliva, where we live. Two supermarkets, two tavernas, two snack bars and a bar. Pebbly shingle beach but never full and the cleanest clearest water.

Nea Skioni. Nice fishing village with a newly built marina, not quite finished mind you. Nice Greek village but just starting to build more and there is a new hotel there now. Set along the waterfront, nice and easy going.

Then you can go round Sithonia. Lots of nice places, a bit more isolated and more beautiful. Nice to visit, but we would not live there 7 months like we do here as everywhere is so far apart. Vourvourou is beautiful, so is Nea Marmaras. Lots of other nice villages and seaside towns, but to go from Kassandra and drive all round, with perhaps a two hour beach stop and one hour lunch stop will take you a full day. Worth it though.

If your nerves can stand it, drive to Thessaloniki A wonderful city. You can find parking but it is expensive. Visit Aristotles Square, the old market and the port area.

You can drive up to Arnea in the mountains where they make Flokati rugs. We have not been up for over ten years, but hear it is still beautiful and rugs still made, although perhaps they are more tourist savvy now !

Sani - (Sani area is lovely although we feel it has been spoilt by the hotels taking over one of the best beaches ever).

More villages on the way to Thessaloniki, Nea Potidea nice place, Nea Fokea nice fishing village. Go to Nea Moudania (Wed is market day). Old Greek working town, nothing flashy but a few nice shops and lots of everyday shops - the fishmongers are amazing to look at ! Bigger than it appears at first glance you need to walk up and down every road, and the main road down to the sea, to see all the shops.

Thats enough to digest for now I think. Let me know if you want to know anything else.

I have copied this over on Agni too.
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 04, 2012 02:58PM
Thank you very much will read and digest sounds wonderful cant wait to get away from this miserable weather.Weve hired our car from Kriopigi Cars for 2 days as we are only there for a week.sad smiley
Regards Carol
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 05, 2012 07:11PM
I think you have copied in information I sent to you ...... I am guessing so. Anyway, Villa Stasa was still open last year. It has been completely refurbished in 2010 when we lived there, and it is fantastic, more so than ever. You can now sit out on a proper balcony over looking the sea. Unfortunately Papoos (the one with the dodgy eye) died in 2010, but Stelios his son has taken over and the restaurant is as good as ever. Really nicely done. Toilets updated too. But don't share this too widely, like to keep it for the Greeks and those few who know lol. have a great time.
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 05, 2012 07:57PM
Thanks Jane.
Great to hear from you again, and that the restaurant is still there.
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 06, 2012 08:47PM
Hi jeff

so where can i find this lovely restaurant that i promise to keep secret !

Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 07, 2012 07:55PM

click here

The taverna overlooks the cliffs and sea it's a short distance from the re-furbished thermal spa of Loutra.
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
May 08, 2012 12:04PM
Thank you will visit it when im there in June .

Regards Carol
Re: Is Villa Stassi restaurant still open?
September 15, 2014 11:19AM
Villa Stasa still going strong. We are off there from Afytos for dinner tonight
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