Posted by nd03 
February 13, 2012 04:05PM
hi, smiling smiley
Me and my boyfriend are thinking of going to hanioti at the end of may for a week.
we like lazy days on the beach! could anyone tell me what the beach is like? and is there more than one beach at all?
we love day trips aswel! what great places is there to discover in hanioti? any information welcome smiling smiley
Re: hanioti
February 14, 2012 02:34PM
were thinking of staying in hanioti village hotel, does anyone know how far away the main square is from the hotel and is there plenty of bars and resturants?
Re: hanioti
February 14, 2012 03:12PM
Late May is a lovely time to go, it won't be as busy and buzzy as the peak season (July / August) but you will see Halkidiki at it's best.

There is basically one long beach running all the way down the side of the peninsula so plenty of choice. The beach in Hanioti is a mix of sand and tiny pebbles with crystal clear waters. There are sunbeds & brollies along the beach, as well as watersports and several trendy beach bars.

Hanioti Village is a great hotel, it is the other side of the main road and about 10 mins stroll to the main square. There is a lovely beach bar 5 mins from the hotel called Molos. Hanioti itself has loads of bars & restaurants and is great for strolling around and people watching at night whilst sipping cocktails in the bars. There are also some more lively bars like Kelfos, Sunshine & Long island which are all on the main square.

The hotel has its own bar with various entertainment in the evenings, plus a nice pool and spa area. It is run by 2 Greek-Aussie brothers.

I think you have made a good choice and will have a good time....
Re: hanioti
February 14, 2012 03:47PM
do u also know wether there are any good day trips out in hanioti?
do they do boat trips etc?
thanks for the other information smiling smiley i think hanioti sounds like a great place to relax and have fun..
Re: hanioti
February 14, 2012 04:40PM
There are quite a few day trips you can do - fun boat trips, a boat trip to see Mount Athos (the 3rd peninsula that is covered in monasteries), coach trip around Sithonia (the middle peninsula), coach trip to Thessaloniki (the city about 100km away, where the airport is), Petralona caves to name a few.

Have a look at this website to get some ideas: [www.melitours.gr]

You could also hire a car and drive round the peninsula as it is very pretty and you can stop off wherever you like...
Re: hanioti
February 16, 2012 08:56PM

We've been going to Hanioti and staying at the Hanioti Village Hotel for the last 15 years and endorse all that Carolinus has posted (Hi Carolinus - sorry we won't see you this year!) and cannot recommend it highly enough. We go down to the beach often and spend the day there (sometimes not as often as we would like because there is so much going on in the hotel, it's hard to get out!!- The beach is sand and shingle but the water is warm and crystal clear and not too many people there at all.

Going independently again this year as we wanted more than 14 days!. Going end of June which is early for us and means we may not meet up with other repeat guests which we often do. The grounds are beautifully kept and the food is fresh and varied. The staff are very helpful and will go out of their way to help.

This holiday can be as laid back or as busy as you want it to be - we book our trips through Bros Travel in the square (Maria - english very good and fab dog!)
generally cheaper than the package peeps.

Anything I can help with, please ask.


Shirls and Baz
Re: hanioti
February 17, 2012 08:47AM
Hi Shirls & Baz, what dates are you going? We will be there 13th July for 10 days so may still catch you... (plus the first week of June!) C x
Re: hanioti
February 18, 2012 04:16PM
Hi Carolinus

What a shame - we're going 20th June - 7th July! Never mind, maybe next year! Did you know that Billy got married a couple of weeks ago - we spoke to him last Sunday (he's also just had a hernia op!)

Shirls & Baz
Re: hanioti
February 20, 2012 09:45AM
Can't believe he got married and didn't invite us - how rude! Hope he's OK after his op...

Shame to miss you, have a fab time and I'm sure we'll see you next year (and the year after...!)
Re: hanioti
February 20, 2012 07:26PM
Thanks shirls and baz! ive only been to two Greek islands and that was Crete which was a pretty lively holiday, and Rhodes.This year i'm looking at somewhere more relaxing and hanioti just seems the perfect place. The beach at Rhodes where we stayed (kamastri) had a lot of pebbles and shingle, not a lot of sand at all and we couldn't lay on the beach or walk without shoes on. Is there a lot of shingle on hanioti beach or just a bit? what trips did you go on while on holiday, is there a few to choose from?

Re: hanioti
February 22, 2012 10:17AM
The beach at Hanioti is a mix of sand, shingle, pebbles, depending on which bit you are on. Trips are available, most people do the Mount Athos one, it takes all day to get to and from the Athos peninsula, sailing up and down the coast. If you want something really exciting, go to Pefkohori, find the Triton SCUBA dive shop, across the road from the Aegean Petrol station and book your first lesson, or, if you are already a diver, book a few dives..great fun
Re: hanioti
March 03, 2012 03:53PM
Hi nd03

Sorry for the delay in replying.

The beach is quite shingley at the water's edge but lovely and sandy where you lie on it. You can walk (barefoot if not too hot) all the way to the next village, Pefkohori or go along the beach road which has some lovely houses. It takes about 30-40 mins. Take the road opposite the hotel and follow it round to the right and just keep going. Take advantage of the beach bars along the way. Pefkohori has a narrow strip of sandy beach just in front of a load of bars and restaurants.
We have some of the trips Mount Athos is a good one, we've also done the sunshine cruise, the moonlight cruise, market trip (half day Wednesday) and been to Thessaloniki and various other villages by local bus (air con coaches and very reasonable!) This year we hope to take advantage of a full days sailing on a small yacht.
Hope this helps, also on a Saturday night, the Acropolis in Kriopigi (not far) does a great greek night, plate smashing etc. Sakis, the owner,posts on here quite a lot. You'll have a fab time.

Shirls and Baz
Re: hanioti
March 05, 2012 02:22PM
hi shirls and baz!

ive looked up pictures of the beach etc and it looks fab!
yes, would definately take advantage of the beach bars lol. whats the sunshine cruise?
yeah i will look out for any messages posted by sakis.
thanks for your all your help smiling smiley
Re: hanioti
March 10, 2012 06:44PM

Sunshine cruise was a long time ago but what great fun. I think it may be all different now but when we went, we left from one of the bays to the strains of Titanic which set the mood for the day - the mad Captain was in charge (sort of) but what a fab day we had! We sailed to a secluded bay and played silly games with tomatoes etc? and on the way back, had to drink loads of wine and eat food etc.......but as I said that was a long time ago but such fun!! Have a look to see what they do now but if it's Capt Michalis (spelling?) then def do it!


Re: hanioti
March 12, 2012 09:54AM
thanks il look it up.
hope you have a great holiday this year!smiling smiley
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