Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..

Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..

Posted by kate101 
Re: Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..
May 24, 2011 03:02AM
Definatley pop over and give us a try u wont be dissapointed!!!
Look forward to meeting u all.
Where are you staying??
Re: Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..
May 25, 2011 01:40AM
The Atrium again.
Re: Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..
August 27, 2012 03:41PM
Hiya , just returned from a weeks hols in phefkori. enjoyed the cocktails at your place very much....could you tell me the ingrediants for the baileys whisper cocktail please so that i can tret my friends to one?

thank you
Marko G.
Re: Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..
September 04, 2012 12:31PM
Once again, hello to always majestic Paul's Place in the Old Square of Pefkohori. I've just sat down and found an address and this popped up. I want to say thank you for all the kindness and hospitality which have been shown within these 12 days of heaven. It was our last day in Pefkohori 20 hours ago and I am still amazed by the rastaurant itself. We are the copule who played cards yesterday, heaving a hat and all the bags. I asked for a photo of Paul's Place and took a photo of I guess "Boogie Green". Do you remember?

Many thanks, Marko.
Re: Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..
September 05, 2012 12:24PM
Hey Marko...

Yes i remember..Boogie has his own facebook page under boogie pefkohori...he is our mascot and going travelling around the world!!! Thank you for your kind comments..Hope to see you again next yr!!! xx
Re: Captains/Pauls place.Pefkohori..
June 20, 2014 09:51PM
Hi we visited pefkohori in july 2009 and ate in captains would you have owned it then as qe are coming back in july this year
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