Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki

Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki

Posted by rolpg 
Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 02, 2009 05:47PM
Hello to all,

can you tell me timetables for this august for buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki, and the other direction - and how many hours these courses need? I heared that they do not stop at the airport, but do they stop at some town or village NEARBY the airport, so that one could get a taxi to the airport from there?
Unfortunately there is no info on KTEL websites, so I hope that you can help me soon!

Yours sincerely,

Roland Pfeiffer
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 02, 2009 06:23PM
Hi Roland

there are 3 or 4 services depending on the day you travel. I suspect it will take quite a long time since sarti is quite far away. i suspect it is not gonna be less than 2 hours. They stop in a bus station about 8 km away from the airport, inbetween the airport and Thessaloniki. It is not a residential area though, so if you get a taxi from the airport you should be there in about 10 minutes.

There is the official website of the company on the net but i think we are not allowed to put it on in this forum. I would advise you though that there no buses in the evening so be careful. if you want post you email and i ll send you the details of the website.
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 02, 2009 06:38PM
Hello Petros,
and thank you for your quick answer! Indeed it would be great if you can sent to my e-mail (rolando.pg@libero.it) the web site with timetables (the website of KTEL which I found did not give timetables, at least not in english). Could you also say me what is the NAME of the area 8 km from the airport where the busses are stopping? Do ALL the buses from and to Sarti stop there?

Best wishes

Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 02, 2009 08:24PM
Hi Roland,

i ll send you an email in a few moments.

The area does not have a specific name really because the bus station is on the main highway that connects Thessaloniki with the resorts of Halkidiki ("national road of thessaloniki to N. Moudania" is the name and it is in the Practiker interchange). I think it belongs to the municipality of Pilea but this is not very important.

The important thing is that if you say to a taxi driver that you want to go to the Halkidiki Ktel Bus Station, then every taxi driver will understand it unless they wanna play games with you.

As i mentioned the area is not really residential. it is rather an area of about 10 km in lenth and 2 km in width that is populated with supermarkets , fun parks, gasoline stations, several others businesses and the national road of thessaloniki to halkidiki cuts through the middle. so the bus station is just one of the busineses situated along this stretch of the road.
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 02, 2009 08:40PM
yeap All the busses to and from thessaloniki to any of the resorts of halkidiki stop there . it is the central bus station for these sorts of buses
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 09, 2009 03:54PM
Hello everybody!

I would like to ask about the same like Roland before me! I may flight to Thessaloniki and back to home as well. But I would have to wait 5 or 6 hours till I can get on the plane! And I would have to take my luggage somewhere in safe until the check-in. Is there opportunity to take my luggage in safe? Any kind of luggage office at the airport?

And the second question is how much does the bus ticket cost to travel to Sarti? And what about the price of the taxi to get to the bus station?

Thank you very much in advance if any body can help me!!

Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 20, 2009 09:49PM
i think the bus costs about 16 euros each way. the taxi would cost you around 15 euros (includes a 3 euro service charge for picking you up from the airport !!!!!!)

luggage space i am not sure .
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 24, 2009 12:32AM
Hi Petros,

Could you also send me an email containing the exact name of the bus station from where I can trabvel to Sarti from Thessaloniki Airport? Thanks in advance!
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 24, 2009 01:13AM
Hi Pietee ,

the name is the name i quoted above in the previous correspondence.

It is "Ktel halkidiki bus station" or "halkidiki Ktel bus station" or "Ktel halkidikis" . Whatever you use, it does not matter , The taxi driver should understand it like every other greek who lives in thssaloniki or halkidiki. it is that common !!!!

Just be careful, you need a taxi to get you from the airport to the station. you can get a bus to there as well but it is more cumbersome.
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 25, 2009 07:55PM
Hi,Thanks for your message, but you also said that bus nr 78 also can bring me from the airport to the KTEL station? Is it true? Or I can only get by taxi to KTEL???

My second question: from KTEL I can also get a bus to Meteora?
Many thanks,
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 25, 2009 08:55PM
Hi Pietee,

i 've never said that bus 78 will get you from the airport to the Halkidiki Ktel. Maybe someone else has said this, but not me. You can go by bus from the airport to the Halkidiki KTEL, but it is cumbersome. Ihe reason it is cumbersome is that you have to change buses.

So firstly you need to take the bus from the airport towards the IKEA bus stop (i am not sure about the number of the bus, i think there is only one bus serving the airport anyway) and get-off the bus at the IKEA bus stop. Many busses stop at the IKEA bus stop , There you will have to take the bus towards the Halkidiki KTEL bus station (i think it is number 36 but doube check this).

Meteora is far away from Thessaloniki, let alone Halkidiki. It is about a 3 to 4 hour drive from Thessaloniki, obviously more from Halkidiki. To do this trip by bus you will have to allow , i would estimate 3 days of your holiday to do this trip, two of which would have to be spent in busses.

To answer your question the word KTEL means "intercounty bus services" . Hence the Halkidiki KTEL means the intercounty service between the counties of Thessaloniki and Halkidki. So that bus station onlyserves Halkidiki.
Meteora belong to another county, that is the TRIKALA county. So you will have to get to the "Trikala KTEL", which i believe is part of the "KTEL MAKEDONIA bus station" . Unfortunately , although the "MAKEDONIA KTEL bus station" is a huge station that connects Thessaloniki with most of the other counties in Greece, this KTEL bus station is on the other side of the city. To get there you have to take a bus or a taxi. There are busses that connect the "Halkidiki Ktel bus station" with the "Makedonia Ktel bus station". I think it is bus nr 45. However just to add to the problem you will have to go to kalambaka (the town near Meteora) and there you must somehow find you way around to the local bus services so that you reach Meteora.

If i was in your shoes i would never consider doing the trip Sarti to Meteora by bus, especially if youwant to explore Meteora. So my advice would be that if you want to go to Meteora then rent a car for 2 days . It will probably be cheaper for you as well, and there are so many things to have a look on the way there such as Olympus and Litochoro, the Tempi valley (stop at the Ag. Paraskevi little church go down the Tempi valley--absoultely stunning), the scenery around Platamonas and the castle, go 1 hour further than Meteora towards Metsovo and visit Metsovo (inbetween the mountainds and famous for its cheese).
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 25, 2009 09:38PM
Hi Petros,

Many thanks for your great support... well, we'll see... I need to catch the plane, but will advise when returning from Greece, ok? I am really in a hurry, but many thanks for your quick reply!!! Really deserve it!!! Will revert back next week.. Cheers,
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
July 31, 2009 05:28PM
Okay, i got that info.

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Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
August 02, 2009 11:16PM
Hi Petros,

Just returned from Sarti!! It was absolutely amazing!! You were right about the bus numbers from the airport to IKEA thjan to KTEL Halkidiki!! Really thank you for your excellent support even in the last hours prior to my departure! It wasn't difficult to find the bus stops and the bus driver was also helpful!! I visited Mount Athos through an organized tour but Meteora was a little bit far away, but next time will efinetely visit that one too!!
Thank you again for your help!!
Buses from Thessaloniki to Vourlvourou
August 05, 2009 02:33PM

I have a big problem. I'm arriving tomorrow in Thessaloniki and from there I want to get to Vourvourou. I'm arriving at 17:10 at the airport can you tell me if I can manage to catch the bus to Vourvourou (is there one from KTEL Station)
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
August 05, 2009 03:38PM

If there is no delay to your flight, and you be quick, you can catch the last bus to vourvourou. But you will need to get a taxi to go to the Halkidiki KTEL station. You will not make it if you get the bus.

If you want , post your email address and i ll send you a message to tell what time the last bus is. We are not allowed to post that information in the forum
Re: Buses from Thessaloniki to Hanioti
August 05, 2009 07:42PM
Could you please tell me bus timetable from Thessaloniki airport to Hanioti in Kassandra? Iam going there in September. do you know how long will it take and how much?
Re: Buses Thessaloniki to Vourvourou
August 07, 2009 10:31PM
Is it possible to catch a bus from Thessaloniki International Airport to Vourvourou, and does anyone (Petros?) know the times. We arrive at 14.00.
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
August 11, 2009 02:21PM
Hi Monica and Mandy,

We are not allowed to put the timetable info on this forum . so if you want, post your email address and i ll send you the info by email. see the thread from the start and you ll probably get most of the info you need

Mandy you can go and catch the bus but you need to transfer from the airport to Halkidiki KTEL bus station first. If you arrive in high season (that is until 20th August;especially Friday to Sunday) you may want to book your ticket from the internet just to be sure .
Re: Buses from Sarti to Thessaloniki
August 12, 2009 11:02PM

It would be great if you can send me the timetable from Halkidiki KTEL bus station to Sarti as well (cornelia.oed@gmail.com)! We will go there next monday.

On Friday we will continue to Rodolivos o Alistrati. Do you know if there is any posibility to go there by bus without going back to Thessaloniki, perhaps changing in Nea Moudania o somewhere else?

Thank you!!

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