Ta Petrina - vourvourou

Ta Petrina - vourvourou

Posted by Debstu 
Ta Petrina - vourvourou
May 09, 2009 09:09PM

Has anybody heard of these apartments in vourvourou, I think they are quite new to this site, any help would be appreciated.

Re: Ta Petrina - vourvourou
May 10, 2009 09:58AM

"Ta petrina" are brand new and they are going to operate for the first time. During this week I am going to add some more photos on their web page (swimming pool, garden, etc).
If you need any information about these apartments, please let me know.

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nikos at halkidiki.com
Re: Ta Petrina - vourvourou
May 10, 2009 03:11PM
Hi Nik

Could you tell me the distance from the beach please and if they are within easy walk of Karidi Beach, any other usueful information you can find to share with us would be greatly appreciated.

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