Holiday in Sithonia

Holiday in Sithonia

Posted by Debstu 
Holiday in Sithonia
April 28, 2009 12:42PM

I have been looking for accommodation in Sithonia for a family of four, has anybody got any more information on Lily Ann Village in Nikiti, or Alexandros Hotel In Vourvourou. I'm uncertain about which area to go for, we will probably hire a car. I have already booked one week in Neriedes Apt in Hanioti and am trying to book another week. Any information on Nikiti as a comparison to vourvourou would be appreciated.

Re: Holiday in Sithonia
April 28, 2009 05:32PM
Hi Deb

I can't really help with the accommodation but we stayed in Vourvourou last summer and used to go into Nikiti to use the cash machines and to do our shopping. Vourvourou is a very scenic seaside resort with about 6/7 tavernas and a few supermarkets. It is quite a busy resort with lots of holiday apartments nestling among the trees along the seafront. The backdrop of the tree covered hills is stunning. We stayed at the Rena apartments with the beach just across the road from us but to be honest we much preferred Karidi beach and if we weren't off sight seeing that is where we spent our timesmiling smiley It has to be one of the prettiest beaches we've ever been to - it's just gorgeous!!!
Nikiti is quite a big town/village with a very busy main road runing through it. We only went to the beach there once and that was on the day of the sea race so it was buzzing! The beach is long and straight and goes on forever (I think we must have walked the length of it until we decided where to sit!!) with pebbly, shingle and sandy patches and to be honest although it was great for the day it's not somewhere that we would have been happy going to every day. It was too big for us and there was a lot more noise with the cafe bars etc.
It really depends what you want Vourvourou is in an extremely beautiful setting and would be a better choice for a relaxing seaside holiday whereas Nikiti is probably livelier in the evenings. If we were to go back we would definitely choose Vourvourou again.

Hopefully Nikos from will reply as their office is based in Nikiti so he will know far more.

Re: Holiday in Sithonia
April 29, 2009 08:50AM
I could 't agree more with Diane's description of Vourvourou and Nikiti.It depends on what type of vacation you're looking for. If you rent a car as you say, you can combine both types by staying in one place and visit the other since the distance between the two is about 15-20km.

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Re: Holiday in Sithonia
April 29, 2009 06:19PM
Thanks very much for your comments Diane amd Nikos, do you have any further information on Lily Ann Village?

Thank you
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