Jimmy's bar Fourka

Jimmy's bar Fourka

Posted by buster 
Jimmy's bar Fourka
March 29, 2009 10:13AM
Hello Steve,Jeff and all friends of Fourka,
Last night was the opening of the new Jimmy's bar in fourka. It is what was the Australia restaurant and Jim has done a great job, the new bar looks out on to the beach with a patio for the summer and a snack bar area for food. we are all looking forward to some great night's this year just like the old days. Still getting over my hangover so bye for now, hope to see you all in summer.
Buster Fourka
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
March 29, 2009 08:54PM
hi buster. thats good news. its a shame the resturant closed when you see how well thomas done last year because he is on the beach. jimmy only needed a good chef ..with thassos thats 4 bars next door to each other. good luck to them all. were are all the english going to come from. yiammas. annxxx
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
March 30, 2009 05:17PM
Hi Ann,
Tassos wont be open this year, Jimmy will be covering the area Tassos had plus the pool bar. I think Fourka has too many restaurants for thew amount of people for such a short season and with the Julia being all inclusive they never leave the hotel. The new bar is really big and well done out you will enjoy it if you are out this year and you are right we need more British back. Had a drink with Thomas yesterday, he is open again at weekends now.
Yiasou Buster xx
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
April 04, 2009 04:34PM
hello buster,i hope jimmy will do well- but as fourka seem`s to be pulling out all the stop`s for the east european`s i don`t see any of the bar`s doing any good at all. i witnessed jimmy`s rep going round the bar`s and restuarant`s last year trying to cut deal`s for his guest`s from the east,he himself done a cheap meal and a glass of wine at a very cheap rate,if this kind of effort was there a few year`s ago for the english then then maybe we would all be there again this year.over the past few year`s the place the english would alway`s flock to was tassos`s and his wonderful family at his beach bar,now that`s gone the english have gone and after five year`s were of to turkey
good luck fourka i hope you look after are friend`s from the east better than you looked after the brit`s
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
April 07, 2009 01:45AM
Yasou from ENGLAND

Hi all @ Jimmys and Buster

Well guys ive moved home from Boston Lincolnshire back to my roots in Nottingham
Buster can you please drop into yamias bar kick Nikos in the ass and tell him ive moved he s not returning emails or phone calls so dontknow if he knows ive moved
will be back in Fourka next year to say my farewells to all as im unable to travel to Fourka after next year.
i will miss you all dearly
but if things get better for me i might be able to make a visit or two
god bless all of Fourka and Halkidiki

Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
April 08, 2009 09:24PM
Hi jeff,
Nikos has not been in the Yiamas for over a year, it was run by russians last summer,but the resort is full of them. I will try and find out where he is and get your message to him though.

All the best buster
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
April 10, 2009 12:28AM
Hi all,

Wonderful memories of the last 12 years in Fourka and all the friends we have made along the way, Greek and English; we could not have wished for better holidays or company. Agree with jimbo re last year,even in August it was quiet,the guests from the east do not eat or drink out,their coach stops at Lidels near Afitos,on the way,yes the beds are full but the restaurants and bars are empty.We also have sadly decided to try pastures new,but will miss Fourka and our friends this year. So many familiar faces have moved on over the past couple of years to work eleswhere and to hear Tasos,Soula and the kids won't be there this year is very very sad.
Yiasou Bev Kev and Sam xx
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
April 25, 2009 11:31AM
Hi Buster

Well Mate you do surprise me about Nikos no wonder ive not heard from him .
i think he saw what was coming with fourka and got out just in time
Maybe hes opened somewhere in Seloniki or hes just given up and staying home with his new wife
would appriciate it if you could find his Seloniki address cos i still owe him for the help he gave me over the years ive known him
If you cant get a address then im stuck because ide never find my wifes resting place in the mountains without Nikos he knows exactly were it is lol.
Is the aristidis still alive?????
i hear the Iris has closed along with Brownstones.
take care and will chat soon>
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
May 10, 2009 01:57AM
Hi Buster,

Why won't Tasos and Soula be open this year? Regards to Jimmy,Stella,(hope they are both well),Maria and young Billy. Also Yiannis(Litsa),Magda,Dimitris,big kiss for Vasilis, and Thomas should you see them. Sods law our pastures new after 12 years in Fourka and 20years in Greece lead us to book Mexico !!!!!!!!!

Bev,Kev and Sam
Dave and Jenny
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
June 21, 2009 12:30AM
Any one have Jimmys Email address please.
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
July 15, 2009 04:36PM
hi buster. how is our beloved fourka doing. missed meeting all our friends this year first time in 15 years. everyone went somewhere else this year. is anyone else closed. i suupose it is busy now with greeks. any info will be good. cheers. aj
Re: Jimmy's bar Fourka
August 12, 2011 03:16PM
Any one home its been so long now since i last wrote on here .
Have been back but stayed in Hanioti met Nikos who again has dissapeared
Visited Fourka my god what a change only a few friends and people we know still in Fourka so sad.
my be shall visit again when greece gets somewhere back to the way it was as we miss coming over but the holiday just isnt the same .

is jimmys still going ????? yamas bar was dead when we called in only us there went to eat at Bella Venetia and there was only us in there .

went on the beach had a swim then the sun dissaqpeared and started to rain so we went off to Nea Modania and Nea Fourka for a walk round
well hope someone see this message good luck to all thats left in Fourka
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