Sithonia - first time need advice

Sithonia - first time need advice

Posted by pppaula 
Sithonia - first time need advice
November 25, 2008 01:44PM
Hello, Please could I have some advice on where to go in Sithonia for a relaxing family holiday in a quiet location with beautiful beach that doesn't become too overcrowded in August. (LOL!)

Our ideal is:
Quiet location with some shops/restaurants nearby (we will have hire car) - if this is a hard question to give advice on, then the plus and minus of towns would be a great help. We've been to Sani several times and now our kids are no longer babes in arms we want a more basic chilled out holiday with a good beach and nice meals.

Any tips on hotels/apartments would also be great.

Many thanks Paula
Re: Sithonia - first time need advice
December 02, 2008 12:48PM
Try Ormos Panagias, on the eastern side of Sithonia, lots of secluded beaches within reach if you have a car...OR, if you want a bit more lto see and do, Neas Marmaras on the west side, most of the beaches in Sithonia are only accessible by car, on the North coast there is Nikiti and Gerrakini, with some hotels, apartments etc, which is then easier to get to Poligiros, Olynthos (the archeological site, is a must see) and up into the Holomondas mountains and have a terrific meal at Sogambro`s restaurant, if you like wild boar steak.
Re: Sithonia - first time need advice
December 05, 2008 05:51PM
Hi Paula

We went to Vourvourou, Sithonia for the first time in July this year and had a wonderful holiday. It's very much a holiday area with lots of small studios, apartments, hotels, tavernas and supermarkets strung out along the very pretty coastline. Karidi beach at the far end of Vourvourou is simply stunning and we also liked Livari lagoon - if you go the home page on this website and search Vourvourou you will see the pictures and it really is that beautiful!!
The locals were very friendly and the food was good though the other tourists were not the friendliest in the world - it became a challenge to us in the end to make them acknowledge us when we smiled at them - sadly we didn't succeed that often! We didn't come across any other Brits which we were quite pleased about though our 10 year old son could have done with some company occasionally.
We had a car for the duration of our holiday which we booked from KC (Kriopigi cars) Sakis (who does the weather on this site) is probably one of the nicest people we've ever met so they are highly recommended.
We booked our accommodation (House Rena) from the list on this site and although it was basic it was fine for us and the owners were really nice, helpful and friendly. Though if we were going again I'd be tempted to stay a lot closer to Karidi beach as we were just a bit too far away to walk.

If you want to know anything else let me know and I'll try to help
Re: Sithonia - first time need advice
December 08, 2008 11:08AM
It's difficult to find a place in Halkidiki that doesn't become overcrowded in August beacuse it's full season but Vourvourou is a place for family vacations with quiet bars,pool bars, tavernas on the seaside,lots of pizzas,supermarkets,many beaches perfect for kids,hotels,appartments and studios.I use to go there with my parents for our vacations and i go now with my children.Try the home page of this site (accomodation) and you'll have an idea of Vourvourou.
Anyway Halkidiki has a lot of places to visit,hope you find the BEST one!

Anna k
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