Ammos Studios

Ammos Studios

Posted by Rachel1101 
Ammos Studios
March 17, 2008 12:55PM

Looking for a bit of advice, my boyfriend and I are going to polychrono in June and staying at the Ammos Studios I have found a few reviews but not many, from what I can tell people think highly of them which is good! Does anyone have any photos of them which I could see, the pool looks quite small on the photo that I have seen but the rooms look really nice. Is it in quite a central location?

Has anyone been to polychrono in June? If so could you please tell me what the weather is like?

And last of all!!

What is polychrono like? My bofriend and I are looking for quite a relaxing holiday we looked at staying in hanioti but decided on polychrono. Are there lots of nice restaurants/tavernas to eat in?

Thanks in advance!
Re: Ammos Studios
March 18, 2008 12:19PM

Not stayed at the Ammos.

Went to Polichrono last year, last week of June/first week in July, never known it so hot 40 odd degrees, phew what a scorcher. Mind you that was the hottest I've known it, usually warm enough during the summer.

Polichrono is a laid back low key resort. There's a music bar at each end of the beach but most of the nightlife centres around the restaurants along the sea front and up the side streets, Nevre had any problems with the food, there's a variety available from Greek (I know thats unbelievable, a Greek restaurant in Greece), Italian to fast food.

Re: Ammos Studios
April 01, 2008 07:52PM
hey, I went to ammos studios last year in july, the accomadation is lovely, the pool is not that small and the appartments are pretty central, about 5 min walk to the big supermarket and the beach.

Polychrono is a very relaxed resort, it gets busier later on a night, but the night life is focuses on the restaurants along the promenade, the best restaurant is flegra. Theres a a more lively bar at the end of the promenade called down under if you want a bit more nightlife.
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