Sweet Coffee Shop (Kriopigi)

Sweet Coffee Shop (Kriopigi)

Posted by graham 
Sweet Coffee Shop (Kriopigi)
April 21, 2007 09:38PM
Hi, Jane and myself are going back to the Alkion in Kriopigi in June (07) again, can anybody tell me if Sakis and Morfi are going to be running the Sweet Coffee Shop again this season, As i must get revenge on Sakis for the state he got me in on the last day of my holidays last June, He gave me fortified Ouzo that got me completly trolleyed apparently Morfi's Father distills this fire water, and my way home to the Alkion poor Jane had to keep me upright although on a couple of occasions she failed. morfi even offered to drive me and Jane back (what a saint she is) however Jane being the sadist she s demanded that i walked.

Anyway we cant wait to get back this year and catch up with everyone, also regards to Jane who we met at the Sweet Coffee Shop last June after talking to her through this site.

I would bet Jane answers this ( I hope so)

Regards Graham & Jane

Re: Sweet Coffee Shop (Kriopigi)
April 22, 2007 07:19AM
You bet I will ! Have just been over for three weeks for Easter. Yes, Morfy and Sakis are running the Sweet Coffee Shop. In fact they are extending their menus and we helped them decide on their blackboard sign. I think they decided they would be opening for breakfast lunch and dinner (all light meals as you know, but really nice). If they go ahead with their thoughts they will be doing low fat buffalo meat burgers, pasta and fruit smoothies in addition to their previous menu. Plus other bits I have forgotten.

They have just finished painting and tidying up the shop and are opening on Tues or Thurs next week. About a week later than planned as Sakis had to go to hospital last day of our stay to have his ingrowing toenail sorted and ended up hobbling about in bandages.

Have a great holiday. Give our love to Morfy and Sakis, although we will be going over Aug til Dec this year. Found a great place to rent for three years, next year April to Nov is our target to we may meet up again. Of course you may go again in September this year ??

Get your revenge on Sakis, but I bet you end up worse !

Re: Sweet Coffee Shop (Kriopigi)
February 07, 2011 01:12PM
Hi - we're thinking of coming to Halkidiki in May and were wondering if Morfy and Sakis still own the Sweet Coffee Shop? We met them in Jul 2004 and would love to see them again
Re: Sweet Coffee Shop (Kriopigi)
March 08, 2011 01:01PM
Hello, Katrina !

Yes, Sakis and Morphi still own the Sweet Coffee Shop.
They make the best apple pie in the world.

Have a safe journey !

iosif dragos
Re: Sweet Coffee Shop (Kriopigi)
March 13, 2011 07:33PM
Hi - we're thinking of coming to Halkidiki in July and were wondering if anybody has Sakis email address. Thank you.
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