Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance

Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance

Posted by Vik 
Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance
March 31, 2007 04:11AM
Hi folks!

I just booked a surprise holiday for my girlfriend's birthday to hanioti. We are staying at the Tropical Studios in June. I was just wondering about how Tropical Studios was? Also, a little info about what things to do whilst in hanioti, places to visit around the area. We are in our early 20s. How is Hanioti beach, is it too pebbley? (looking for a peaceful holiday along lovely beach) Another thing I wanted to know was, is it hard to find vegetarian food in the restaurants in hanioti?

Thanks! Need your expert help!smiling smiley


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Re: Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance
March 31, 2007 03:23PM

I would be glad to help you with any advice that I can, I'm going to work in hanioti this summer not long now! It's not to hard to get vegetarian food a lot of restaurants have english menus and most people speak english so shouldn't be a problem for you. The beach is quite pebbely but its not really bad and you can walk up the beach all the way to the next resort pefkohori. The night life is good in the square there are lots of cocktail bars would advise Kelfos and Sunshine bar! If you want to go to a nightclub there is one on the main road to the next town called NoNo's which is a good night and you can always get a taxi. What date are you going out? also check out stones restaurant where i'm working nice food, especially english breakfast!

Hope this helps,

Sam x
Re: Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance
April 01, 2007 06:33AM
Hi Sam,

Thanks for the useful info. You answered most of my questions smiling smiley Only thing still concerning me is that how is Tropical Studios? Anyone been there or know about it? Hanioti looks beautiful from pictures, hope it is that nice! Also, what is the best beach around hanioti area (polychrono?) ?


Re: Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance
April 05, 2007 10:03AM
yasou vik
hope this helps a littlesmiling smiley

RE: Tropical studios,Hanioti

We have just returned from hanioti we stayed in the tropical but went bed & breakfast the studios where on the top floor overlooking the swimming pool they were on the quiet side,The hotel was nice ,clean people that worked there were very friendly very deep pool though!! Not that far from beach about 10 min walk.Theres not much entertainment in the hotel when we were there they only had kareoke & the drinks are expensive at the bar but they do some nice cocktails!!! The girl behind the bar is british,<tracy> if you go & shes there tell her that the group from Leeds say 'Hi' you will enjoy it as there were 15 of us went & we would all go again!! Enjoy yourselfs!!!!!!!

RE: tropical studios, hanioti

hi Abi, me and my partner have just come back from hanioti, and we also stayed in the tropical hotel, the hotel was great we met loads of people out there the rooms were not air conditioned though. there are 2 clubs nearby we went to babylon where the drinks are £5.00 each and the club wasnt that good , but there are alot of bars with modern music and plenty to drink, we are also a couple who like to drink etc, but found hanioti to be fine for it , it depends what bars you go to, but you will find there are loads of couples out there aswell, hope this info is ok, if you want to ask anything else just reply to this!
sarah x
Re: Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance
April 07, 2007 09:30PM
Hey Jeff!

Thnx a lot for digging up some messages matesmiling smiley Quite excited about the trip now, wish the time went a lil bit faster! Place looks lovely, looking forward to going there! Any places you recommend we should definitely visit whilst in and around hanioti mate? Restaurants, Tourist places, specific beach, short trip, pub?

Thanks agn!

Re: Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance
April 08, 2007 06:40PM
hi vik

ummmmmmmmm now let me think here .......................

ok start at main rd end as you come in to Hanioti village on the right is the taxi rank
on the left is one of the BEST cake shops in the world lol along with tavernas and other shops.

As you enter the village centre there are too many to name tavernas/ cafes, shops and other hire shops and supermarkets for you to explore.
Hanioti at night is a must the whole atmosphere changes you will see what i mean lol
its like Rhyll during the day and Blackpool at night

go to Thessalonika during the day time and make sure your wallets full cos you can spend loads there. . theres lots to see in seloniki(thats local for Thessalonika)
many war time stuff and things from the bysantine years
look around Hanioti and there are notices for boat trips sight seeing trips to caves and glass bottom boats ............sorry i can be more presice as ive not been to Hanioti for 2yrs.

hanioti has one of the finest beaches in Halkidiki BUT please remember you are there at beginning of the season and the beach may not have been cleaned yet after the winter BUT you can usually find a nice spot to bathe/sunworship there are secluded beaches within walking distance .

Any way no matter where you go or where you see gauranteed you will have a holiday to remember.

JEFF Fourkas mad dog man

Re: Tropical Studios + General Hanioti Guidance
April 10, 2007 12:16AM
Yasou Jeff!

Once again, thnx for your expert advice! Your a legend mate! Sounds like a lovely place, hoping for a nice holiday now! And a nice surprise for my Girlfriend!smiling smiley By the way, is it worth hiring a car whilst there? or is hanioti enough for a week's worth of fun by itself?


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