Getting married

Getting married

Posted by Jaki 
Getting married
September 26, 2006 06:56PM
Could someone please clear something up for me? My boyfriend and I would like to get married in Hanioti in Aug 2008. Someone has told me that even though you have the wedding in Greece you have to have another official ceremony at home because the Greece one isnt legal. Is this right?

Re: Getting married
September 26, 2006 07:34PM
No this is not correct - we have just got back from Greece with our friends who married in Hanioti and as long as you have all the correct paperwork translated etc and you have a marriage licence from your local registry office in UK everything is legal all you have to do when you return to the uk is have the licence translated back into english and this is your official marriage certificate.

Hope this helps - do not heistate to contact me if you want any further information. There are some other threads on this forum re: getting married in Hanioti and paperwork etck

Re: Getting married
September 26, 2006 07:35PM
Don't worry Jaki. Everything is legal and above board. We have just been married in Hanioti, go to the thread started by Vicky, Just back from Hanioti. Everything was great. When you get married over in Greece the marriage certificate is obviously in Greek and for changing all your official bits over here you'll just need to get it translated. Rita (the registrar) was great with us and gave us a few copies, We can send one off to be translated, have one framed for the wall and keep one safely away. If you need anything else clearing up just ask away we'll let you know everything we had to do and how everything went ahead.

Have no worries Jaki it is a fantastic experience and a great place to get married.
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