Renaissance hotel and Hanioti review.

Renaissance hotel and Hanioti review.

Posted by I wish i was still sunbathing. 
I wish i was still sunbathing.
Renaissance hotel and Hanioti review.
September 25, 2006 05:09PM
We have just got back from two weeks in Hanioti staying at the renaissance hanioti resort. The hotel was excelent and extremely clean. It is definately a 4* hotel and I would say it looked like the nicest place to stay in Hanioti.

My opinion of the resort of Hanioti was very nice with lots of places to eat, I didn't think the beach was all that great and I didn't find the greeks overly friendly like you do on the islands. They were not unfriendly it was just a bit of a differenet atmosphere from the islands - this may of been due to the fire possibly and because it is end of season. I just found the resort quite geared towards the English and not very Greek.

The outskirts of the resort are scorched from the fire but you wouldn't notice this when you are actaully in the resort. If anyone has any questions about the resort or the hotel I am happy to answer these.

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