Please remember the animals of Greece this year

Please remember the animals of Greece this year

Posted by Jane 
Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 24, 2006 10:45AM
Just a reminder to all who are visiting Halkidiki or any part of Greece, please check on the animals. The Greek Animal Welfare Society are doing their best to change attitudes to animals in Greece, and particularly the stray dogs.

All it takes is for people who live there long term, and those who visit on holidays, to try and raise the profile of animal welfare. There is an English lady at a petrol station on the main road opposite the entrance to Fourka (seaside) who is married to a Greek, but she arranges neutering programmes for strays and also tries to help in any cases of cruelty. If you see anything you think should be acted on, like abandoned puppies, dogs please speak to her. I cannot remember her name offhand, but she is a Geordie lass !

As for tourists, please try to feed the animals while you are there, but try to do it away from tavernas and restaurants as the owners, quite rightly, do not want hoards of stray dogs in their restaurants.

I will do my bit in June, but unfortunately I am only there for three weeks this year. We need long term help from all the ex pats please.

Also, see message about Rebekka in Poligiros. I do not know of this lady, but if anybody out there already, including the ex pats, can help out here, please try. Any help for the animals is something that must not be lost.

Dont forget the donkeys too, I know they are used to hard work, but a little shelter and water, and rest from the heavy saddles wouldnt go amiss.

Thanks in anticipation for all who will try to help the animals of Greece.
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 24, 2006 11:32AM
There is a very naive question i'd like to ask of all the virtuous animal lovers out there. Those of you who live in the major UK cities must have noticed the surprising absence of strays, homeless guys don't count apparently. I wonder how can that be? Where there never strays in the cities? Were they all adopted by the lords to hunt foxes and the lords for the first time in history disregarded the pedigree of those surrounding them? Did the strays, frustrated with English weather relocated to the Med and now the problem is there? I thought for a second that something organized must have happened to them in the past but nooooo.

Ironicaly it is the homeless that always seem to have strays with them, pitty that they can't take care of them as they should, but then again somebody couldn't take care of homeless as well.

What do you call someone who has 50 dogs on their back yard? public health something?

Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 24, 2006 11:53AM
Please do not take over this thread with your naive comments.

Homeless guys, well at least they can talk. Homeless animals, well they cant talk and get kicked around and abused. Whatever you are on about with hunting foxes is beyond me.

Please leave this thread alone for genuine animal lovers to respond to. Start another up on homeless guys if you want, but leave this one alone.

And I am talking about Greece, not the UK.
jeff fourkas mad dog man
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 24, 2006 05:11PM
hi jane

im sure the lady in fourka is called Julie i have met her a few times i certainly do my bit when over there.

i love my greek dogs and know most of the village dogs also many have been taken in and also brought back to Uk at great expense to the people who really care.

as for our gooky friend out there

Have you been to the R.S.P.C.A or the P.D.S.A they have Animal Shelters for unwanted
humans as well as animals try them sometime as they take in many strays and HOMELESS individuals and IDIOTS..

anyway where were we ahhhhhhhhhhh yes
Jane are you asking holiday makers and locals alike to report any incidents
from what ive seen in Fourka some people are scared of the dogs till i show them just how cool they can be
when im on holiday i can leave my things on the beach all day and no one touches anything because i have at least 1 or 2 dogs lay by my sunbed wether im there or not

my Partner is going with me and my son to Fourka next year and she is VERY VERY scared of dogs being as she was attacked when she was young but i assured her NO dogs will bother her while im with her but shes very apprehensive about the whole thing
so i will show her just how the dogs are with me lol

anyway jane im with you on this adventure because i dont want to see my dog friends lying on the side of the Selloniki Highway i want them safe and well

Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 24, 2006 06:00PM
Thanks Jeff. Nice to know there is someone else out there who cares. Well actually I know a lot of people who do.

Hope your partner gets used to the dogs. In all my time there I have only once felt a little aprehensive and that was when we lived there and we had a bitch in season about our house. All of a sudden a whole pack of dogs arrived. Me, well I tried to give them food and water not realising about the bitch, but their behaviour was certainly a bit on the aggresive side, so I left them to it. They soon went and that was myonly bad incident.

I often feed the local dogs and I have actually seen two dogs for three years on the trot, which must be remarkable as I know a lot get poisoned in the winter.

In fact, that is the only problem for me going over there next year for 7-8 months, I will want to bring my labrador with me. And if she got poisoned, well I dont know what I would do. If I knew who it was I woudl probably poison them ! Seriously though, I will have to keep such an eye on her as you know what labs are like for food. On the plus side, she loves water and it will be great to have a friend to swim with in the sea as hubby is not that bothered about the sun and beach, once a week is enough for him, whereas I like to go every day for an hour or so.

When are you going? We go 15 June, but not sure how it will pan out yet, Waiting for ferry info due early March. We want to go 13 days to Halkidiki, 5 days over to Tinos island and then 2 days in Thessaloniki. It is my 50th birthday, so I fancied a little extra trip out somewhere. And 2 nights in Thess at the Makedonia Palace Hotel !

Cheers, Jane
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 24, 2006 10:19PM

we are looking at late Aug -early Sept next year
we cant go this year as Boyd is only 3 months old and is not yet settled into life and we feel it would not allow us to relax and enjoy our stay in greece

is it your 50th this year???
not been anywhere other than Fourka jane but all greece looks great to me but maybe once Kays flown for first time and Boyds a bit older we may go to other resorts.

2 night in HEAVEN you lucky girl lol
i stayed at Makedonia 2 years ago and it blew my mind
the room had a QUEEN size bed with a mini bar in the room
Black Marble washroom with Bath/ Shower wash bowl bidet and a mirrored wall
very expensive but we talking 5* hotel here.
i can just see you now lol
frightened me to death seeing POP stars and Actors /Actresses just milling about the Hotel

the Manager was so nice
and of course you will fall on the ferry from there too.

well have a wonderful time and hope all goes well for you

yamas jeff
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 25, 2006 08:33AM

Well next year you must try to go around the peninsula and see other places. I know you like Fourka, and you know that it isnt my favourite place ! But I am sure you would like other resorts/villages. We have also been to some of the islands, but I think if you like Greece you like anywhere in Greece, we certainly have not disliked anywhere.

Yes 2 nights at the Mak. We did that last year, we had three weeks in Halkidiki but spent the last two nights in the Mak. They know us well from when I was in hospital over there. At first the hospital I was in was at Polygiros, best not mentioned (although they did diagnose what the NHS had failed to do for three years!), then Thessaloniki. Once in Thessaloniki hospital which was excellent, my husband who had been travelling from Skioni every day and back decided to stop over a couple of nights in the city. What I didnt know was that he chose the only 5 star hotel ! Anyway, once out of hospital I stopped there one night before going home to Skioni, and fell in love with the place. When we lived there three years, we made sure we stayed at the Mak a night on the inward drive to Greece, and again on the return drive from Greece.

The good thing is, by emailing them I get a really good rate, much better than the advertised rates, and also this year they are charging the same as last year, which isnt expensive for a 5*.

The ferry, yes, still waiting for timetables early March before we can settle dates for accommodation in Halkidiki. Booked flights, just hoping ferries are similar to last years so we can go at the end of our holiday and end up at the Mak for the last 2 nights. We love Thessaloniki city and walking round the market and Aristotles Square.

Yes it is my 50th in June. Good excuse for lots of hols this year !

Cheers for now, Jane
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 25, 2006 10:32AM

I speak english a little bit, but i have problem to explain the details. But i will try it.

Rebecca works there for a private animal farm, was arrested from police last friday, and so on.
We (many people) help Rebecca from Germany and Austria without getting money for this job!! we all only want to help the poor animals.
It might be, that this animal farm will be closed from the government there.
We don´t understand why, because the only thing Rebecca wants is to help poor, sick animals from Greece, nothing else.
There is one man. His name is Jimmy S*****. He is a greek man, and he lives in Thessaloniki with hundreds of dogs. All his dogs are sick, they don´t get food, no medicine, and so on. Rebecca wants to help this dogs, and S******* makes now big problems to Rebecca. The police only believes this crazy man, but not Rebecca.
All he says about Rebecca is not true !!!!!
Rebecca is handled from police like a very very bad criminal. how can this be in European Union.

here is a true story in internet about this man in english :


[] here are also many other true stories about bad people in greece.

I dont´t understand, that this can happen in greece, i went for holidays in greece now for 16 years in your area, but this story is unbelieveable for me.
And again, nobody makes business with the dogs, we work only for help !!!!!

Pleas can you help ?

mfg Peter / Austria

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Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 25, 2006 05:19PM
Not sure how we can help though Peter. I mean I am up for getting petitions signed or whatever, but I am only there 13 days this summer and I have enough to do keeping all the local dogs happy.

If you can find a contact that can be emailed or written to with petitions, or suggest some other way we can help I am sure you would get many more volunteers.

You really need someone over there who lives there most or all of the year who can start to do something NOW and not wait until the summer holidays begin.

Let me know what we can do. I can certainly speak to the lady at the petrol station that helps get dogs neutered and cared for, she is English married to a very nice Greek man. There is also a lady called Theodora in Kallithea who helps dogs and has rescued a few, and also a lady at Kriopigi who looks after strays. If you can think of something else to do please let us all know

Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 25, 2006 06:02PM
Hello, thank you Jane

it could be easier for me to inform you per E-Mail.
one of my adress is :
send me a mail, and i write back immediately.

Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 25, 2006 06:13PM
Peter, email did not work, can you check you gave me correct info, Jane
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 25, 2006 06:16PM

sorry, i am an idiot... this adress has changed :

jeff fourkas mad dog man
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 25, 2006 11:39PM
well Jane and Peter this now has me going nuts to really get something done for the dogs an cats in greece
i am thinking of setting some kind of collection day for this here in uk

i can do posters and get some flyers done and if i talk nicely to a friend can get some pamphlets done about the situation..

then see if i can do a collection in my home town on market days

and on the internet too im sure a lot of my biker friends can be approached at bike rallies too

i will look into it asap

glad theres other countries that feel like we do about this control and murderous way things are done in greece to animals

you never know it may just happen

it wont be for the want of trying

and will give me something i feel is important to do

yamas Jeff
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 26, 2006 01:20PM
hi jane

i am now building a web site for the dogs

it should be up an running soon but i will be doing various updates all this week

website is

should you like to add anything like photos or messages when it running please feel free

i didnt realise there were so many web sites for the dogs but most are mainland/islands
havnt found anything regarding Fourka yet but theres loads to troll through on google images
just type in greek dogs if you want to have a look its heart rending to say the least.

but i do understand that if they dont kill the dogs they will infest everywhere but really i think only the very sick and badly abused animals should be humanly destroyed.


Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 26, 2006 03:14PM
Jeff, please let me have your email address,I have a message to pass on from Peter. Thanks. Hold fire at the moment til you see the emails.
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 27, 2006 12:03AM
jeff boardman
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
February 27, 2006 02:12PM
Jane :- seen emails and will hold of for confirmation from Peter

glad he thinks web site will help

speak soon

Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
March 04, 2006 10:54AM
Hi friends

Listen. Can anybody translate from greek to english language ?
I have one article about Rebecca from 25.2.2006 in the newspaper "Akropolis" in greek language.

Can anybody translate it ? if yes, give me your mail Adress, and i send it.

Thanks Peter...
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
March 04, 2006 11:57AM
Hi, I can try. I do speak Greek and I did pass various exams in written Greek but I am a bit rusty. Might take me a bit longer than it would have done a few years ago. Send it to me and I will have a go over the next few days when I get time. Cheers, Jane
Re: Please remember the animals of Greece this year
March 04, 2006 04:35PM
Can anybody else help us out here. My Greek is a bit rusty and the article is very long! Anybody out there in Halkidiki who can translate for us?

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