Posted by Åsa 
Re: Bubbles
June 22, 2010 01:31PM

is he my best friend vasil (billy) i hav'nt seen 4 more than 3 years; still hunting fat girls?
Re: Bubbles
October 07, 2010 01:25AM
Oh my god. What a blast I just had reading all those blogs. All the brothera were great with me when I worked there. I worked on the inside bar and used to do a striptease every night then dance with Debbs and her sis. Anyone remember me drop me a line on markr00@live.co.uk. Cheers
Re: Bubbles
April 28, 2012 05:54PM

I was close to the boys back in the eighties and frequented at Bubbles for a few Summers.
Does anyone know what the boys are doing now? Why did George leave.... I hope they are all well whatever they may be doing.
If anyone has their updated contact details it would be appreciated.
Re: Bubbles
May 23, 2012 11:19PM
Hi KAZZACOL! Are you on Facebook? i have quite a few of the bubbles guys on my friends list including George.......who left bubbles for reasons only he knows & he doesn't post much on there but at least he is there haha,Johnny is(or was last i heard a few months ago) running a restaurant/bar in London & up until last year i kept running into Nick in Kriopigi,at that time he was DJ'ing at a bar in Hanioti! Not sure if my email address shows up on here,if it does then feel free to mail me & i can give you the links to the bubbles guys i have on my list so you can add the ones you may know,if no email on here then reply to this message & i'll find another way of getting the info to you smiling smiley

smiling smiley
Re: Bubbles
June 01, 2012 12:11AM
hi Kerry , i from greece ,and if you want ,can you sent me in facebook the bubble friend , it was my lovely bar in the 80'
Re: Bubbles
May 27, 2014 01:04AM
I've no idea when you wrote this but I just happened to be going down memory lane when I read your email. I live in Greece ( Kriopigi) and used to be a regular at Bubbles for many years until I had kids so we may have never met. Taka taka mum closed down many years ago. Theo and Lyndsay have still been living here until this year when they decided to go back to England because the financial crisis is so bad here. Bubbles also close down a couple of years ago but the brothers are still around. Most of us have grown up and have had kids! The area is still really beautiful and very busy and lively in the summer. The tourists have completely changed. No more animation teams. Most of the tourists are from Eastern European countries now and Kallithea is full of fur shops!
Re: Bubbles
May 27, 2014 01:16AM
I've just been searching for something on the net when I came across this blog by mistake and out of interest I started reading the messages.
Remember me? We lived together in that run down old house on the corner in Kriopigi?! I used to work in the morning for Billy on the bikes. I never knew you and Ray got married! I ended up marrying a guy from Kriopigi from called Kristos. I dont think you knew him- he wasnt a regular of Bubbles.
Well, I'm still here after all this time. I now have 3 kids. As you probably know Bubbles closed down a couple of years ago but I still run into George and Nick from time to time. Did you ever come out again for a holiday? I have some nice apartments now so if you ever feel like coming out you're very welcome to stay.
Dot know if you'll ever get this message as I think you wrote on the blog years ago. Anyway be good to hear from you if you do.
love Juliet
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