Athitos (Afitos), Halkidiki



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Athitos (Afitos)
Location (Area Map)

Athitos or Afitos is Halkidiki’s stone-built "balcony", offering breathtaking views to Toroneos Bay and a colourful combination of sea, sky and nature.
Athitos is every architect's dream come true, perfectly combining natural beauty and human presence. Walking along the cobblestone alleyways, observing the traditional village with its fine examples of Greek folk architecture, one almost feels like time has stopped at the beginning of the previous century. The houses are made of mud brick and stone brought by Arvanites who, together with the native population, built the village in the early 19th century. The village square hosts the church of St. Demetrius which was built around 1858 and is the only domed basilica in Halkidiki. The mansions of Katsanis (1860), the artist Paralis, and Athanasiades (1898) including the community building, former mansion of Aletras, deserve a closer, more detailed look.