Truckers' strike

Truckers' strike

Posted by Kalipso 
Truckers' strike
July 29, 2010 03:40PM

I have read about the truckers' strike and fill myself nervious because I'm going to Halkidiki on the nearest Thursday with two children.

Please, tell me what had happened. And what's up at Halkidiki.

Thank you
Re: Truckers' strike
July 30, 2010 03:28PM
Dear All!

Are anybody at Halkidiki now? Could you please respond.
Re: Truckers' strike
July 30, 2010 03:51PM
My friend looked this up on the internet and found the following report. I have no idea how accurate this is but here goes:

"The impact of the strike became evident in most parts of Greece, as few gas stations had any fuel to sell to drivers and traders warned that there would soon be a shortage of fresh produce if the action continues.

Drivers formed queues of 30 to 40 cars at the few gas stations in Athens that still had fuel. It is estimated that only two in 10 were in a position to fill up customers’ tanks. In Thessaloniki, 70 percent of stations reported that they had completely run out of gasoline.

In Halkidiki, where some 100,000 tourists are currently on vacation, there was no fuel available at all. The shortages prompted the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) to warn of the damaging impact that the strike is having on the tourism sector. There are concerns that prospective visitors from neighboring Balkan countries who were planning to use their cars to come to Greece will cancel their trips. It is expected that private coaches carrying tourists already in the country to various destinations will start to run out of fuel from tomorrow. KTEL intercity buses are thought to have enough fuel to last them until next week."

Let's hope it gets sorted out soon!
Captain Slog
Re: Truckers' strike
July 30, 2010 05:19PM
No fuel on kassanda at all (that I can find). All petrol stations closed.
Re: Truckers' strike
July 30, 2010 07:27PM
Kalispera from Kassandra and welcome to the ALMOST full of petrol / diesel Halkidiki. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

The strike is over since yesterday and slowly all the petrol stations are getting fuel.
Drivers may have to wait a bit longer than usual but in the next two days everything ‘ll be back to normal.
So don’t worry . There is plenty of petrol as well as LOTS of cold Mythos !!( I hope the brewery don’t go on strike next !!)
Have a look please at users photo album and watch the truck refueling the petrol station next to me in Kriopigi a minute ago !!

Enjoy !!
Yiammas!! smileys with beer
Sakis from the:
'AKROPOLIS' Restaurant and
'KRIOPIGI CARS' Rent a car in Kriopigi. &
Re: Truckers' strike
July 31, 2010 09:16AM
Well we went out this morning to try and get some unleaded fuel for the motorbike. There are two stations open on this side, and both have huge queues of cars waiting and the tanker was not due to arrive for another half hour. As we were almost riding the bike on "air" we decided we would not wait as by the time we got to the front of the queue there would probably be no fuel left anyway. Last night we saw cars filling up, and also filling numerous cans. We only need 12 litres!!

So, the bike is out of service, just at the time of year we need it most to be able to park. The car is half full (diesel). We can't even go down to the sea to cool down as we don't want to waste fuel.

The petrol station owner said that after this delivery there would probably be no more for a while.

So, Sakis, if you have 12 litres of fuel you can sell us, please let us know!!!!

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Re: Truckers' strike
July 31, 2010 10:44AM
Dear Jane spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Not only in Kriopigi but there is now plenty of fuel in almost every single petrol station in Kassandra.
At this moment another truck brought fuel at the kriopigi Kaolil station and goes after to Polihrono and then to Hanioti.
I presume in 2 days everything ‘ll be back to normal. thumbs up
Sakis smileys with beer
Re: Truckers' strike
July 31, 2010 02:07PM
OK, going on Sakis comments we decided to go out and try to fill the car up and get some unleaded for the bike.

So here is the updated situation about an hour or so ago. We left Possidi and travelled towards Kallithea. Huge queues outside the 2 stations in Fourka (about 40+ cars), so drove past. Into Siviris, both stations closed with no fuel. Kassandrea, again huge queues of 40+ cars at both stations. Same on outskirts of Kallithea. We turned towards Kriopigi. We had to queue from Pallini Beach into Kriopigi - half an hour - not for fuel, but because the police were directing traffic due to queuing in Kriopigi for fuel. We were lucky here as we just got past the traffic lights and joined the queue of about 15 cars, despite the policeman trying to tell us not to join the queue !! They were not letting people queue past the lights though. So eventually we got served with diesel, and the woman (very unfriendly and unhelpful) tried to tell us we could not fill up our six litre can with unleaded for the bike. So we told her we wouldn't be moving the car til it was filled up, we got it filled! The prices seemed more expensive than usual.

We carried on through Polichrono, the queues not quite so bad there as they were using both sides of the pumps, what a good idea ! Queuing again in Hanioti. Over the mountain to Skioni, both petrol stations there closed with no fuel. Back home. Quite a long journey to get six litres of fuel for the bike, but at least we can risk moving it now to look again in a few days. And the car got topped up too.

So in summary, yes there is fuel available at some stations, not all by any means. But it does mean you have to queue for a long time (15 cars took us about half an hour, imagine what 40+ cars would be like!). Cars are still piling in from Thessaloniki and Kassandra is very busy, so not sure how long it will be til we can fill up with minimum queues especially as we are now into the busiest two weeks of the season.
Re: Truckers' strike
July 31, 2010 04:40PM
Hi Jane / All,

Thanks for your so good updated information.
We have a reservation from tomorrow 01.08 on Sithonia, we are coming from Romania, through Bulgaria, from the border with BG are about 250 km, the fuel will be at limit (only for back-way).
If possible, I wish to know if is allowed to pass the border from BG with a fuel cannister, without fear that the police can do something against me/car/papers.

Thank you,
Re: Truckers' strike
August 01, 2010 09:33AM
There is no reason of panicking!! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Seen this Sunday Morning while we were delivering our hired cars to different hotels (Sani beach, Pallini beach, Odysseas Hotel etc)
Almost every petrol station is open , has fuel or getting more and more in the next few hours.
-Kaoil in Kriopigi, Polihrono and in Hanioti.
-Aegean in Pefkohori
-Shell in Pefkohori and Aphitos opposite and near Lidl.
-Jet oil in Aphitos
There are no car queues outside at any gas station in our area as almost everywhere there is petrol/diesel and the whole situation is getting or is already back to normal !!
Enjoy your holidays hot smiley

Yiammas!! smileys with beer
Sakis from the:
'AKROPOLIS' Restaurant and
'KRIOPIGI CARS' Rent a car in Kriopigi. &
Janis (the daft geordie)
Re: Truckers' strike
August 01, 2010 05:09PM
Look forward to seeing you on 9th August at the airport. Tell Janis "It was him" but don't tell him we've got a surprise for him.
Take care, love to all the family.

John, Maria and David.

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