Hanioti Village - for late 70's?

Hanioti Village - for late 70's?

Posted by Suzy 
Hanioti Village - for late 70's?
May 13, 2002 01:00AM

I'm going on holiday with my daughter and my mum & dad who are in their late 70's. They aren't so good on their pins but my dad enjoys a drink and my mum enjoys a chat.

My daughter prefers swimming in a pool rather than the sea - not too keen on the salt water and sand! - (I know - funny place to go on holiday!!!)

My mum & dad like to sit by the sea and be near a cafe / restaurant for the food/drink & other ameneties.

I enjoy swimming & water colour painting. Both my daughter and I enjoy karaoke.

We are thinking of hiring a jeep for a couple of days and travelling around.

Please can anyone recommend some good places where:
*my mum & dad to sit by the sea
*my daughter can swim in a pool
(hopefully these places will be a stone's throw so we can stay together)
*we can drive to

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are going on 1st July 2002
Re: Hanioti Village - for late 70's?
May 14, 2002 01:20PM
Hi Suzy

I got back from Hanioti last night and had a great holiday. In answer to some of your queries, I went as a group, there were 5 of us, all between 23 and 27, one of which was my partner. We had a great time, although there were no clubs actually in Hanioti (which I doubt you'd be looking for anyway) there were some excellent restaurants and pubs. we found one pub we liked and went every night. As we were there on the first week of tourist season, it was pretty quiet. Hanioti is not a big place, so I don't think your parents will have a problem getting about, everything is literall based aroung the square, and you'll understand when you're there that it's not a huge thing!

I spent every day on the beach, as my appartments didn't have a pool. I didn't see many that did to be honest. If you're going with Thomson, they have one that I had access to, but the beach was closer so I was there. There are lots of pubs that your parents will be able to have a drink in, and most restaurants were happy for you just to sit drinking after the meal anyway. Like I say, maybe that was partly because it was so quiet anyway. The locals were very friendly indeed. We made good friends with the bar staff at Marabou (mention me if you're there, from Scotland, I think they'll remember!) that's where we went every night and the guys there helped make our holiday. It was more of a cafe bar, do coffee's and a massive selection of chocolcate drinks, the best cocktails we found and the best looking place. We were the youngest there most nights, apart from kids. There were families and older people and locals alike, a good mix. Music wasn't too loud either to sit and chat.

There were a couple of cafe's on the beach, but the music was blaring and they had a lot of local kids just hanging about, so we avoided there. A little further along the beach was better....especially for snorkelling.

We hired a car and drove to the bottom of kassandra peninsula and also over to sithonia peninsula and right round it, all in a day. We only left hanioti at 12pm and were back by 9pm having stops lots to take photos and for lunch etc. Worth doing, and a word of advice, go directly to the car hire places, much cheaper than going through holiday company. Ask them for unlimited milage, we managed to get it. Otherwise they want 20cents per mile or kilometre.

There is a cool mini golf centre, with a good bar as well, you didn't say how old your daughter was, but we had fun there, it's good value too, 3.50 euros and you can play as many times as you like, and can go back in the evening and not pay again.

So all in all, a good place for older couples as well as for families. It is certainly no Ibiza, I think you'll enjoy it. If you have any more questions, just let me know, preferably by e-mail as I probably won't check back here so often now I've been. Where are you staying? Maybe I'll know where it is.

Enjoy your holiday!!

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