Hanioti Vs Pefkohori

Hanioti Vs Pefkohori

Posted by bikerbabe 
Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
January 15, 2008 01:14PM
I am having trouble deciding which one to go to! Please can people let me know what there is at both resorts and which one they personally think is better and why. I would like to know about the beach, nightlife, eating out, shopping, souvenirs, watersports etc. Many thanks, it is appreciated!
Adam Foley
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
January 17, 2008 12:55PM
Hi i stayed at the petridis appartments pefkohori in 2005 with my girlfriend and 3 year old daughter.you can walk to hanioti in about 20 mins along a small road. we found that although they are very similar hanioti does edge pefkohori on a few things. hanioti has a better beach containing 80% sand 20% shingle pefkohori had 60%shingle 40%sand. both have very clean shallow sea. hanioti has more sea front hotels but pefkohori has all its resturants and bars along the sea front which is very nice at night . both have a large selection of shops bars and places to eat as good as each others with prices about the same in each resort.pefkohori has quite a few late night bars but no night clubs. hanioti seems slightly more modern with a nightclub and pedlows on the beach but other than that there the same. but to throw a spanner in the works we caught the bus to polichrono the one day which is the other resort that borders hanioti we only spent a few hours there but from what we saw it was more upbeat modern and lively than the other two. the beach was sand and wider,there was a small water park on the beach front,and it had proper footpaths and roads with level surfaces the other two have cobbles come broken slabs or a tree in the middle of the footpath so you have to walk in the road to get around it. it also had more bars and resturants but i didnt see a night club it also had watersports ,jetskis, bananna boats ect.. all in all though a personally would go to any of them and back to pedtridis
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
January 17, 2008 03:14PM
Hanioti anyday

other resorts are a stones throw away and just as nice BUT......................

Hanioti has better night life


Bikersweb Chaos Crew
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
February 07, 2008 12:35PM
Hanioti is more touristy & English, with livelier bars with young English holiday makers. Pefkohori is just as lively but the people in the bars are more Greeks than English (or other tourists).

I personally prefer Pefkohori, the beach front promenade is lovely to stroll along in the evening. The atmosphere is more chilled out. There is a nightclub in Pefkohori - 'No No' up on the main road.

Pefkohori beach is very narrow and crowded in the middle but if you move to the edges it is less busy, Hanioti beach is sandier and wider but it does get very busy.

It really depends what you are looking for - both are good, I always stay in Pefkohori & visit Hanioti.
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
April 28, 2009 07:10PM
We stayed in Pilalidis Hotel in Pefkhori last year and we loved it, the atmosphere was so chilled and relax but this year we are planning on staying in Hanioti as we visited there for a bar crawl and loved it also smiling smiley
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
April 28, 2009 11:26PM
Hanioti for us but we often go into Pefkohori - taxi 5 euros (last years' price) or bus - if you can wait that long!
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
April 29, 2009 02:07PM
give me pefkohori any day been 8 times now 1st time hanioti but you cant beat pefkohori you can go anyware and just sit and have a drink and nobody will bother you try the old square in mackies or mamos internet cafe or any sea front bars please dont get me wrong both hanioti and pefkohori are both nice it depends on what you want
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
April 29, 2009 02:29PM
Couldn't agree more ian. Pefkohori wins hands down everytime for us. We find Hanioti very commercialised. We like to sit and relax and watch the world go around and can do that very nicely anywhere especially in Mamos or Paul's in the old square. 23 days to go and can't wait for our 7th visit since 2003. Stayed last August for 3 weeks and was so chilled out by the time we got home we're doing it again this August. Not coming quick enough!
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
April 30, 2009 10:37AM
hi guys couldnt agree more pefkohori anyday..all though marios beerhouse in hanioti is pretty good ..but mamos takes some beating..i am pretty biased tho as my best mate ian has lived there for about 6yrs he is a plumber and married lisa who has lived there for about 20yrs with her mother and father and brother maria eric and jason..so have been there aout ten times now so pretty much no everyone and always have a great time...i nearly always end up in mamos every night ask for alan cant miss me long hair and always wear a bandana...anyway be there on the 13th june..say hi ..so yes for me pef rules....
Re: Hanioti Vs Pefkohori
March 26, 2010 12:55PM
well we love the old square in pefkohori and the sea front is good for fishing off the jettey but we love hanioti the square on a night is so good and during the day its so quiet nicks bar is good for a beer and a chat to nick and taffey but if you want a good beer and some good greek freinds go to kostas you will allways be made welcome and its not about getting u in theirs its prices dose that its so cheap its unreal but if i was to move their which we are thinking about it would be pefkohori so make your own minds up

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