Posted by Oggy 
January 07, 2002 03:58PM
Pls I need help about Mount Athos (Agion Oros)!I have to do a task about tourism in greece and on a virtual map of your country I saw that Mount Athos is not coloured while the other regions are...Sooo,is it considered an equal part of Greece or it has some special statute?Maybe it's a neutral territory or every country which has a monastery there is responsible for some part of it???I'll be grateful for every piece of information,and even more grateful if u can answer me in short time ;-)
Thanks in advance, and greetings from Sofia/Bulgaria!
Re: Help!!!
January 16, 2002 05:57PM
Mount Athos is a restricted area controled by the monestrys.No female's are allowed there and even men can only visit by permission.The area hasn't changed for years
Re: Help!!!
February 10, 2002 08:25PM
have been going to halkidiki for 10 years - the Athos peninsula is a monastic principality. Many monistaries - Greek aurthodox - female are not allowed within its borders - it is said even female donkeys are not allowed. The nearest town that can be visited is ouranopolis where priests can be seen travellling and shopping. You can take a cruise by boat to view the monistries built into the cliffs and moutains.
Steve UK
Re: Help!!!
February 13, 2002 07:24PM
Thanx both of u, you helped me a lot! winking smiley))

Take care!
Re: Help!!!
March 13, 2002 04:55PM
Try this web site for Mount Athos

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